Where the Heart Is

Authors Note(I don't own any of the Glee characters, if I did our OTP couples would still be together! Lol) Warning: smut

Chapter 19: Viral Video

The next day, Santana is in the nursery breast feeding Adrianna. Quinn is in te living room, talking on the phone with Rachel."You've been a little sad lately." Santana kisses Adri's temple then puts her over her shoulder to burp her."We all have, but don't worry cause Mami is gonna get your sister back." Santana takes a small rag and wipes Adri's face with it then sets it on the dresser and places, Adri in her crib. She rubs her stomach and kisses her forehead.

"Try to get some sleep." Santana turns the light off and leaves the door open a little before joining Quinn on the couch. Quinn hands Santana the phone while kissing her deeply."Your turn." Santana gives Quinn one more kiss before dialing Shanon's office number.

-"Shanon speaking." (Santana smiles at Quinn and mouths 'She's there')

-"Hey, Shanon it's me, Santana."

-"Oh, Santana is this about the video?" (Santana frowns and mouths 'get laptop' to Quinn)

-"What video?"

-"You don't know? It's gone viral."

-"Ok, I'm goin to assume that means everyone has seen it?" (Quinn returns with the laptop and Santana mouths 'YouTube')

-"Yes, look up 'Kid taken away from famous lesbian couple'

-"Wow, what a shit title." (Shanon snorts and Santana tells Quinn to look the video up. It a video of Taylor ringing down the hall into Santana's arms and Jessie taking her.)

-"We lived this, Shanon it's hard to forget."

-"Yeah, we'll I was gonna call ya anyway. Apprently the video has made it to the judge and he wants to push the court date." (Santana smiles and kisses Quinn.)

-"Thats good news! When is it gonna be then?"


-"Fuck, that soon?"

-"Yeah, with the video he wants it that soon with all the attention the case will get now."

-"Okay, so what time?"

-"I's say be there before one."

-"Thank you, see ya tomorrow."

-"Yeap, bye."

Santana hangs up the phone as Quinn sets the laptop on the coffee table."So?" Santana smiles and kisses Quinn deeply."We're going to court tomorrow." Quinn smiles and kisses her back."Tell me we have a chance." Santana nods her head with a smile and leans her forehead on hers. "Looking at the video, a big one."

Santana kisses Quinn deeply while laying her on the couch and setting the phone on the coffee table. Santana slides Quinn's shorts and underwear down then traces circles to her clit. Quinn moans and does the same to Santana. Quinn swipes her tongue along San's bottom lip, she opens her mouth with a moan as Quinn enters her with two fingers, Santana breaks the kiss and leans their foreheads together."Fuck!" Santana enters Quinn with two fingers and rubs her clit with her thumb."I love you so much, San." Santana smiles and kisses the tip of her nose."I love you more." Both Santana and Quinn reach their climax together with each others names on their lips.

Quinn leans up and kisses Santana deeply when the phone rings. Santana quickly grabs it from the table and answers it.


-"Mami?" (Santana smiles and mouths 'Taylor' to Quinn then sits up on the couch along with Quinn)

-"Hey, Mija. How's your morning?"

-"I miss you guys."

-"We miss you too, it's quiet around here without you." (Quinn mouths 'speaker' to Santana and she turns it on)

-"Your on speaker, baby. Mommy wants to talk to you too."

-"Hi, mommy. I miss you." (Quinn smiles through tears)

-"I miss you too, baby girl. We'll see you tomorrow though."

-"Jessie said that after tomorrow I'll never see you again. Is that true?" (Santana sighs with a small groan)

-"No, Mija. That's not true, I promise."

-"Good, if it were true I'd just run away again." (Santana smiles and mouths 'Thats my girl' making Quinn lightly hit her arm)

-"I have to go now, I snuck the phone from Jessie when she wasn't looking. She doesn't like it when I call you."

-"Okay, baby. We'll see you tomorrow."

-"Ok, I love you Mami, I love you mommy." (Santana and Quinn smile at each other)

-"I love you too, Mija. So much."

-"Mommy loves you too, baby girl."


Quinn hangs up the phone and sets it on the table."That girl knows how to melt my heart." Santana smiles down at her and kisses her deeply."Ditto."

