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"I want us to renew our vows. No big ceremony. No inviting all the guests. We don't even have to dress up. I just want us to go to the church and renew our vows, and somewhere in your vows I want you to promise me that you're not going to hurt me or fuck this up anymore, okay? I want you to make a promise to me, and in front of that pastor I want you to make a promise to your God. And if you do all this, here's my promise to you: I will forget this bullshit ever happened, okay? All of it. Forgotten. I will. Because I want to forget. I want badly to forget. I want this nightmare to be over. But once I forget, if you fuck up again, there's no moving back in, okay? If you cheat on me again, or hurt me in any type of way, I'm done. I'll be so done. I'll be so done that I'll get your parental rights to Gage removed, and me and him will move somewhere else in Chicago that I won't tell you, and I will never, ever, ever talk to you again. Do you understand me?" Punk warns, and John's eyes go wide at the threat, tears surfacing. "Y-Yes, I…I understand." John replies. [...] Randy Bear: Yes…I understand…I'll always love u John…but if this is what u really want…I'll comply. My Johnny: those words mean nothing to me now. yes, this is what i want. goodbye, randy. Randy Bear: I'm proud of you Johnny…goodbye. [...] "Colton is getting us a condo!" [Shaleigh] says, jumping up and down.

Wednesday; Punk and John's Bedroom:

"Get up! Get up! It's time to go get married again!" John's awoken by gentle hits to the face with a pillow, and he chuckles and sits up, blocking the next attack, "I'm up! I swear!" John replies, smiling at the absolute giddy look on Punk's face, "Come on! We gotta shower and get ready! Come onnn." Punk grabs John's arm and starts yanking him till he climbs out of bed, then drags him into the shower, it already running and ready.

"How long have you been up?" John asks him as he strips to his nudity, noticing some clothes laid out on the counter. "Haven't been to sleep. Couldn't sleep. Wired on coffee. Everything's ready, I've got it all ready, you just need to get in the shower!" Punk yells, then shoves John into the shower, climbing in with him and practically slapping John with the washcloth he handed it over so fast. "Baby, calm down. Breatheee. Please." John begs, grabbing Punk by his shoulders, Punk shaking a bit in his clutches. "I am breathing!" He yells back. "Things are going to be fine, you just have to breathe." John explains. "I'm sorry, I'm just so excited. In just a little bit of time, we're going to renew our vows and the past won't matter anymore. We'll be starting fresh, starting things off with a new feeling and attitude. John, in just a little while, we'll be a family. A real family. Just you, Gage, and I. I want to be perfect." Punk explains himself, pulling John tightly in his arms, holding him close and kissing him once he's done speaking. "Trust me, babe, I'm excited too. No one is more excited than I am. But you've got to calm down." John chuckles, and Punk groans and nods, then begins attending to his hygiene, John following suit.

The men showered, dressed, and got Gage up and dressed as well. After the quickest breakfast they've ever had, thanks to Punk rushing them, and telling Shaleigh to wake up and move her shit out of the apartment, the men were off, Punk driving at top speed to the church; a church that one of his best friend's Uncle is the Pastor of. They pulled up to the church and found a parking spot, Punk quickly getting the baby out of the car and dragging John inside with him.

The moment they're inside, they see a huge mass of congregation either sitting and chatting, or walking around talking to people. "Why the fuck are there so many people here?!" Punk asks, and John immediately smacks him against the chest, "You can't curse in here! Atheist or not. And there's not just church on Sunday. There's about to be mass." John explains, and Punk groans and rolls his eyes, "Then we'll sit in the car and wait for it to be over." Punk explains, turning to go, but John grabs his arm and stops him. "I want to stay for it. Stay with us? Please?" John asks, and Punk's eyes go wide in horror.

Is John seriously asking him to sit with him through church? Did he recently have a stroke, or amnesia, or lost all his I.Q. points? Does he not realize who he's talking to? Today's supposed to be a happy day, though, and Punk really doesn't want to pick a fight.

"Can we sit in the very back? And will you get mad if I put my headphones in and tune completely the fu...tune completely out?" Punk asks, willing to bargain. "Of course, Punk. I know how you feel. I wouldn't ever try to force you to sit through this and pay attention and stuff. I just want you to stay with me, I want to stay close to you today. Do whatever you need to, to pretend you're not here. Just stay with me." John explains, and Punk smiles wide.

Gosh, he's so goddamn fucking appreciative of this perfect fallen angel in his life.

"I love you, baby." Punk whispers, pecking John's lips, then the two head to the very back and sit.

