What!" someone cried. "How could you let her get through!" The healer could hear voices screaming and yelling but couldn't see who it was.

"We have no idea where that thing leads" said another with a deep more violent voice.

White lab coats and scattered feathers were the only things the healer could make out through thick black smoke. "Feathers?" the healer thought through watering eyes.

"We don't but, they do." a calm but, high pitch voice said that made chills run down the healer's spine like an electric shock.

"Where did that thing take her?" a cool female voice asked

"Heh. If you want to know so badly why don't you jump through and find out." A cool-headed voice replied followed by the sound of something hitting the floor.

"Well since you won't tell us I'll just have to make sure she'll be easier to catch when we can get through." The violent voice snickered

"Ari! You will not harm her!"

The healer saw a man with short dark brown hair as she looked up shocked at how cool and collected this voice sounded, she was almost tempted to move from the spot she was standing to get a better look but, decided against it.

"She's not your daughter, Jeff!" Ari yelled back

"Whether or not she is still an important subject we can't afford to lose her now! There's too much at stake here."

"Your right," Ari sneered "so why don't we go get her."

The healer screamed as she saw the figures form into monstrous creatures, her senses were over whelmed with hate, anger, and fury. She had never felt anything like this before, it was pure rage but, it wasn't just rage the healer felt, she felt sorrow, grief, and despair though she couldn't tell where it was coming from.

With shadows moving all around her, the healer ran, trying to find a way out of the black smoke that filled her lungs. As the towering figures loomed over the healer, she opened her mouth in a silent scream, before falling into darkness.