Saturday Night

The sun fell on the small town of Jackson, which up until a few months ago had been just that, a small town filled with normal people. Like any town it had had variety of course, but nothing major until recently. The northern part of town had always been home to "higher class citizens", a few seemingly (and some actually) rich people living in absolute luxury. The southern part of course was the opposite, a place for the poor and destitute. Up until a few months ago the city had stayed that way; the two halves never meeting and never mixing, but the most recent addition to the community, the Hinata family, had changed that by moving to the southern end of town.

The family consisted of Mr. Jaden Hinata, his sixteen year old son, Trace Hinata, and his ten year old identical twin daughters Sierra and Tori Hinata. Of course no one knew what had happened to Mrs. Hinata, but no one had worried about it, seeing how Mr. Hinata was so kind and open with others. It was also clear how the family had made its way to the town, Mr. Hinata was a wealthy man, known worldwide for his hotel chain the "Golden Blossom"; which he had designed for families to stay and have fun wherever they went, with nearly two-hundred worldwide. The twins were also two upstanding citizens, always volunteering their time to help others and do after school activities. The boy though, Trace, was the only member of the family who didn't seem to show or act like he had money. Trace was more of a recluse, never leaving the house except when he had to go to school, get groceries, pick up his sisters from whatever they may have done that day, or on Saturday nights when he disappeared. Only a handful of people in the town had gotten close to him in his short time residing in Jackson, and even they hadn't been able to get him out of the house besides the previously given reasons. So with the exception of Trace, the family had fit in perfectly.

Trace, as stated previously, was a sixteen year old boy, he stood around six foot, was somewhat muscular, with a tanned complexion, short dark brown hair that spiked slightly in the front and lay flat everywhere else, he had chocolate brown eyes with specks of red near the irises. Tonight he wore his favorite outfit, a black t-shirt with an outline of a white tiger painted over the chest, a pair of black jeans that had faded gray towards the bottom of the legs, and a black zip-up hoodie which was currently unzipped with hood thrown up over his head, allowing his spiky hair to peak out.

Tonight was one of the few nights that he had decided to leave the house. Tonight was a full moon. He had left the house right before sunset, which was fairly early since it was now late fall, around seven pm. He took his usual path, walking straight through town square, taking a turn a few blocks past a small strip of stores, to his sanctuary; the original "Golden Blossom" hotel that his grandfather had helped build.

That was the reason that the family had moved to Jackson; Trace's father wanted to go home, to the town where he had grown up, and where he and his father had started his empire. The hotel was no longer running though. It had been put out of commission some years ago though, not housing a guest in maybe fourteen or fifteen years, the place was now just a shell of it's former shell, a three story building with a broken down neon sign hanging out front, maybe twenty rooms for guests including three luxury suits, a cobweb filled swimming pool and a lobby filled with spider infested furniture and front desk to match. Every now and again Trace would make his way here for one simple purpose, to fix up one of the large suites which he had lived in for the first year of his life, he had no reason to do so, but he had felt a small attraction to the room ever since he had moved back to the town, and for that reason he had worked tirelessly on it whenever possible.

Trace smiled as he reached the dust covered revolving door to the old hotel, of course it was locked (which up until a few months ago Trace had never realized revolving doors lock). He reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out the small golden key with the letters "GB" engraved under the keyring hole, that belonged to the door. After a moment of fiddling with the lock he slipped the key in and gave a quick turn before practically falling through the door and into the dusty colorless lobby.

"Glad to see no one's been in here since I left." He said jokingly to himself in his usual smooth arrogant voice. He looked around briefly confirming what he had said before making his way slowly to the front desk, where he kept all the room keys, which his father had given him upon returning to town. He jumped the desk and shuffled through the box of key-cards for a moment before he found what he was looking for, a bright blue card with a bar code and a golden number twenty printed clearly on the front and a "GB" in golden letters on the back, and another that simply said "lift" in large black type.

"I should have brought him." Trace said softly after a moment of looking at the cards. He gave a sigh and put the box back under the desk before sliding over it again and making his way to a pair of silver sliding doors on the other side of the room where he slipped the "lift key" into a slot in the left door. It slid open slowly to show a small wooden room with an old blinking yellow light in the ceiling.

"I did promise him I would bring him once I was done." Trace stepped in slowly keeping his eyes on his feet as he did so. Once inside he turned and looked at a small metal panel, with numbered buttons, next too the door. Almost instinctively he hit the one labeled 3 and leaned against the wall turning his gaze back to his feet.

"God I need to stop talking to myself..." a gave a slight chuckle and looked back to the door as the button labeled one light up a pale red. "People would call me crazy if they heard me." the button labeled two light up, then after another moment three, and the door slid open to a short hallway with smudged dusty glass windows making up one side and a wall with three doors making up the other, at the other end of the hall stood a lone door with the number twenty carved into the hard wood. Without hesitation he made his way to the door not taking a second to look out the wall of windows or the old pictures that littered the space between the other doors. With a flick of his wrist he scanned the blue card labeled twenty and opened the door with a smile now adorning his face.

