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AN: This short little drabble occurred to me as I played Fable III recently and I hope you like it as well.

"Hah! You look like a Dweller now! Now you are ready to meet Sabine," Walter said with a smile as he looked at Princess Eleanor standing there in her new Dweller clothes and she smiled at him.

"Walter, I have one question to ask before we go in to see him though," Eleanor said as she rubbed her arms and shivered a little and Walter looked at her with a smile.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked and she continued.

"Well Dwellers live in these cold mountains," she waved her hand around at the snowy mountainside they were on. "and they adapt their lifestyles to survive in these freezing conditions and everything," Walter nodded and Eleanor continued. "Why is it then, that the Dweller clothing has no sleeves?"


"Well this clothing leaves the arms exposed to the cold, which is the precise opposite of what you do in cold weather," Eleanor explained and Walter put his hand on his chin and looked thoughtful.

"You know, I've never really thought about it," he said when he finally spoke. "Maybe we're missing something or maybe they're just used to the cold."

"Or maybe they're just a touch crazy," Eleanor said with a slight shiver as she rubbed her arms again. "I suppose we'd better meet Sabine then."

"Yes, but I suggest you don't ask him that until AFTER you've won him over to our cause."


AN: Okay, a slightly random question there, but you do wonder…