Though Punk checked the fuck out during the entire time that church was happening, he did every so often glance over at John and Gage, and he was actually surprised and happy to see what he saw. John looked genuinely happy to be there, and though Punk doesn't believe in the same things as him, he's glad he's not holding John back from this. As for Gage, he saw him trying to sing along with the choir and dance when music was played, and Gage looked happy and interested when John read to him from the book of the alleged man upstairs. No, he's not ever going to come back to a church, no matter how much John cries, begs, or pleads with him, but he's happy he got to experience seeing this with his own eyes.

Eventually mass was over and the place cleared out, the Pastor coming over to the men and saying hello, then setting things up for their vows to be renewed. It was an extremely emotional moment that found both the men crying, but as it happened, it's like they could feel their pasts, their mistakes, their sins being drained of them as the Paster spoke of a marriage's need for trust, honesty, and things like that.

Once they gave each other their vows, their promises to each other that this time would not be broken or betrayed, the Pastor blessed the men individually, their marriage, and even Gage.

Once their renewed nuptials, of sorts, were complete, John begged Punk to let Gage be baptized, and after a long and drawn out debate, Punk finally caved and agreed to set a date for it.

No, Punk's obviously not religious. He never has been, and he never will be. And just because today happened, doesn't mean he's going to change his mind on how he feels about all this stupid shit either, but today was all about John and their marriage, so yes, Punk decided to be particularly 'holy' for the day. Well…at least while they were there. Later, however, he plans to fuck John's holy brains out.

After the whole church ordeal was over, Punk as thankful to be out of that horrible place as he possibly could be, Punk decided to take the family out to celebrate. They're currently at Chili's in a nice, little booth in the back corner. The food has been brought, but neither man is eating. In fact, neither man has touched their food. After getting Gage all settled with his food, Punk had reached over and grabbed both John's hand, purely out of impulse. He was going to say a sweet little sentiment or something, but the moment John locked eyes with him, he froze. John did as well. They just simply stared. Smiles quickly appeared and hands were squeezed, but no words have been spoken. It's like they're having a telepathic conversation in their heads. Both silently telling each other how in love they are, how happy the other has made them, and how excited they are to start their lives together as a real, normal family.

About 10 minutes have passed since this started, but both men are still lost in each other. Gage, however, has lost interest with his food and is getting restless. He decides to focus his attention on his Fathers. Now Gage is a smart kid. He's very good at anazlying things in front of him. He may not know how to say much yet, but he seems to always have a way to make things better, or in this case, even better. He sees his Fathers holding hands. He sees the loving smiles on their faces. That puts a smile on Gage's face, and a little excited squeal in his voice as he lightly bangs on the table. His cheerful glee doesn't bring them out of their trance though. They stay in it. That is till—

"Papa luh Da-Da." Gage states, shaking his hands towards them, and they both turn to Gage, caught off guard at the statement. "Yes, Gage. Papa loves Da-Da so, so fucking much." Punk says, turning back to John. "Da-Da luh Papa." Gage then states, and John's eyes sparkle. "I love him more than imaginable." John whispers. "John, I'm forgetting all the bad from the past, I promise. I'm only focused on the future, on our future. You have no clue how happy you've made me. You have no clue how happy I am that today happened, that we're even still together. I'm am so, so ready to officially start our lives as a normal family." Punk pours out his heart.

A thought goes through the back of his mind, and he hopes that Shaleigh and Scott will have gotten all her junk out of the apartment by time they get back so their happy, normal family illusion isn't broken.

"Punk, through it all, you've always been the only thing I've ever needed. For the past few years, you've been the sole reason for my smile, the sole reason I wake up. The future is nothing but bright for us, and I'm going to make sure to keep it that way. I already promised you that. You have made me the happiest person alive for this second chance. I'm going to do everything to keep you happy. I'm so ready for this, Punk. I'm so ready to be a normal and happy family." John pours out his own heart.

"I just want to take care of you, John. I just want to be enough for you." Punk says softly. "You're more than enough, Punk." John assures him. "You have no idea how much I love you." Punk whispers. "And you have no idea how much I love you too, baby." John replies.

Punk leans up over the table and pulls John in for a kiss. When they pull away, Gage squeals and claps, and both men chuckle as they're fully snapped back into reality. They finally start at their food and strike up some light conversation, giving Gage some attention and conversation as well.

30 minutes later, and they're off yet again.

Off to face their next adventure.

Off to start their lives alone as a happy family.

Off to somewhere in Chicago.

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