Love, Lies & Drama.

The day of trial came and Lauren was more positive about it then she had been about it. She had practically moved into Alice's. Lauren woke up laid on Joey's chest, letting out a content groan as she remembered their night of lovemaking the night before. It was more intense, if that was possible because they both knew there was possible prison sentence at the end of the day. Lauren grabbed Joey's shirt from the floor, slipped it on and headed to the toilet.

As she returned to the bedroom, Lauren saw Joey had woken up. She smiled at him before jumping onto the bed.

"Your very lively today" Joey commented as Lauren turned on her side.

"I don't know. I have a good feeling about today, that's all" Lauren replied, rolling onto him, smiling, straddling him. Joey smirked at her.

"Oh, now I know" Joey said as she leaned down to kiss him, giggling.

"You know me too well" Lauren told him, as Joey's hands started to under do his shirt on her.

"You really need to stop wearing my clothes. You look better then me in them. I can't have that" Joey replied, slipping it off her.

"That's almost impossible" Lauren said, as she kissed him again and soon enough they were a hot, tangled mess .

"Are you scared about today?" Lauren asked, as she walked to the wardrobe where she placed her clothes for the day the day before.

"Yeah, I guess. What about you?" Joey replied, watching her as she got changed. Lauren sighed as she zipped up her skirt.

"Yeah a little. But I know if you get jail time, it won't be for long" Lauren told him, as she started to brush her and tied it in a ponytail.

Alice on the other hand was freaking out downstairs as Lauren walked downstairs.

"Al, calm down, your scaring me when there's no need to be scared" Lauren tried to tell Alice as she paced the living room. Lauren tried to grabbed the other girls arms. Alice relaxed a bit when she realised who it was.

"Lauren, I am scared. I can't be here alone. Not..." Alice's voice trailed off as she looked at the spot in the living room where Derek was killed. Lauren stared at it too for a moment then shook her head and shook Alice also who stopped looking at the spot.

"Your going to be fine. I'm going to make sure of it" Lauren told her, placing her hands on Alice's shoulders in a reassuring way.

"Move in, Lauren, please. Just so I can get through today with the thought of you moving in" Alice whispered. Lauren sighed and nodded.

"Okay, Al, I will, I mean I practically live here anyways" Lauren replied. Alice smiled a little and hugged her.

"I can't wait til my niece or nephew is here!" Alice exclaimed. Lauren laughed nervously.

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Lets just get through today" Lauren stated. Alice sighed and nodded.

"Are we ready?" Joey asked from the doorway. Lauren looked at Alice who nodded.

"All good now, Al?" Lauren questioned, still looking at Alice.

"Yes, I'm good" Alice replied. Lauren smiled and the three of them headed out of the house.

The trial was pretty straight forward. Lauren made her statement again to the court and sat back down next to Alice. Soon enough, it was judgement time. Alice gripped onto Lauren's hand who returned the same amount of pressure.

"It's going to fine, I'm sure of it" Lauren whispered to Alice.

"How can you be so sure, Lauren?" Alice whispered back to her as the judge served the sentence.

"6 months in prison"

Alice collapsed onto Lauren in tears who was trying to strong as she comforted Alice who was crying uncontrollably. Lauren caught sight of Joey and she tried to look like she was okay but Lauren knew he saw straight through as he went down and it hit her what had just happened. Lauren tried to tell Alice words of comfort but failed as she started cry herself. Alice grabbed Lauren's hand and headed out of the courtroom.

"We are gonna be okay, Al. It's only 6 months" Lauren told Alice.

"Lauren, your due in nearly 6 months. He is going to miss the birth" Alice exclaimed. Lauren rolled her eyes.

"Actually 6 months and 3 weeks. And if this baby knows what is good for it, they won't come early" Lauren replied, trying to smile.

"I'm here for you, Lauren. Don't worry. Always" Alice said, squeezing Lauren's hand. Lauren nodded.

"Thanks, Al. That means a lot" Lauren replied and then hugged Alice tightly when Joey's solicitor came out of the courtroom.

"You have 10 minutes before they take him away" He told the two girls. Lauren and Alice pulled away from each and nodded as they followed the solicitor to a room where Alice dived on Joey on sight of him. He chuckled as he returned the hug.

"Hey, it's not forever, Alice. I'll be back before you know it" Joey told Alice. She sniffled as she started to cry and pulled away.

"You best be. I give you guys a moment" Alice replied, before leaving the room. Lauren watched her go before she met Joey's run to her halfway and embraced him like her life depended on it.

"Not you and all. I will back before you know" Joey told her, stroking her hair.

"Shut up, I'm not Alice" Lauren muttered, making no effort to pull away.

"No, your not. Just be strong for each other. She is gonna have to pull your hair back now, though it won't be pretty for her" Joey replied, pushing her away slightly. Lauren playfully slapped his arm.

"I'll make sure the baby doesn't come before your out. Or I'll have issues" Lauren said, laughing.

"Yeah, I don't want to miss that. But if I do, then I guess there's the next one" Joey answered her. Lauren smirked.

"Next one? Lets get this one out of the way first. I've heard about the horror stories of birth" Lauren laughed then started to cry. Joey wiped away her tears then tucked her hair behind her ear before kissing her gently.

"I love you" Lauren whispered against his lips.

"I love you too but I think my times up" Joey replied. Lauren sighed, kissed him again quickly and left the room, as she started to cry. Alice hugged her.

"Looks like its you and me for a bit, Alice" Lauren said, once she stopped crying.

"I know, what would Dad say?!" Alice questioned, smirking. Lauren giggled and the two girls left the court, wondering what the next 6 months would bring.

That's the end of this story! Argh! 40 chapters, wow :) seemed right to end it there. There will be a sequel. Stay tuned :) xoxo