Gwen's eye's flashed open as she over heard Ben & Max, not fully awake just yet - she turn on her side, she glance over them.

Her mind isn't fully connected on they're conversion, until Ben said something about 'love' now, she was fully awake, listening in on them.

"So, are you sure you love him?" Max asked. Gwen gasped quitely.

" could he do all that to me yestday, then comes out as gay?!" Gwen scream to herself. Ben nodded yes, his emerald green eyes shined in the light, eye's full of love- he was serious. A sudden wave of jeslousi raged through her, she shot up, her green eyes turning a darker shade then what they truely are, her orange hair a mess from her poor sleeping habits.

"And who do you love excatly?!" She shouted, as she used her magic to lift up the fer. Ben & Max look at eachother & smirk, as Ben pulled out a cute lil puppy.

"This little guy, I love him." Ben said, petting the puppy. Gwen set the ref. down, her face flush red.

"You shot up outta bed fast after hearing Ben said he loved someone esle, coulda swear you we're sleeping. & did I see jeslousi in your eyes?" Max asked smiling. Gwen took a step back.


Gwen said studdering, her face turning 5 shades of red. Max stood up, as he began to leave.

"I'll he leave ya'll two alone." And w/ that, he left closing the door behind him. Ben sat the puppy down, he pushed a button, revieling the puppy's true form. A toaster, he smirked as he look up at his newly flushed face cousin.

"So, Gwenie, are you accpet the feelings you have for me?" He said, as he stood up, and lean agaisnt the counter, fonding his arms. Gwen slap him.

"Shut up! Shut up Ben, just shut up!" She yelled, Ben pulled her into another kiss. Suddenly her body feeling relax, and at ease, she stop complaining at him, as she coutined to kiss him.

Ben getting alittle more bold, silde his hands down to her ass, as he firmly grab one of her butt checks. Gwen moan into her mouth from the sension Ben was giving her. Ben slowly broke the kiss, leaving Gwen dizzed.

"Did you like that Gwen?" Ben asked, as he kissed her neck. Gwen moan again, as she tried pushing her away w/ no sucess, all her enegry was completely drain by Ben's 1st kiss.

"T-t-this isn't right...w-we're cousins." Gwen said. Ben slowly push her on the bed.

"That doesn't matter, you love me, right?" Ben asked, leaning in to kiss her again. Gwen closed her eyes, finally accpeting Ben's motivions.

"Y-yes..." Gwen whispered, waiting for the kiss.

"And this is why, we didn't want ya'll to go w/ your Grandpa Max. The 2 familiar voices said. Ben & Gwen look up as they both saw they're parents. Both they're fathers spoke. Gwen jumped up, knocking Ben over.

"We can explain!" She yelled Ben rubbed his head.


"No, your coming home now!" Gwen's father said, as he grabbed her hand.

"Wait no, please I love Ben!" Gwen said, as tears came down her cheeks. A green bright light flashed. Gwen look back.