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This chapter occurs as soon as Korra learns that she's a 'Grandpa.'

Korra blinked. Ikki only grinned wider. "Well...I...uh..."

"Korra! Tell me the story! I really wanna know!" Meelo begged, tugging at her arm. Nervously laughing, she said, "Well, I don't know why I have to tell you kids, I mean, you can probably find that story in any old book-"

"BUT I WANT GRANDPA TO TELL IT TO ME!" the boy screeched, as he promptly dropped to the floor, kicking, screaming, and flailing his arms around.

Look, kid, I'm not your Grandpa, Korra thought. And she was just about to voice that thought too, if not for-

"Meelo! Ikki! Where are you?" Ikki turned towards the direction of that voice, but her younger brother was still too busy flopping around. "Meelo! Ikki!" it repeated. "Oh. That's where you guys are." Jinora, book in hand, walked into the very touching scene of Korra glaring at her brother (who was apparently doing some sort of fish imitation) and Ikki, who, for once, was silent. Really, it was touching. Brushing the stray bangs from her eyes, Jinora sighed. "What did they ask you to do?"

"Oh, Jinora! Thank goodness you're here! For some reason, they're convinced that I'm their GrandpafffffmmmmmpppppphhhhhHHHHHH-"

With her hand covering the Avatar's mouth, Jinora whispered, "Look. We've never met Grandpa. I may know that you're not him, but they don't seem to. Especially Meelo. Just tell them a story and you'll be done." She removed her hand, and Korra gasped in relief. "Come on, please?"

"Yeah!" Ikki exclaimed, apparently broken from her silent trance. "Please? Please? Please? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? Pretty please? Pretty please with lychee on top? Wait. Actually, that sounds kind of gross. But maybe it's delicious. I mean, lychee tastes great. But so do apples. And bananas. And moon peaches. OOOOH! I love moon peaches. I wonder if they taste like the moon. Well, obviously they should, since they're called moon peaches. I've also heard that cactus juice tastes great. But Daddy won't let me have any. Actually, I'm not sure if it even exists, since I've never seen it before. But I really wanna try some-"

"NO!" Jinora and Korra simultaneously exclaimed. Ikki immediately quieted again (though no one was sure whether from the direct order, or the shock of seeing her sister raise her voice).

Giving Jinora the Look-At-What-You've-Done glare, Korra finally gave in to the two younger siblings. "Fine. I'll tell the story."

Jumping up and done, Ikki squealed with glee. Meelo then joined her, as he pushed himself off the floor and began flailing (in the air, this time). A few seconds of this later, Meelo and his sisters plopped themselves down in front of their 'Grandpa.'

What did I get myself into? Rubbing her temples, Korra began, "You see, when needed me most...I was Avatar Aang. Yeah. So, one day, I was walking...with my buddies, Katara and Sokka to defeat the evil Prince - wait, was he a prince during that time? Or was he banished? Well, either way, we were off to defeat Zuko and his...ship or whatever he had with him when the...the evil...uh..."

"Cabbage Man!" Meelo prompted.

"...Sure. When the evil Cabbage Man swooped down with his accomplice-"

"Melon Lord!" Ikki giggled.

"Okay. With his accomplice, Melon Lord, the evil Cabbage Man swooped down in front of us and declared, 'Haha! Zuko has sent us in to defeat you and your no-good friends!' And with that being said, the Cabbage Man threw his cabbages onto the ground! 'Go forth, my cabbages!' And just as the Cabbage Man said that, the cabbages sank into the ground, and the next thing you knew, there were these huge...uh...Mud-Monsters, and they-"


"Ooh! Mud-monsters?! What did they look like?" Meelo exclaimed, rapt in anticipation.

"...I hoped she doesn't say that they looked like mud," Jinora muttered.

"Well, they looked like mud-"

"I knew it."

"Excuse me?" Korra glared at Jinora. "Fine. They were...disfigured, human-like blobs and their bodies dripped with mud. Happy now?" Upon getting no response from Jinora, Korra continued, "The Cabbage Man cackled at his creation, and the Mud-Monsters slowly crept towards us while giving the most inhumane moans. They were so terrifying that...Sokka ran away to comfort himself with-"

"Cactus juice!"

"Yeah...cactus juice...So, Sokka ran away for cactus juice, leaving only me and Katara to fight off the Mud-Monsters. Katara tried to drive them off with her waterbending but that only made the Mud-Monsters stronger. Because, you know...mud and water makes more mud. So, I decided to airbend them away. But, the air only hardened the Mud-Monsters, which basically made them impenetrable. Obviously, we were both making the situation worse, so we decided to run for it. But then...uh...we got cornered."

