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Chapter Three: Digi-Girls

"Trace..." Skyler muttered to herself. She had made her way to the window of the apartment, leaving the comfort of her corner, just in time to watch helplessly as a beam of light shot into the sky and divided into seven smaller beams. Something about the light had seemed dangerous, but controlled, as if it had a purpose; an evil one. She had tried to convince herself that it was something trivial, kids playing with fireworks, or possibly some light show the shop owners around that area had set up to attract customers, but deep down she knew it had something to do with Trace.

She frowned and looked away from the light in hopes that it would get her mind off of her new friend's possible fates. The light only grew brighter the more she had tried to ignore it, changing from gold to a pink, and still it grew brighter, until she couldn't ignore it any longer. She looked up just in time to see a pink branch of the pillar shooting towards her at an alarming speed. Without thinking the girl held her arms in front of her face praying that they would minimize the damage. She held that way from a moment, with an astounding lack of pain, before she grew curious and peeked between her arms.

The light that had been hurdling towards her had stopped. Not only had it stopped, but it had stopped only a foot from her face. To add to this strange streak of luck, it was still glowing a hot pink now and floating in place, not even bobbing as one would think it should be. Skyler hesitantly dropped her arms and she stared in wounder at the strange floating ball of pink light. As she observed the unexplainable object it slowly lost it's color and began to descend to the ground, reveling an object at it's core; a small pink object roughly the size and shape of an i phone with an italicized "D" printed in white on the back, similar to the apple insignia on an actual i phone.

"Where, have I seen one of these before." Skyler said breaking the silence that had engulfed the room. She inched her way closer to the object, never taking her eyes off it for more than a second, before picking it up and looking it over for anymore markings. Oddly enough it was cool to the touch, when it should have been burning up, yet another unexplainable feature of the strange object.

Only a moment after picking the item up the screen lit up with a flashing symbol that resembled a letter being opened, again like a smart phone. She hesitated only a moment before tapping the emblem with her thumb. The symbol quickly covered the screen before a small yellow creature resembling a cat's head with a tail bounced it's way across the screen, with a two buttons appearing; one labeled "Yes", the second "No". Skyler watched the creature bounce across the screen again before looking directly at her. She moved the device away almost instinctively trying to get the creature to look away, but it didn't; the eyes seemed to follow her and watch her hopefully as if the creature was real, not just digital. With a sigh and another look into the creature's eyes she pressed her thumb down on the button labeled "yes". The screen went black, leaving her in the dark, the pillar of light that had been outside now faded away completely.

"That was...what's going on here?" She hung her head and gave another sigh. "This is absolutely ridiculous." With her head still hung she cupped her face in her hands, trying to get a grasp on everything that had taken place. "Trace is the son of Jaden Hinata. He's been sneaking into the hotel. I thought he was a thief. He invited me to stay. Trace is now my friend. He protected me from...something. Now I'm alone, and cant get out of this room." She took a deep breath and looked up.

Setting quietly less than a foot from Skyler, curled up in a ball looking out shyly from behind it's own tail, sat the creature from the i phone-like device's screen. This version of the creature seemed reclusive, comparing to the one on the device, almost scared. Unlike the 8-bit version that bounced around the screen this one was fuzzy, had large ears that made up a fourth of it's whole body, had purple accents across it's fur, and it's eyes seemed sad or possibly fearful, unlike the carefree cat on the phone thing.

"You, forgot the part where you meet me." the cat said quietly in a voice resembling that of a four or five year old girl who was meeting a stranger. "I'm Nyaromon, I've been waiting for you, Skyler..."

With a long drawn out sigh the young woman stretched out in her warm comfortable bed in an attempt to draw her blankets in closer and increase her coziness levels by one hundred percent, which would be easily accomplished. She grabbed the blankets quickly and pulled them tightly around her curling herself up in them, causing her to look like a butterfly in a cocoon. She smiled and gave another yawn. It took only a moment before the inevitable happened, with no warning a high pitched beeping sounded from underneath her pillows.

"Leya!" a small whiny voice sounded next to her, almost immediately following the beeping. "The digivice is going off!" a small lime green humanoid lizard, with pink stripes running down his back, grumbled next to her before pulling the blankets away from her and wrapping it around his own small scaly body. "See who it is..." his voice trailed off as he fell asleep.

"I'll get it...but give me the blanket back..." The beeping continued to sound as Leya grabbed at the blankets pulling them back around her, again cocooning herself, this time letting her long brown hair splay out from under the blankets. She reached under the pillow quickly pulling out a small light green smart-phone like device with darker green detailing and a white D logo printed onto the back. She pressed a small button on the top of the device to unlock the digivice before squinting into the bright light it put off. After a short moment of adjustment she stared into the light which had reviled her light brown.

"A message, from Trace," She paused mid sentience half out of irritation and half out of curiosity. "this better be good." With a quick tap of her thumb the digivice brought up a long message. Without hesitation Leya began reading the message aloud.

"Leya, I've had a bit of an accident in Jackson. A rouge digimon appeared out of the blue and attacked the hotel. Digimon attacks here are very rare, I've only had two champion levels appear here before, but tonight was different. A Metal Seadramon appeared, and it seemed to be after me. Black Wargreymon defeated it, of course, but it had a bomb program hidden in it's data. The bomb didn't damage any of the city, anything that wasn't data was unaffected, but it did cause Black Wargreymon's data to be sent back to the digital world. One final thing Leya, the bomb let off a light that I'm not entirely sure all." Leya rubbed her eyes and read the message over again, not believing what she was reading. A mega level appearing in the real world, a bomb in a digimon's data, and Black Wargreymon getting his "invincible" butt turned into data; something about all of those didn't add up. Mega level digimon were almost never able to form in the real world, a digimon couldn't naturally carry a bomb in their data either, and to top it off, a bomb powerful enough to take out a mega level like Black Wargreymon couldn't have been made by a digimon; at least not one she knew about.

"Gilamon." Leya nudged the small lizard which now lay blanketless next to her. "Gilamon!" Leya nudged him again almost pushing him from the bed. The small lizard looked up sleepily giving his tamer a "what do you need now" look.

"Gilamon, we're going to the digital world." Leya slowly slipped out from under her blankets and sat on the edge of the bed looking into the dark. "I've got a feeling Trace is going to need some help."

Dust and sand flowed through the air, steady and thick as water through a river, nothing could be seen, and the only thing that could be heard was the sound of a motor flowing with the sand from fairly far upwind. Still Trace carried on alone through the sand, pushing slowly through the small grainy debris. He was no longer in the outfit he had worn in the real world; now he was in a new more practical outfit. He wore a black long sleeve t-shirt with a red X crossing over his right shoulder, a pair of dark brown combat pants fitted with an assortment of pockets of all shapes and sizes, a pair of black tennis shoes, a torn long brown hooded cape, and a pair of black goggles to protect his eyes.

It had been hours since he had last seen anyone or gotten a message from either of his contacts, and it would be another few before he got to his destination; the Primary Village. The Primary Village was a small town, made of gigantic toy blocks, some rivaling some buildings, and dotted with the cribs of baby digimon. It was a sacred place in the digital world, a place where a digimon would be "reborn" (more accurately it would be where a digimon would be "restored") when it's data was destroyed. Trace had never been to the village before, he had never had the need to, this was the first time, since his creation, that Black Wargreymon had had his data deleted. In short Trace had no idea what to expect from this place or it's guardian, who he had also never met. All he could do at this point, was sigh and carry onwards.

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