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Everybody can see things different from others. Some can look at the world as a bright shining light and walk out into life with a smile on their face, being all optimistic. Others see the world as the long pull of their miserable life and think every second is torture, acting all pessimistic. However, no matter how others see the world, Andrea sees everything completely different to the rest, unique beyond any other human being. She sees things people think are impossible, they whisper rumors of her powers and her life through the ears of the weary.

They also say she's gifted but she doesn't believe that. She doesn't believe herself to be a person that is so unique to be of any use towards the world. Until, her abilities helped the children of the world from being destined in a world of darkness, save everyone from a problem even the Guardians couldn't face alone...

Snow, It was all that can be seen.

Snow on the ground, the buildings and gently falling from the grey, clouded heavens. The town of Burgess gets snow like Britain got rain, continuously and intensely. The snow practically buried the town longer than any season should naturally do so, but it was never questioned by the concerned adults or curious children for the Winter's beauty would whisk those thoughts away like a leave in the breeze.

The joyful squeals of the young children, sprinting about through the thickened and whitened streets, gave the snow a brilliant and playful feel to it, making the groaning, irritated looks of responsible adults that believe it was a dreadful event to happen to them seem almost meaningless. However, while all the children screamed in delight and the adults rolled their eyes, one person's opinion could only describe it one way: painful.

The snow and ice below her feet crunched under her weight as she shuffled slowly away from the light of the beautiful town. She pulled her hood closer to her head as the bitter wind brushed past her face, sending a flurry of snowflakes past her vision.
She tried to take in the beauty of the town under the snows blanket, she always tried, but her mind was too agonized and clouded by the thundering shouts that entering her small ears.

"Snowball fight!"

"Yeah, snow day!"

"Great, now I have to make sure the kids are warm or else they'll get a cold and..." Similar reactions of the white, delicate snow were spoken from the falling flakes; every snowflake a different thought but basically similar reactions. All those thoughts, those reactions towards the miracle of Winter, screamed into her ears drums. However, she was the only one that can hear them, the terrible screams, and experience the dreadful, unbearable pain.

Her brain ached, her ears throbbed and her throat felt the urge to screaming at the skies loud enough so the heavens can finally hear her and her agony. But, she kept in, kept her pain all inside her hurt mind and continued shuffling away from the town towards the forest beyond.

The forest dark, eerie and quiet...in some ways. Snow fell much heavier there, coming down from the trees in large clumps instead of tiny, gentle snowflakes. The screaming thoughts were literally piercing her brain, her mind beating against her skull in agony. She huffed, looking at the ground as she tried to concentrate on something except the voices, anything but those desperate, screaming thoughts, but to no avail.

The ground was soft and balanced with snow under her booted feet. Each step made her winced slightly as she felt like she was destroying a beautiful piece of art, which the snow was if one could truly look at it. Stomping her foot in to a deep part of the snow, she pushed it away with the side of her boot to reveal the frosted ground of dying grass. Taking off her coat, she placed it on the visible ground and sat.

She gently closed her eyes as she sat on the frozen ground, her concentration now focused on the pleading, screaming thoughts that plagued her hurting mind.

'Concentrate' Her brain whispered, 'You did it before, you can do it again.' Referring back to an earlier time. The thoughts were still heard, still trying to plead through her bleeding ears, but sounded more like a faint background noise nipping at her mind.

'Breathe...keep concentrating.' Her exhales made the air around her cloud over as her warm breath met the winter breeze that brushed her cheeks and nose with its bitter chill. She tried to keep her mind focused on the thoughts, trying to prevent her own thoughts from interfering Her muscles loosened as the blackness behind her eyelids became swirls of blurred light. She sighed and let a small smile spread across her face as the blurred light started to clear to show an image she begged to see.