After Santana and Quinn eat their breakfeast they look on the Ikea website for Taylor's furniture. Sitting on the couch, Santana has the latop while Quinn has Adri on her lap."What do you thin about this one?" Santana points to a white frame day bed."I like it." Santana adds it to their 'cart' and starts to look for more. They decide on a matching dresser and vanity, almost indentical to the one Quinn had when she was little."She is gonna love her room, babe." Santana calls the store and has them deliver it for later in the afternoon. Quinn changes and feeds Adrianna and puts her down for a nap. Santana calls,Sam,Finn, Joise and even Rachel and Kurt to help decorate Taylor's room so it's ready for her. Once the furniture is delivered as and everyone has arrived they get started on putting every thing together. Joise helps Sam put up a giant chalk board on the wall, it goes from the ceiling to the floor."Not to bum you guys but, don't you think decorating a room for her, before you even know she'll be coming home with you is a little much?" Santana and Quinn are putting together Taylor's bed, they share a look then turn their attention to Rachel."If she doesn't then I'll pull the strings from work to make sure we get her back." Rachel nods her head and looks to her feet."I didn't mean to upset you, I just think you have to also be realistic." Quinn smiles standing to her feet and hugs Rachel."We know, but with Jessie's history amongst the video and that fact she left Taylor with a stranger, we have a good chance." They continue to set the room up when the phone rings. Quinn leans over and kisses Santana's temple."I'll get it, babe."

Quinn quickly makes her way to the phone from in the living room.


-"Quinn, it's your mother."

-"Oh hi, mom. I'm guessing you've read the tabloids."

-"Yes I have and I want to ask what time will I have to be in court tomorrow."

-"It starts around one thirty."

-"I'll try to make it, if this little girl becomes my grandchild I'd like to meet her."

-"Yeah, I'd like that. It's been awhile since you've seen, Adri. She's getting so big, she can almost roll over now."

-"Thats great maybe I'll swing by to the apartment after dinner."

-"Well the door is open if you decide to visit."

-"I have to go, I just wanted the time, I love you."

-"I love you too, mom. See ya."


Quinn puts the phone back then feels Santana's arms slip around her waist and she kisses behind her ear."The room is ready, everyone's leaving." Santana kisses down her neck and sucks on her pulse point."You still give me goosebumps everytime you do that." Santana smiles in her neck and slips her hands under her shirt then squeezes her breasts over her bra. Quinn moan and places her hands over Santana's then turns in her arms and kisses her deeply. Santana breaks the kiss with a small playfull pout, Quinn sighs and rolls her eyes."You can draw on the danm chalk board." Santana gives her a quick kiss to her lips and runs into Taylor's room.

Quinn laughs then runs in after her."Your such a child!" Santana takes pink chalk and starts to write 'Welcome home Taylor' in block letters. Quinn takes red chalk and draws hearts around it then purple chalk and draws little stars. Santana finishes Taylor's name when Adrianna starts crying and Quinn looks to Santana with a frown."Her crying is different." Santana looks at her confused while trying to hear her. Suddenly Quinn runs out of the room and down the hall to the nursery."San! she's having an attack! Get the nebulizer!" Santana runs in the living room grabbing the machine and joins Quinn in the nursery. Quinn is holding Adrianna, sitting on the rocking chair. Santana hands Quinn the mask and turns the machine on as she puts it over Adri's face. Santana and Quinn watch on as her color returns and she's able to breath again, they sigh in relief and Santana leans down and kisses Adri's forehead then smiles at Quinn."You knew there was something wrong and I didn't. Your an amazing mom, ya know?" Quinn smiles with a blush and leans over kissing her softly.

"Ditto." Quinn and Santana take Adri out to the living room with them so they can keep a close eye on her. Quinn puts her in her swing with the mask still on and Santana sets the nebulizer next to it. Judy calls and says she can't visit but can make it to court. Santana and Quinn cuddle on the couch and watch a Family Guy marathon."Mi amor, just admitt you like this show."

Quinn shakes her head with a smile and Santana sits on her lap with both her legs on either side.

