Hello! This is my first ever supernatural drabble! Not quite 100 words, but I gave it a go!

Angsty Wee!chester fic, with Dean being about 10, and Sammy is six.


As the empty bottle falls from a limp hand, Sam curls further into the sofa, hiding his face in a blanket. He looks across for Dean, but his brother is already asleep, forgotten comic in his lap.

Sam peers at their Father, willing his eyes to shut; but he just stares into the wall, and that scares him.

He doesn't speak. He doesn't need to. He knows he won't get an answer, not a proper one.

Instead he pushes his body into the pillow, curling his arms around it as if it's a person.

Comfort. It's all he wants, more than anything in the world. Be he knows he'll never get it.

Well, 112 words isn't too bad, is it?

I know it's angsty, but it's kind of inspired by the song 'Concrete Angel.'

I hope you enjoyed, please review!