He entered the room smile growing as he flipped the light switch causing the room to light up. It was a large blue walled hotel suite with newly vacuumed hard wood floor, fully stocked kitchen, with new appliances, clean counters and dinning room table big enough to fit at least six people, two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, flat screen TVs, night stands and new sheets, and of course Trace's crowning achievement a living room with new game systems two old green love-seats with a few holes in the back and a new beautiful tan recliner with speakers and cup-holders built into the arms. At last he hard returned to his sanctuary.

"He so would have ruined this place by now." He smiled and made his way straight for the kitchen.

Skyler 1st person POV

My name is Skyler Blue. I'm sixteen and live in Jackson in an apartment complex with my mother and father across the street from the old "Golden Blossom" hotel. I cocked my head to the side as a watched, the lights turn on in the old hotel across the street, from my window. For weeks that boy had been bringing things up into that one room, although I'm not sure how he got into the hotel anyways, I mean I should know, I've been trying for years! I've never once made it inside the doors, especially since the glass doors must even be bullet proof. Still every weekend that boy just walks in stays the night and walks out the next morning. I've thought of it multiple times, just walking in while he's there, just saying that I wanted to see what's going on, but I'd never do that, especially if it turned out he had a girl with him, but tonight I promised myself I would do it. I'm going to go into the hotel and see just what he's up too, and what it's like in the first place.

I turned to look at my room. Just a small white room with a twin-bed with pink sheets, a white dresser with a mirror on top across from the door into the hallway, and a small wooden computer desk next to the dresser. I looked into the mirror and smiled at my reflection. Standing in the mirror was a girl with dark-blond hair with a streak of blue, on the right side almost covering her right eye, flowing down to the small of her back, bright almost sky-blue eyes, and a pale complexion. I had on a blue hoodie with a rainbow stitched over my chest and a pair of faded blue jeans. I smiled at my reflection and began my walk to the hotel, after approving my own outfit.

"Perfect. Now hopefully he doesn't think I'm a stalker." I gave a sigh and walked outside.

Trace 1st person POV

I finally sat down happily with a bowl of popcorn in my hands, chair reclined, blanket pulled over top of me, and volume on my armrest speakers turned to max. I had turned the lights in the living room off, leaving the one's in the kitchen on just in case more popcorn was needed, to help enjoy as the horror movie marathon on Syfy started up. I gave a sigh and smiled as the first movie started up with a young couple driving down some long country road before running out of gas.

"Don't get out of the car." I joked knowing that the boy would leave the car and get himself killed. Only a few seconds later the girl repeated what I had just said. The boy of course ignored and left before some unseen off screen thing I assume killed him.

"So predictable." I said taking a large handful of popcorn. I gave a sigh and put down the footrest of the recliner. I took the bowl in one arm and wrapped the blanket I had around me, for no particular reason besides it was a comfortable blanket.

It took a moment to reach the other side of the living room. With the lights out I found myself slipping anything that stood between my chair and the doorway to the kitchen; including but not limited too a glass coffee table I had brought into the room the weekend before, some emptied coke cans from earlier that night, the blanket that I had wrapped around myself, and somehow the doorway itself.

As I entered the kitchen several small things caught my eye. The first being that the ceiling light, that I had kept on in case of a popcorn/snack emergency like that had emerged, was now turned off, the light that was on now shining through the doorway was a lamp that I had kept on in case the old light bulb in the ceiling burnt out. The second thing I had noticed was that the refrigerator was opened a crack, and I had only been in the small white fridge once today, when I had grabbed the cokes that I had tripped on only a moment ago. And the third and final thing was that the "lift" card to lock and unlock the elevator was laying on the floor, not on the counter where I had left it. The first difference hadn't bothered me, in-fact I had been waiting for the light bulb to blow and even had a replacement for when it did. The same went for the second, I could have easily left the door open a crack, or something could have fallen in the door's way preventing it from shutting. But the card laying on the floor, that couldn't be an accident! No mater what I had always put the card on the back of the counter away from the edge, just to make sure I didn't lose the old thing; knowing that if I did lose it, or any of the keys for that mater, my father would have my ass mounted on his wall. All of that was besides the point though. The three of these added up to one thing, someone or something else was in the room with me.

"You can come out now, wherever you are!" I spoke calmly then looked around for a moment before tossing the blanket to the floor and slowly reaching into my pocket. I searched for a moment before I found what I was looking for; a small black Iphone-like device with a red letter D engraved on the back.

"I'll give you till the count of three!" I swallowed hard and kept my eyes moving scanning every inch of the room for place where someone or something could hide. "One!" I shouted giving a quickly unlocking the device in my hand by sliding my finger over it's touch-screen. "Two!" I shouted again praying my hollow threat would work. To my surprise it did, I heard a small shriek come from the closet near the entrance to the hotel room. Now that I knew where the intruder was, and knew from the sound of the shriek it was human I slowly slipped the black device back into my pocket.

"I know you're there, in the closet." My voice evened as I analyzed the shriek in my head, realizing it must have been a girl, probably around my age. "I'm not going to hurt you. You just startled me." which she had, probably from a combination of the scary movies and to much coke.