"Is that when Auntie Toph comes in?"

"...uhm...yeah, I was just about to say that...I think. So, a voice cried out, 'All right, I thought I heard some Twinkle Toes in trouble somewhere.' A small figure jumped down in front of us, posing in a sharp battle-stance. And then-"

"Was she wearing cape?" Meelo interrupted, flapping his arms as if miming a cape fluttering in the wind.

"No, she was not wearing a cape," Korra replied, her voice deadpan.

"Why not?" he whined.

"Because she doesn't need one."

"But I want a cape!"

"Well, Toph-"

"I WANT A CAPE!" Meelo puffed out his cheeks in defiance.

"Fine. She had a cape! Okay?" Korra huffed. "Anyway, as I was saying, Toph swooped down-"

"With her cape."

"Yes. With her cape. The Cabbage Man, seeing her prepared for a serious battle, panicked and ordered all the Mud-Monsters to go after her. Since she could sense them from all directions though, Toph was completely calm. Her movements were quick and sharp as she began smashing them with rocks, manipulating the ground under them, and even causing small earthquakes. By the time she was done, the only thing left of the Mud-Monsters was a pile of-"

"Flying bisons?" Meelo asked.

"Moon peaches?" Ikki joined in. "Wait! No! Maybe it was cactus juice! Was Sokka there too?

"Mud?" Jinora predicted.

"Nope." Smirking, Korra paused for dramatic effect. "Cabbages."

Meelo crossed his arms. "You should have had flying bisons! Or even an Appa-fart!"

"Hey, don't interrupt Grandpa." Korra sighed, realizing that she had bought into their whole Korra-Is-Grandpa theory. "With only cabbages left of his former minions, the Cabbage Man exclaimed, 'No! My cabbages!' Scared that this would happen to him, his accomplice, Melon Lord, ran away."

"But Melon Lord's a scarecrow with a melon head," Ikki said.

"Oh. Well, then Melon Lord fell over and that was the end of him. After that, we decided that Toph was so amazing that she would teach me how to earthbend."

"Wait. What happened to Cabbage Man?"

"He ran away into the sunset."


"To get more cabbages."

"Oh. Okay."

"Wait! Did Grandpa get a cape too?"

"Yeah. We all got capes."

~ A couple of months later ~

"And so that's how Grandpa met Auntie Toph!" Ikki exclaimed. "I wish I met Auntie Toph. Or maybe the Cabbage Man. No. Actually, I want to meet Melon Lord! That sounds so cool! We could fight for justice and defeat some baddies together. Wait. But he was the bad guy. Well, maybe that taught him to be good. Did he ever become good? Grandpa! Grandpa! Tell me another story! And can it be about the Melon Lord this time? Or maybe it should be about Uncle Sokka. n Actually, never mind Melon Lord. I want Uncle Sokka! He didn't get to do anything. Anything. Please? Please? Please? Please? PLEASE? I'll give you anything. Like one of Jinora's books. Or Meelo. I'll give you Meelo. If you tell me a story, I'll give Meelo over to you. That's a good deal right? Please?"

Suppressing the urge to tell the young girl that no, no matter how nice Meelo could be sometimes, he was still not worth a story, Korra said, "Well, you see Grandpa's memory is pretty bad at this age." She could hear her boyfriend chuckling from across the table. Giving herself a mental note to pluck his eyebrows out in his sleep, Korra continued, "I'll tell you kids another story in a few days. So, yeah. You guys should just get going now. Please. Go."

"Okay!" Ikki squealed. "Meelo! Get the melons! We're going to play Avatar!"

Ikki and Meelo gleefully hopped out the room, leaving Korra and Mako alone.

Still chuckling, Mako asked, "Mud-Monsters? Really?"

To that, Korra retorted, "Hey! It was the only thing I could come up with at the time!"

Once again, Mako gave her the look. That absolutely irritating look that exuded the ever annoying I-Can't-Believe-You-Would-Do-That atmosphere. And his eyebrows. She swore they were mocking her. "Did it never occur to you that 'Auntie Toph' could have just earthbended them back into the ground?"

At first, Korra blinked. Then, her blinks began to rapidly increase until they were at rapid-fire speed. Then, her left eye began to twitch. Mako and his darn eyebrows were definitely mocking her.

Korra banged her head against the wall.

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