"Say it." Quinn laughs to herself, shaking her head. Santana kisses her jaw to her ear."Dicen que." Quinn shakes her head again with a big smile. Santana kisses down to her neck and sucks on her pulse point. Then she runs her hands down to her sides and slips them in her shirt and starts tickling her."San! No, I'm not saying it!" Santana sits up on her lap and continues to tickle her."Say it and I'll stop!" Quinn is laughing so hard she's crying."I like Family Guy!" Santana stops tickling her and kisses her deeply. Quinn breaks the kiss and cups Santana's cheek, panting."That was mean." Santana laughs and lightly kisses her lips."Let's sleep."

Quinn and Santana take Adrianna to her room before going to their own, they get dressed and climb into bed. Quinn spoons Santana from behind, Santana looks over her shoulder to her and kisses her softly."This is new." Quinn smiles, shrugging her shoulders."I wanna hold you tonight." Santana laughs to herself at Quinn's blush and kisses the tip of her nose and turns facing the wall."Night, Mi amor." Quinn kisses the back of Santana's neck and holds her close."Night, babe. Love you to the moon and back."

The next morning, Santana and Quinn have a quick Breakfeast before getting ready. Santana has on a tight black dress with a white, laced blazer and black heels. Quinn is wearing a stripped summer dress with a white cardigan. Sam has agreed to babysit, Adrianna and is watching tv in the living room. They tell Sam, Adrianna's routine and what to do if she has an attack. Jay meets with them in the lobby and escorts them out to the car. As always the paparazzi are waiting for them, screaming questions at them from everywhere. On the drive there, Quinn rests her head onto Santana's shoulder with their hands joined. Their too much in thought to carry a conversation, even Jay is day dreaming. As he pulls up to the building, they see even more paparazzi. Santana turns to Quinn and cups her face.

"No matter what happens, I love you." Quinn smiles and kisses her palm."I love you more." Santana pulls her in a heated kiss, Jay clears his throat making them blush."We should get inside, it'll be starting soon." Jay climbs out of the car and walks around to open their door. Santana has a tight grip on Quinn's hand as they climb out of the car. Jay, along with a few policemen, escort them in the court house.

Shanon, is waiting for them by the door with her files pressed to her chest. Quinn and Santana look around to see Jessie but not Taylor."Where's Taylor?" Shanon looks over her shoulder to Jessie then back to Quinn and Santana.

"Their keeping her in the back until they need her." Shannon goes over with them on what to expect and who will be talking on their behalf until they have to go in the court room. Santana and Quinn sit with Shanon while Jessie sits opposite them with her lawyer. Everyone stands as the judge walks in and their lawyers state their opening arguments. Shanon gives her reasons Jessie is unfit to care for Taylor and mentions the video and her bruise. Brittany, Rachel, Finn, Joe and Josie testifiy on their behalf, all tell the judge what good parents they are and how much Taylor loves them. Then Jessie's family and friends,. including the boyfriend who hit Taylor, have their turn to testify. "Alright I've heard of enough from both parties, now I wanna talk with this little girl we're all here for myself." A policeman escorts Taylor in the room, she has on a pink floral lace tank dress and is cuddling with her pink rabbit. Taylor spots Santana and Quinn and waves to them with a big smile then runs to their table and hugs them both. The judge laughs to himself shaking his head while Santana kisses her temple."Alright little one, can you please sit at the stand so I can ask you some questions?" Santana and Quinn encourage her with smiles as Taylor makes her way to her seat in the front."State your name for the record." Taylor looks around at all the people getting shy she hugs her rabbit closer."Taylor Rose Allen, but I wanna be a Lopez." Everyone laughs in the court including the judge."Do you now? Their a nice couple huh? They treat you good?" Taylor looks over to Santana and Quinn with a big smiles and nods her head."Their the best, mommy makes the bestest Breakfeast and Mami knows how to make the nightmares go away."

The judge smiles down at her with intrest."Mommy and Mami huh? You seem very close with them, but what about your cousin, Jessie?" Taylor looks over to Jessie with a frown."She isn't always nice, and her boyfriend is really mean." The judge nods his head and straightens in his seat then looks over to Taylor."Now, i have a feeling i know what tour going to say but i think i should ask for the record. If you had a choice to live with the Lopez's or your cousin, who would you choose." Taylor doesn't give it any thought she smiles over to Quinn and Santana."Mommy and Mami."

The judge thinks about his descion for a few moments then clears his throat."This is the first time I've come to a descion so quickly. It's clear to me who should have full custody of miss. Taylor." Santana kisses the back of Quinn's hand and they hold their breath."I grant full custody of Taylor to the Lopez's, congrats."

