Author's Note:

MB:….Yeah, I know you're all upset with me but this has to be done. I will-


MB: o.O Dafuq is wrong with you? I'm not abandoning any of my fics! I'm just letting them know that the stupidly frustrating writer's block I've been having for Primordial Transcendent has disappeared.

BM: Wha-? You mean you're working on the next chapter? Awesome!

MB: Yes, but I'm juggling that with the next chapters of 'The Reborn Legend', 'Primordial God of Destruction', 'Bloody Maelstrom of the UNDEAD' and planning out a Naruto/Infinite Stratos fic. I was thinking of a new take on that particular crossover.

BM: Infinite Stratos, huh? What pairing will it be?

MB: Naruto/Tabane/Chifuyu pairing…It will be awesome and might even get more people interested in writing, because the fics there are pretty boring-the only exception being Fate Morgana by Kur0Kishi.

BM: So when can we expect this new chapter?

MB: Hopefully by next week. Don't hold your breath though.