Come on Come on

Don't leave me like this!I thought I had you figured out

Something's gone terribly wrongYou're all I wanted

Come on Come on

Don't leave me like this!

I thought I had you all figured out

Can't breathe whenever you're gone nowcan't go back now I'm Haunted

Can't breathe whenever you're gone nowCome finish what you started


He banged on her door, the door of the girl the whole town thought was insane beyond a doubt due to her constant insinuations of her "other" life, the girl who was pitied and exiled by society not only because of her stay in the asylum but also for her ongoing relationship with the town devil Mr. Gold. Every citizen jeered at the psychotic beauty and the ruthless beast as they flaunted around Storybrook, all except him.

He was the one who carried her out of the basement when she had been too weak to even tell him her name.

He was the one who placed the bandage on her forehead and covered her up in the jail cell and smiled and told her everything was going to be alright.

He was the one who wrapped his coat around her shoulders when her father came to pick her up. "Keep it; it looks well on you."

He was the one who drove her to Mr. Gold's when she called him (he had given her his card; "just in case", he said) and begged him to take her home. Her real home apparently. She had a black eye when he ushered her in the car and made certain Moe French spent a good while in a cell for his battery.

He was the one who picked her and her drunk lover up when they "invited" him to join them for the "tea party" at Jefferson Hatter's and drove them home with aspirins and water bottles waiting for them in the morning.

He was the one who held her when she and said lover had their first fight. She slept on his couch with him dozing off in the chair across from her. He made sure Gold met the same fate as Belle's father did the next day.

He had always been there for her, in the most brotherly manner possible, and now it was her turn to be there for him.

"Hey Graham!" she greeted as she toweled her soaked locks. "I was just getting ready for my date with Gold, but we could-"

He pulled her close and picked her up, dancing into her home with her clutched to him while he hooted and hollered loud enough for all of Gold's neighbors to hear.

"What in Sam's hill is going on!" she yelled over his racket. He finally sat her down and looked at her, his ridiculous grin shining brightly as tears—tears that weren't mournful but happy—spilled down his face.

"I remember!" he cried, his sobs thickening his accent.

It took her a few seconds for her to grasp entirely what he meant but as soon as she did, she embraced him as tightly as he had her moments ago. "Gods Graham that's so great! Oh I'm so happy for you!"


She lifts her head from his chest and stares at him oddly.

"That's my name—my real name I mean."

"Hum-bert." she pronounces with a crinkle of her nose. "I'll stick to Graham…or Huntsman, whichever you want."

He laughed and huged her again, and Belle could feel the erratic thumping of his heart against her chest.

"I was so confused," he whispered, "all the visions, the dreams, I was beginning to think I was as crazy as you."

Her head shot up and she gave him a hard look. If it wasn't such a joyful moment, she would have hit him.

"I'm so sorry Belle." he said before she could yell at him. "All this time I pitied you when really you were the sane one all along. You held the answers and I brushed them away."

Belle blushed slightly. "You were there, despite your thoughts, that's all that matters." she smiled and ran a hand through his thick curls. "Now tell me, how did you suddenly remember?"

He chuckled slightly but there was a light in his eyes he couldn't shake. "I kissed Emma."

Belle almost lost her mind right then and there. "Emma! Oh my Gods Regina must have lost her top!"

Graham chuckled but there was a twinge of guilt in his eyes. "I never felt anything with Regina, but I can't get the look on her face when I left with Emma out of my head."

Belle rubbed his curls. "It'll work itself out. As for now, you need to get you rump out of here and go back to your lady."

He smiled at the title Belle gave Emma. He leant down and, in the most brotherly way his giddiness would allow, kissed Belle on the forehead. "I just had to tell you first." he cupped her gleaming face. "I wouldn't have made it here without-"

Belle watched his smile fade slowly as pain crept into his features and his lips formed into an 'o'. The hands on her face began to shake violently and he had to release her so that he could clutch his chest. He stumbled into a table which turned on its side as he crumbled to the floor.

"Graham!" she shrieked, rushing to his side. He was having a compulsive spasm and his eyes were darting all over the room searching for something to focus on. He wanted Emma and all he had was Belle.

"Graham hang on!" Belle searched frantically for the phone but found it to be on the other side of the room. She would not leave Graham for it. "Please hang on." she sobbed as she lifted his head into her lap and stroked away the tears on his face, though they may have been hers. "You can't die yet Graham." she whispered as his quivering died down some. "What am I going to tell Emma?" he began to tense in her arms and her sobbing became more erratic. "How am I going to tell her how you broke her heart by leaving her like this!" she screamed.

His eyes met hers, possibly using the last of his life to take in what she said. It was the last thing he wanted to do but through all this, he forgot one detail of the curse as well as his own.

Regina had his heart. And now it was broken.


She stared at him, begging him to finish…to help her realize that he was going to be alright.

But when Emma's name left his lips, his eyes closed and he slumped in her arms.

"Graham…" she croaked. The room was too quiet without his stuttering. "Graham…" she shook him. He's asleep, she told herself, he just needed to rest but he's going to wake up, kiss her goodbye like a good brother-figure and run back to Emma to begin the happy ending he so badly deserved.

But he didn't wake up and Belle started screaming.

"No Graham wake up! Graham? Huntsman please wake up don't leave like this!"

The screaming echoed outside, right to the ears of the man pulling into the driveway. Gold went into panic mode and rushed inside, pulling out one of the many guns he had stored around the house, and barging into the living room where the screaming was sourced from. He pointed the gun but only saw Belle clutching a body—the body of the sheriff horrifyingly enough.

"NO!" she screamed repeatedly despite the arms that circled her shoulders. "NO! Huntsman please wake up! " She shook and begged him but the sting of reality that her friend was never waking up slapped her hard. She sobbed all the harder and held him close as her sensitive ears picked up the sound of Gold's voice behind her.

"I need an ambulance right away…and please notify deputy Swan…"

She stared down at the man in her arms. He had held her through the most agonizing moments in her life, and she would hold him through his last.

"I'm sorry Huntsman…" she sobbed as the sirens picked up frequency. "I couldn't…"