Tak lay back, doing something very childish for her age. She was staring at clouds, imagining that they where something else.

She couldn't help but smile to herself. Tak was usually a very serious person, and yet here she was, watching crystallized water and ice particles above her.

It was fun.

A loud thud turned her attention away from the sky to see none other than Zim, climbing out on his roof to join her. Only he had gotten his leg caught in the latch. Tak laughed.

"Hey! Don't LAUGH at ME!" He screeched, cheeks taking a reddish hue. He managed to jerk his leg free, stumbling backward from the force. Tak rolled her eyes and glanced back up at the sky.

"What are you doing anyway?" He inquired, giving her a blank look. Tak pointed to the clouds.

"Just... Looking." She sighed, pushing some hair out of her face. "Taking a break, I guess. Why are you here?" Zim only shrugged, finding a sudden interest in his shoes. Tak's eyes widened.

"Oh! That cloud looks like Mimi!" She cried, face brightening. Zim's eyes narrowed, trying to picture the grey S.I.R. in the cloud. He clucked his tongue.

"No it doesn't! It looks more like... A cloud." Tak snorted, amused by Zim's obvious lack of imagination. He had never been very creative.

Then she spotted another. "Ok, well you HAVE to agree that THAT looks like Dib. See how big it is?" Zim let out an amused huff, then shifted his gaze to Tak. His eyes softened.

"I guess so..." He mumbled, looking back at his feet, warmth rising inside of him. Zim felt like his heart was beating faster than the Massive, if it was even possible.

"And that one looks like me," Tak smiled, voice fading. "So it's probably the smartest cloud up there." Zim rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right! See, THAT cloud looks like THE ALMIGHTY ZIM! So IT is CLEARLY the smartest!" He shouted, striking a pose. Tak laughed, and said something that sounded like 'Yeah, sure!' to Zim.

Seconds later, they where both playfully tussling with each other, laughing and clawing. Tak bit at Zim's arm, giving her an advantage. Zim let out a screech and pushed her back with all his might. He sat on top of her, hair messy, face red. Tak panted, a amused grin plastered on her face. She looked up at Zim.

"We should do this more often," She gasped, arms crossing over her chest. Zim smirked.

"Of course, especially since I, ZIM, have won." He said, satisfaction dripping out of his voice. Tak let out a huff, tickling his stomach. Giggles erupted from Zim trying without success to push her off. She found herself on top, Zim squeamish below.

"I win." She whispered in his ear, causing him to blush slightly. He couldn't help but feel excited that she was so close to him. Without thinking, he nuzzled into her neck, a low purr sound coming from his throat.

"Your warm," He cooed, finding himself enjoying this moment. Zim cuddled her, blush spreading across his face. Tak pushed him off her.

"Don't." She huffed, no longer smiling. Zim just stared, confusion written on his eyes. Tak glared.

"Just... Don't, ok?" She spoke, tone icy cold. With that, she stormed down stairs, slamming the latch closed. Zim couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit hurt that she had pushed him away. He didn't... Hurt her, had he? No, or she would've slapped him. So what did he do?


Oh. The irken code of conduct. He broke law number 12. No emotion of any kind. Love included.


He didn't... Love her, did he?

Authors Note: I had fun writing this :) But I do feel like a total sap head now, considering this had, like NO POINT! Or plot... Ugh, now I wish I had went with my second idea. *It was gonna be about Zim being in the 'Friend Zone'* I don't have any idea where this came from... But I liked it! Do you?