A teenage boy stood within the darkness of her closed eyes. Well, it wasn't a ordinary teenage boy like most would want, for his features were very unnatural. His pale face seemed almost white, yet didn't give him the look of death or sickness. His pale complexion made his icy, striking blue eyes glitter. His scruffy white hair pointed in few directions, tips of the nearly silver strands covering his eyes and brown eyebrows, shining by a light she couldn't see. He smiled sweetly at her with grin that seemed so innocent yet his eyes showed a mischievous child inside him.

She wouldn't say he was attractive more like...rebellious. Like the kinda child that would cause absolute chaos just for his own pleasure and entertainment, not caring about the consequences of doing so.

She snapped her eyes back open and the image vanish away before her, being replaced with the site of the dark forest around her. The voices were gone for now, her hearing only the blissful sound of the wind brushing against the dying leaves of winter trees, but she knew they would return later, maybe as soon as a few hours or, hopefully, as late as tomorrow.

She finally felt calm, her body no longer in agony and had an overwhelming feeling of peace. If it wasn't for that boy she would have gone insane by the voices and wouldn't have tried so hard to quiet them, to get rid of them. She would have taken the other way, the quicker and easier way, to rid the voices.

'If I ever meet him then I'll have to thank him.' She promised herself as she stood up. Swooping up her coat into her arms, she began retracing her steps. She didn't mind not having her coat and suffering the bitter winds, she kinda enjoyed getting cold. As she remembered slightly snow-covered trail of footsteps she felt a cold, corrupt feeling in the air that caused her to halt and get a terrible, violent shiver down her spine.

Something wasn't right, she knows something wasn't right.

She looked around cautiously not seeing anything at first. Then a fast, blurred figure of freakish shadows moved across her vision into the darkness of the trees. Then it came out of the darkness within the forest; into the moonlight shining through the bare trees. A horse formed of swirling, corrupt sand stained the color of the darkest night; with eyes that glowed the color of blood stared at her with superiority and fearful power. The color drained from her face as a terrified emotion overwhelmed her calm, peaceful attitude.

'Run.' He brain warned. The horse trotted closer, its full figure leaving the shadows to show a frame of bones and stretching black, sandy skin that was its body.

'Maybe you should run?' Her brain suggested yet her body was too stiff and tense to even quiver in fear, to scream with terror and horror. The horse continued staring at her with some sort of evil gleam of joy in its crimson, shining eyes, as if saying 'Oh good, a new prey I can play with.'

That is when her brain screamed at her, 'Now should be the time to run!' Her body finally reacted to her brain's pleads and run away from the horse, away from the moonlight and into the darkness of the forest around her.

'Keep running!" Her brain cried as the horse let out a large, petrifying cry that made her want to curl into a ball, quiver in fear and hope to disappear from the terrible danger chasing after her.

'Shut up brain! You could have sent me a vision to warn me!'

'Are you arguing with yourself?'

'Yes, now shut up and pay attention to the evil horse that wants to kill you!'
The horse run with elegant speed, catching up with Andrea within minutes of the chase. Andrea leaped over the low obstacles of the forest, flew past trees as they whipped across her face and frantic moving arms. No matter her speed and stamina, the horse just trailed through all troubles of the forest with such ease as the sand moved bent and shifted through them.

Her brain complained, 'Seriously! Could this get any worse?' then another horse darted out of the shadows, running near the predator in front.

She cursed, why did she say something so idiotic?

Her breath was heavy, gasping for oxygen. Her exhausted feet sprinted through the forest with such speed that she felt like she can almost burst into flight. The edge of the forest came into view, the lights of the quiet town and beautiful moonlight shining past the towering, overwhelming trees.

She dashed out of the forest and didn't dare to look behind to see if the shadows were still chasing her. As her desperate running echoed through the streets, she heard a loud, furious cry of a horse from the distance behind her.

She knew what happened. They didn't follow through the street but it wasn't the end. She knew it wasn't the end, for she had now become their game and soon the lights of the street and shining moon will not protect her from their terrifying wrath...