"You're not?" The door opened slowly and the girl peaked her head out. She was a beautiful girl with milky skin, dark-blond hair with a streak of blue on the right side of her hair's part, and beautiful sapphire eyes that I must have been staring into for a few moments, because it wasn't until she was fully out of the closet that I thought to look at the rest of her. I didn't pay much attention to her cloths, they were mainly the attire of any stereotypical teen age girl, although I did note she had a gorgeous curvy body, which I must have stared at for a little longer than she was comfortable with; because she started to shrink back into the closet after a moment.

"no..I'm...I'm not!" I held my hands up defensively. "I just... Well your in my hotel." I stopped and thought for a second. "Which I must have forgotten to lock up." I face-palmed myself upon my realization and gave a sigh.

"Your hotel?" She gave a questioning look and ignored the rest of what I had said.

"Yeah. My father is Jaden Hinata. Owner of the hotel chain." I dropped my hands to my sides.

"So you're Trace Hinata?"

"Yeah. Who are you? And what the heck are you doing in my hotel?" It had just hit me that she had been snooping around on my father's property without a reason.

"My name is Skyler. Skyler Blue." Skyler I liked that name, it was actually sorta...pretty. She began scratching the back of her head and continued with a quickened voice. "Over the past few weeks I've noticed that you'd been sneaking in here, and well the place has always been locked up. I used to try to get in when I was little. And I was going to inform Mr. Hinata that someone was invading his old I followed you up here to make sure you weren't some mass murderer or a rapist or something." She took a deep breath and began talking at a normal pace again. "But now that I know you're not, I guess I'll just go home. Sorry to disturb you." She turned towards the door and began walking slowly as though she had done something horribly wrong. I took in what she had said and after a moment of thought, mostly about how I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a cute girl just appearing in my room, then I cleared my throat and began to talk.

"Well. It wouldn't hurt if you stayed for a little while. I mean you did want to get in when you were younger. So I guess, if you want, you can stay and hang out." I glanced away and waited for her response. He head seemed to raise a little and she looked back at me.

"what?" she asked simply.

"I asked if you wanted to hang out...for a little while." her eyes seemed to brighten upon hearing those words and she smiled.

"i would love too, but I would probably have to go home soon, that or spend the night at a friends." her smile grew slightly.

"well I have a second bedroom, if you'd like to stay. Or if you feel awkward that way we could get you a room for the night." I must have said something right because now her smile grew again larger and looked like she was going to hug me. I could always go for a hug from a cute girl.

"I would love to stay, Trace." She smiled a moment longer before her face straightened out again turning emotionless. "I can call you Trace can't I?" I must have given her a strange look because her face suddenly reddened from embarrassment.

"Of course you can," I said hoping to end her embarrassment. "there's nothing else you could call me, Skyler." She smiled a little again, some of the red fading from her face. "Maybe I can call you Sky?"

"I...yeah. You could if you'd like." she nodded.

"Then I guess, you should help me make some more popcorn then, I keep the bags over in that cupboard." I pointed to a cupboard above the counter.

"I'd love too." She smiled more and I walked to the microwave to get the time set (I always set it to two minutes and fifteen seconds). After a few seconds I heard the cupboard close and the room fell silent for a moment, then suddenly I felt two arms wrap around me from behind. I turned my head to look back, Skyler was hugging and was smiling at me as though she had known me for years. "Thank you for letting me stay, and for not getting angry."

All I could do was smile at her. It was the first hug I had gotten since I had moved into this town, or at least first hug from a pretty girl, so I decided I would saver the moment.

3rd person pov

"How could he forget me. Or did he remember but not want to take me? Doesn't mater I guess. It's not like he really cares." A small lizard-like creature sat mumbling to himself on a queen-sized bed covered with black sheets. The creature was like a small dinosaur with coal black skin a head that was nearly a third of it's entire body size, with an emerald colored eye on both sides of his head. He gave a sigh and continued mumbling to himself. "He dose care. I'm just not used to being alone. He wouldn't have taken me into his home and fed me, introduced me to and made me a part of the family, and even promised to take me to his 'sanctuary' if he didn't care." He looked up to the ceiling for a moment before looking around the room.

It was a small room comparing to the rest in the house. The room was a rectangular room about twenty feet by fifteen with a queen-sized bed against one wall, a couch between the bed and a large flat screen TV that was held on a stand against the other wall with a new dell computer, PlayStation3, and xbox360 hooked up to it and setting on another stand bellow it. The light was currently turned off, so that the girls, Sierra and Tori, across the hall could get some sleep. The two had always asked him to keep the door open while Trace was out, and he had always been respectful of their wishes.

"I hope he's okay. Usually he tries to send me a message on the computer or something." The little creature fell back on the bed. "Oh come on Agumon he's fine! If he needed help he would have..." Black Agumon stopped mid sentence interrupted by a sharp static sound. The TV on the far wall had turned on and a red letter D appeared on the screen and after a moment began to flash. "He would have sent for me. Like that. Great. Why'd I open my big mouth!"