Where the Heart Is

Authors Note(I don't own any of the Glee characters) Warning:smut

Chapter 10: Pregnancy Cravings

Santana is in the kitchen, in just a large shirt and underwear, making breakfast. She made a stack of pancakes, and is now covering them with syrup, whipped cream, blueberries and tuna. A few weeks have passed. Quinn's new book also made it to number one on the best sellers list, and continues to stay there. It's the beginning of February, and Santana's starting to show. She's developed strange food cravings and is becoming hormonal.

Santana is still working much to Quinn's dislike but promises she'll start maturnity leave when she has to. Santana takes a seat at the table and digs into her food as Quinn walks in. "Babe? Is that tuna on your pancakes?" She asks, cringing. Santana nods, and continues to eat. Quinn just about gags."You're so not getting a kiss from me." Santana pouts but continues to eat her food. Quinn fixes herself a bowl of Special K cereal, and takes a seat across from Santana.

"That's all you're eating?" She shrugs.

"I'm not eating for two. So, yes, this is what I'm having." Santana puts a spoon full of whipped cream on her pancakes, then more tuna."How are you eating that?" She smiles and takes a spoon full in her mouth.

"Mike that." Quinn makes a face.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." She opens her mouth, showing Quinn her chewed food."San! That's gross, stop it." She just laughs and swallows her food, then takes some whipped cream on her finger and leans over the table, wipping it on Quinn's nose. She glares at her."You're not gonna make me do it." Santana chuckles, and dips her fingers in the container of whipped cream. Quinn points her finger to her.

"Santana Lopez, don't you dare." Santana smiles. She leans over the table, and shoves the whipped cream in Quinn's face."San!" She wipes it off while Santana laughs. Then she wipes it on Santana's neck.

"Hey! I thought I wasn't gonna make you do it?!" She shrugs and grabs more whipped cream. Santana does the same."Make your move, Q. I dare you. Quinn stands up. Santana follows. She slowly walks around the table. Santana takes a few steps back. Quinn throws the cream but misses."Missed!"

Santana throws some at Quinn, and hits her shoulder. Quinn grabs some more and goes to throw it. As Santana turns to run the other way, she slips on the cream she threw. Quinn looks over seeing her fall, and catches her before reaching the ground wrapping her arm across her chest. She kisses Santana's temple, her heart in her stomach.

"You ok?" She helps Santana to her feet and pulls her in a hug."I'm sorry. I should've been more careful. That was a close one." Santana tightens her hold on Quinn and kisses her shoulder. "Yeah, too close. We can't be so irresponsible. We're going to be parents in just six months." Quinn steps out of the embrace with a smile.

"We're gonna be parents. I'm gonna be mommy, and your gonna be Mami."

Santana smiles and kisses Quinn deeply. She kisses down Quinn's neck then guides her to the edge of the table. Briefly breaking the kiss, Santana lifts her up and lays on the table, then crawls on top of her. She crashes their lips together, swiping her tongue along Quinn's bottom lip. Quinn opens her mouth earning a moan from Santana. They continue to kiss until their lungs scream for air. Santana sits up and takes off her shirt, and throws it to the floor then she tugs on the bottom of Quinn's shirt."Off."

Quinn sits up and throws her shirt to the side. She gently lays Quinn back on the table, then takes her left nipple in her mouth. She circles her nipple with her tongue then bites it lightly earning a moan from Quinn. Santana kisses back up to her neck, and slides her shorts and underwear down. She runs her fingers down to her center, and traces cricles to her clit. Quinn slips her hand between their bodies and slides Santana's underwear down then does the same. Santana enters Quinn with two fingers and rubs her clit with her thumb. Quinn enters Santana with three fingers.

"Fuck, Q!" Santana starts to ride Quinn's fingers, while pumping her wrist faster.

"San, I need more." Santana pulls out, only to add a third finger."So good." She moans. They match each others pumps until they reach their climax. Santana buries her face in Quinn's neck, while helping her ride out her orgasm. Quinn does the same and pulls out of Santana. She closes her eyes still coming down from her high, while Santana's fingers remain inside her.

"That's a first." She says, panting. Santana chuckles and kisses Quinn's collar bone. She slowly slips her fingers out of the blonde. After catching her breath, Santana starts to climb off the table and puts her under wear and shirt back on. Quinn follows when the phone rings, and picks up the phone. Santana goes in the living room."I'm taking a nap!" She tells her wife. Quinn chuckles as she answers the phone.


"Hey, its Rachel. How are you and Santana? Feels like we haven't talked in forever."

"We're great. Santana's starting to show, and getting cravings now."

"That must be fun. How's the baby?"

"Healthy, and we wanna keep it that way."

"Of course, that's good to hear. I actually bought a little gift in Maui. I hope you don't mind but I couldn't resist."