Taylor smiles and runs into Santana's arms and hugs her tightly."I'm going home with you and Mommy!" Santana kisses her temple then hands Taylor off to Quinn and she hugs her just as tight. Jessie rolls her eyes with a sigh and storms off, Taylor waves to her with a big smile."Bye, Jessie." Santana and Quinn laugh as their friends join in on their small celebration."You know what this calls for, babe?" Quinn shakes her head with a smile."Bredstix!" They all sneak out the back door away from the paparazzi, Santana grabs Taylor's bag from Jessie lawyer and they climb in their cars, following Jay all the way to Breadstix.

When they get there, their seated at a big table. Taylor sits on Quinn's lap with Santana sitting next to their right while, Rachel takes the other seat. Brittany is sitting across from Quinn and Taylor with Joe sitting across from Santana. Finn, of course sits next to Rachel with Jay sitting across from him."You guys really didn't have to do this." Santana gives him her 'Dont even start look' and he holds his hands up in surrender. Brittany and Taylor decide use the Breadstix from the table as swords. Taylor breaks Brittany's breadstick in half and laughs."Beat you." Quinn takes the breadstick from Taylor and puts it back."Enough playing, decide what you want to eat, then you can play more." Santana and Quinn help her read the menu as she decides."I want what, Mami's having." Everyone tells the waiter their order and chat amongst each other until their food is brought out. They put a chair for Taylor between Quinn and Santana so Quinn can eat. Santana and Taylor both have spaghetti with meatballs and Santana shows Taylor how to roll it on her fork.

Rachel leans back in her seat and taps Taylor on her shoulder."You excited to go home with Santana and Quinn?" Taylor nods her head with a big smile then turns to Santana with a pout."My room isn't finished." Santana smiles and rubs her back."That's a surprise for later." Taylor looks up at her with a pout, Santana just laughs and kisses the tip if her nose. Taylor turns to Quinn and tugs on her sleeve."Mommy, what's te surprise?" Quinn shakes her head with a smile."No, your not pulling that little girl, Mami already said you have to wait." Taylor sighs and continues to eat her pasta, Brittany throws a napkin at her face making her laugh and she throws it back."Mija, no playing. Eat." Santana gives her a stern look along with Brittany."Sorry, Mami." Brittany crosses her eyes at Santana making Taylor laugh quietly to herself. After everyone has finished, Rachel pays for everyone's meals and they start to head out to the parking lot. Taylor runs out with Brittany until Santana and Quinn yell at them both. Taylor yawns and turns to Santana and holds her arms up."I'm tired." Santana takes Taylor in her arms as she rests her head on her shoulder. Quinn and Santana say their goodbyes and climbs into the car. Taylor burries her face in Santana's neck and falls asleep as Quinn rests her head on her shoulder."Today has been a long but happy day." Santana kisses the top of Quinn and Taylor's head with a smile."Very good day."

Fianlly arrived at the apartment, Santana takes Taylor to her room with Quinn behind her with Taylors bag. She turns on the lights and places Taylor on the bed."Mami? Can I sleep with you and mommy? Just for tonight." Santana smiles and kisses her forehead."Sure, but you have to change into some pj's first." Taylor climbs out of bed and takes her bag from Quinn. She changes and drags Santana and Quinn in the master bed room. On the way there they let Sam leave and peek in the nursery. Taylor jumps in the middle on the bed with a big smile."I call dibs for the middle!" Santana and Quinn laugh and climb into bed then Taylor kisses both their cheeks."Love you mommy, love you Mami." Taylor cuddles to Quinn's side and pulls Santana behind her so Shes spooning her. Santana kisses her temple then Quinn's lips."Night, Mija. Love you." Quinn kisses the top of Taylor's head and holds her close."Nigth, baby girl. Love you."

Taylor is finally a Lopez! Thoughts? I know I have been talking about Glee alot lately but, hey I'm writting a Glee FF Lol. Anyway I saw someone say on instragram that people from tumblr won't be watching tomorrows episode to show Ryan and the writers that gleeks aren't liking the story line anymore. I'm curious are any of you guys doing that? I mean I'm not liking Bram either but I don't think I'll go to that extreme to show my hate for it Lol.