The door slammed shut as Andrea burst into the house, her breath fast and frantic as she slid on to the wooden floorboards and finally began to relaxed. She released a relieved breath, she was home and was all that mattered right then. She slowly got back up on to her feet and stood there, taking in the events that happened.

"Andrea?" A voice echoed from a dark corridor. "Are you home, Andrea? How was your walk?" The owner of the voice walked out of the corridor, the warm light revealing the face of a kind women. Her hair fell down in soft, light brown curls matching the color of her caring eyes which were full of concern.

"Andrea? What's wrong?" She questioned. Andrea couldn't speak, her mind was so scrambled and confused that she her mouth couldn't process words. The woman walked up to her and hugged her, her gentle skin warming up Andrea.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" The women whispered as they hugged, "Do you need to sit down? Medicine?"

"Auntie..." Andrea's voice muttered a reply, "I-I'm fine...but..." Her auntie released their tight embrace so she can look at her niece with a questioning look, "I-I have..." Andrea stuttered until the words finally came, "I have to go." After those words, Andrea dashed upstairs and burst into her bedroom.

A grey backpack laid open on her tidy bed, half packed with objects. She looked through the bag to see its contents: A small, thin sleeping bag, a weather protector, some packaged food and at least 200 dollars in cash, sealed in a waterproof bag. Andrea felt pleased she always kept a bag packed, always ready to be taken to some place far away. She rushed through drawers and cupboards in search for other objects: Spare clothes, a compass, a torch, warm clothing and a box of matches.

"Andrea." Her aunt spoke. Andrea grabbed a sketchbook and pencils, completely ignoring her aunt.

"Andrea." She repeated, her voice becoming more firm. Ignoring her once more, Andrea grabbed a small huggable penguin and sealed the bag up. She walked towards the door, staring at the person that stepped in her way. Her aunt stood there, looking down at her at the doorway. She sighed and moved away from the door as Andrea marched through.

Down the wooden stairs, across the hall and only a twist of a hand on the door handle away until her needed departure. She could leave, she just had to open the door and walk away.

"Annie..." Her pleading, desperate voice of her aunt made Andrea turned around to see the watery, hurt eyes of her begging aunt.

"I have to go." Andrea repeated, gripping the hold of her backpack that rested on her shoulders.

"I know..." Andrea turned away to finally open the door, "I just want to know why." Andrea sighed and let her arm fall to her side.

"I...I was in the forest," Andrea began, not daring to look at her aunt, "I've been visiting there for a while actually, because...I don't know how it actually happened but-" Andrea said everything: The forest, the weird horses of black sand, the horrifying chase, the boy's face.

"Oh honey..." Her aunt whispered, "If you told me about this boy then-"

"Then what?!" Andrea snapped, "Go find him? He might not even exist!"

"But you want him to be, so he is."

"How do you know? Have you seen a lot of white-haired kids walk down the street on an average day, lately?"

"No...but I've also never seen my niece attempt to walk out the door without an explanation." Andrea decided to stay silent as her aunt continued.

"With your...abilities." Andrea stared at the wooden floorboards, "Something like this boy couldn't just be your imagination."

"It might." Andrea mumbled.

"But it isn't." Her aunt replied as Andrea let out a deep sigh. She wanted him to be real, but she just couldn't believe it.

"Okay, fine." Andrea replied, turning back towards her aunt with a weak smile.

"Good, now get in the kitchen." Andrea raised an eyebrow, "I've made some chocolate cake from scratch and I need you to test it out." She was about to complain but her aunt continued, "If you want to go on a long travel then you should be well rested and prepared."

Andrea gave in and walked into the kitchen and its intoxicating smell of warm, lovely chocolate.

Bathed and clothed, Andrea crawled into her bed. The moonlight shone through her frosted window and made her room shimmer in beautiful patterns of bright silver. Andrea smiled as she stared at the welcoming rays of the moon reflect across her bedroom, bathing the room in light even in the most darkest of corners.
The moon must have been watching her; knowing that she didn't want to go to sleep in the darkness where her terrible nightmares could take form...

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