"Awh thanks, Rae. Thats sweet, what did you get?"

"It's a tiny onsie that says aloha." Suddenly, Quinn hears Santana scream from the living room.

"Rae, I have to go. I'll talk at ya later." She hangs up the phone and runs to Santana."Babe? What's wrong?" Santana is sitting on the couch crying. Quinn sits on the coffee table and takes Santana's hands in hers."San, talk to me what's wrong?" She continues to cry, and lifts up her shirt, there's blood everywhere. "Shit! She scoops Santana in her arms, carrying her bridal style, and runs to the front door and to the elevator. Santana burrows her face in Quinn's neck, sobbing.

"I lost our baby, Q."

The elevator doors open and she makes her way to the back doors. Since dealing with paparazzi, they didn't want to rely on Jay all the time. So they bought a new car with black tinted windows, and now park in the back parking lot. Quinn places Santana in the back seat so she can lay down.

"San, it's okay. I'm gonna take you to Dr. Stine and he'll fix it, ok?"

She speeds out of the parking lot and glances a few times at Santana. There's still alot of blood. She prays both the baby and Santana will be okay."We're almost there, San." She reassures her. Quinn passes a few more buildings, surprised she doesn't get a ticket for speeding, then finally reaches the clinic. She doesn't bother to park, and just pulls up to the front doors. Quickly she climbs out of the car then takes Santana in her arms and runs into the building.

"Someone help! My wife's bleeding, she pregnant and we need help!"

A few doctors rush over to them with a bed. One of them takes Santana from Quinn's arms, places her on the bed, and rushes her to one of the back rooms. Quinn takes a seat in the waiting room and sobs in her hands. She doesn't understand how they can be so happy earlier, to everything going down hill so quickly. She tries to compose her self to call Josie."Hey, Dad it's Quinn."

"Mija? What's wrong? You sound like you've been crying." Quinn sobs into the phone.

"It's Santana and the baby. She was taking a nap and I was on the phone, when I heard her scream." Quinn pauses to control her crying."She was bleeding there was so much. I don't know if the baby is ok, or if San will be ok. I'm scared." She can hear Mr. Lopez trying not to cry.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. Just pray, and hope for the best, ok?"

"Yeah ok, hurry though."

"Yeah, I'll be there soon." Josie hangs up.

Quinn looks in her hand and realizes she took their home phone with her and wonders how she did that. She sets it on the table next to her, and starts to pace the floor. Every so often, a nurse would walk through the double doors and make Quinn's heart jump into her throat. An hour later, Josie walks through the door, with Jay close behind him,Quinn runs throwing herself in his arms and sobs.

"Ssh, Mija calm down. I know it's hard, but you have to be strong for your wife and baby." She tightens her hold on him and takes a shaky breath in then wipes her tears,stepping out of the embrace.

"I'm just so worried something bad will happen, and no one has told me anything." She just notices Jay and also gives him a hug. "Not that I don't appreciate it, but what are you doing here?" He shrugs.

"You girls are family now, and family is important to me." Quinn smiles and gives him another hug. Josie takes Quinn by the hand and has her sit in one of the chairs.

"Wait here. I'll see what's going on." He gestures for Jay to sit with her, before making his way to the nurses station. Quinn rests her head on Jay's shoulder.

"Maybe some sleep will help."

She nods closing her eyes and falls asleep. All the crying and running on adrenaline has made her tired. Quinn wakes up to her father in law shaking her. Dr. Stine is standing to next to him and she quickly stands up.

"Is San and the baby ok?" He holds up his hand to silence her.

"We've stopped the bleeding. She lost alot though, so we had to give her a transfusion. We don't know the cause of it, but it has stopped. I want to keep over night, to keep on eye on her." Josie puts his arm around Quinn's shoulder.

"How are they?" Dr. Stine takes a deep breath and smiles.

"Both mom and baby are ok. I did an ultrasound. You have a strong little baby on your hands, Mrs. Lopez. She's a fighter." Quinn looks like a deer caught in headlights and smiles.

"It's deffinetly a girl?" Dr. Stine smiles and pats Quinn's upper arm.

"No doubt in my mind. Congratulations, mommy." She hugs Josie and Jay, then turns her attention to the doctor.

"Can I see her?" He gestures with his head she can go.

"Just you though, she needs her rest."

Quinn says her goodbyes, letting then know she'll keep them updated, and to call Sam. She grabs the phone, and makes her way to Santana. She peeks in Santana's room to find her sleeping. She quickly makes her way to the bed, and puts the phone on the night stand. She sits on the egde of the bed and takes Santana's hand in both of hers, and kisses the back of it.

"I was so scarred I would loose you." She places her hand on her wife's stomach and leans down to kiss it."My two girls, I love you to the moon and back." Quinn brushes some hair from Santana's face as she starts to wake up.

"Q." She groans. Quinn slides closer and softly kisses her.

"You scared me." Santana cups Quinn's face.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me, por favor?" She leans down kissing Santana's forehead.

"Always." She says with no hesitation. Santana smiles and places her hand on her belly.

"I told you we were having a girl." She snorts and gives her another kiss.

"Yeah, ya did." Santana slides over for Quinn. She carefully lays her head on her shoulder, while putting her hand on her stomach."Dad and Jay were here. I told them I'd keep them updated, and asked if they can call Sam." Santana runs her fingers through Quinn's hair. "Jay said we're family." She looks down at Quinn with a bright smile.

"He did?" Quinn nods.

"I think maybe he should be her godfather." Santana suggests. Quinn thinks about it for a minute.

"Yeah. Me too, he's perfect." She kisses Santana's stomach, then rubs it.

"We still need to name her. Do you want Adrianna still, or Sophia?" Santana looks down to her stomach. She takes a moment to think.

"Adrianna." Quinn smiles. She slides down the bed, so her face is level with the brunette's stomach.

"Is that your name, princess? Adrianna Maribel Lopez." Santana smiles at Maribel. Quinn crawls up the bed and rests her head on Santana's shoulder."I like it, and I think she does too." They stay cuddled together, until they soon fall sleep. A nurse comes in a few times to check on Santana and the baby.

A few hours later, Dr. Stine enters the room with an ultrasound machine."Mrs. Lopez, time to check on the little one." Quinn wakes first. She sits up to stretch then tries to wake up Santana. She groans, frowning.

"Babe, sleepy." She murmurs. Quinn snorts and kisses the spot behind her ear.

"Dr. Stine wants to check on Adrianna." Santana yawns and sits up in the bed. The doctor smiles, grabbing the gel.

"Named her already? That was fast." Santana shrugs. Dr. Stine squirts the gel to her stomach.

"I already knew she was a girl." He presses a few keys, and runs the probe on her stomach. Hearing the baby's heart, makes Quinn feel better.

"Still don't know what caused the bleeding, but little Adrianna is healthy, and so are you." The doctor puts the probe back, and hands Santana a rag."Thats all we want. I think after tomorrow, you can go home. I want you to stay the night to be on the safe side." Dr. Stine leaves the room. Quinn grabs the phone to call Josie. Santana looks at the phone, confused.

"Is that our house phone?" She shrugs, blushing. Santana snorts, shaking her head.

"Hey, dad. Yeah, both are fine. The doctor did an ultrasound, and we heard Adrianna's heart beating. She's strong."

"Adrianna, huh?" Quinn smiles.

"Adrianna Maribel Lopez." Quinn can hear Mr. Lopez gasp and take a deep breath.

"Maribel?" He asks, surprised."She would've loved that."

"I love that name, and I want Adrianna to know who she got it from."

"I'll tell her anything she wants to know about her Aubela." He offers.

"Good. You can tell the both of us, I'd like to know too." He takes another deep breath.

"It warms my heart to know my granddaughter will have her name. Gracias, Mija."

"You're welcome, dad. Before I forget, I was calling to ask if you can drop some clothes off. We'll be staying for the night, but tomorrow morning we'll be going back home. I just want San to be comfortable."

"Yeah, of course. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Thanks, see you soon." Quinn hangs up the phone. Then she puts it on the stand, and cuddles Santana's side.

"What did Papi say?" Quinn kisses Santana's collar bone and places her hand to her stomach.

"He got chocked up when I said her middle name is Maribel." Santana kisses the top of Quinn's head.

"I bet he loves it though." Quinn lifts her head to kiss her properly.

"Yeah, he did. He also said he would tell me and Adrianna about her." Santana cups Quinn's cheek, smiling through tears.

"Yeah? Well, she was amazing the best mom in the world. I hope I'll be just as good." She kisses Santana deeply, and leans their foreheads together.

"You will be."

Josie soon arrives with two bags of clothes. He kisses the top of Santana's head and rubs her stomach as soon as he walks in."How's my granddaughter?" Quinn pulls out Santana's pjs, then her own.

"She's great, Papi. She's a Lopez." He smiles, breathing a sigh of relief. Then gives them privacy to dress. Quinn lets him know when they're finished.

"Will you be here tomorrow morning, before we leave?" Santana asks. He shrugs, taking a seat on a chair, by her bed.

"I want some real food. So sneak some in when you come." Quinn snorts, and lightly hits Santana's shoulder.

"I'm sure their food isn't as bad as hospital food." She says with a laugh. Santana just shrugs, and turns the tv on.

"I better not take my chances."

******Authors Note******

Did I scare ya a little? Lol, so it's a girl! Happy? My math most likely isn't right I'm sure it's still technically too early to know the gender, but if you let it go she'll be born earlier Lol(: