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How to Make a Believer Believe

Chapter One:

The Name's Frost


I blinked. My eyes were blank as they stared back into the enraged brown orbs of none other than Mr. White, who, might I add, was currently furious at me.

Why? I have no idea, honestly.

"She left a firecracker on my seat!" Mr. White exclaimed, spit flying in multiple directions as he screamed his head off to our principal. "I want her expelled, not given a detention."

"For a week." My principal, Mr. Adams continued, shaking his head at Mr. White. "Honestly, Joe, there's no need to be so rash about this, there isn't even any proof—"

"Proof? You want proof?" Mr. White spat, whipping around and shoving his large hinny onto Mr. Adams' desk. "Does my injured behind have enough proof for you?"

"Mr. White." Adams narrowed his eyes, "Such displays are uncalled for, Liam you can go now, off to class with you."

I offered him a small smile and flashed Mr. White a victorious smirk as I slipped out of the room, shutting the enraged outbursts behind me. Oh yes, victory was sweet.

Flipping a strand of dark chocolate brown to black hair out of my face, I allowed a slight sigh to escape my lips. Not like I was going to go to the detentions anyway. Online colleges here I come...

I shook my head, glancing around the deserted hallway before slipping out the front doors. School had been let out early, and the streets were just beginning to frost over with the winter soon to come.

Yeah, being one of those labeled troublemakers had its downfalls. Downfalls that tended to leave you with a butt load of detentions. I was barely able to get my principal to let me off the hook because I have a job to go to.

I let out a puff of breath, childishly watching with a smile as it turned into a mini cloud before dispersing. I fixed the white beanie lying on my head before stuffing my hands into my pockets and beginning the long trek back home.

I leaped over a frozen puddle and flicked a pair of aquamarine orbs over to the sound of laughter.

A smile touched my lips as a flurry of kids, just out of school, ran about the block. In their hands, snowballs poised and ready were prepared to be launched off in their next assault. I felt my hands twitch and shook my head, continuing to move forward. I had to get back home to William after all...

An icy chill crept up my spine and I blinked as something hard, yet soft, collided against my head. Little bits of white dusted my hair like bright flakes. I felt a grin touch my lips as I glanced over to the children.

They played the innocent card, continuing to play about in their games as if I had not been hit. I bent downwards and scooped up a small pile of the fresh snow, forming it into a lumpy ball before letting it fly off to them.

They screeched in joy and scattered about, ducking behind makeshift forts. I felt the grin grow wider until that cold chill ran up my spine once more and something soft and icy collided against my head, dusting my beanie in the small frosty flakes.

Blinking in surprise, I whirled around, prepared to launch another attack when I was met with empty space. I stared ahead of me, not sure of what had just happened, and with a shrug, I tossed the snowball up into the air and continued on my way.


I whirled around, meeting empty space once more. I blinked, startled. Glancing over to the children, they had resumed their game. I shook my head and turned back to heading home.

Another chill went up my spine and I tucked my hands closer into my pockets, a breeze whooshed on past my side and a shoulder lightly brushed against mine.

I shivered at the wave of cold that hit me, but common manners drilled in at a young age shone through. "Sorry."

The figure, now identified as a boy glanced back at me and shrugged, "No problem."

His hair, to my surprise, was as white as snow. He had pale skin, looking as if he had never once visited a beach before in his life, but his eyes were a pretty shade of blue. A mixture of frosty blue with a lighter icy shade. Cold looking, but pleasant.

His blue hoodie was faintly frosted over at parts, which wasn't surprising due to this weather. But what also struck me as weird was that a wooden staff was held loosely in his hand. Ignoring the strange stranger, I trudged onwards.

He had been walking a few steps ahead of me when he had come to a halt, his back stiff as a rod. I ignored him and continued onwards, eyes set on coming home and relaxing on the couch, with a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate.

The thought of the sweet chocolate and fluffy marshmallows made me shiver in delight. Though I blinked as a finger tapped me on the shoulder.

Instantly, an icy cold shudder racked my body and I turned, facing the boy that had bumped into me. "Yes?"

He looked beyond startled, blinking once, twice, thrice, before furrowing his brows in wonderment. "Wait, you can see me?"

I arched a brow. "I'm talking to you aren't I?" Must not be the brightest popsicle in the stand. "Can I help you with something?"

"No, but—Hey wait!" I rolled my eyes and halted once more, having started walking again once I heard him say no.

"If you don't need my help than what do you need?" I grumbled, turning around once more and facing him. "I've got to go home."

"I'm sure you can spend a second of your time for this handsome face." He smirked, flipping his downy white hair in example.


"Alright, not a fan of the face. I can deal," He shrugged, that smirk playing over his lips. "Just to bring this out one more time, you can see me right?"

"No, I'm talking to air." I scoffed, "Yes I can see you stranger, now if I could just g—"

"How old are you?" He inquired, tilting his head to the side in a childish way.

"Seventeen. Now I don't see how that's any of your business—"

"Seventeen," He murmured, a look of awe plastered on his face. "Seventeen, that's incredible!"

I raised an eyebrow, wondering if I should take that as an insult. "You calling me old?"

"And you see me?" The boy repeated, looking rather amazed by this whole encounter. "You're seventeen and can still see me?"

This was all becoming a little weird now. "Yes, I can see you. And I am seventeen..."

"Do you know who I am?" He questioned, tilting his head, that look of amazement still quirked the side of his mouth up in a little grin.

"No, I don't. Nor do I want to know." I answered flatly, narrowing my eyes. "Can I go now?"

He blinked, icy blue eyes confused as he stared at me. "You don't know who I am, but you see me?"

"Um, yeah?" I offered, arching a brow. "Isn't that how most people work? Listen, are you okay? You seem a little off—"

His dark, slender brows were furrowed as he was suddenly a few inches closer, his brows furrowed. "This is so weird..."

"You're telling me." I sighed, shaking my head. "Look, um, whoever you are, I have a little brother I need to get home too, so if you'll just excuse me—"

"Hold up," The white haired stranger began once more, "We're not finished here just yet."

"I think we are." Swiftly I turned around and began to walk again. "Bye!"

I shivered at the feel of eyes following me as I continued on my way, crossing the street I risked a glance behind and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw he wasn't there anymore.

"What a weirdo..." I murmured, shaking my head. "Who goes up to random people and ask if they can see them?"

"When you're like me, it's not that weird." A cool voice replied smoothly and I bit back a yelp, jumping slightly as I whirled my head around, only to see no one.

"What the..."

"To your left, sweetheart."

I instantly swung my head around and blinked, dipping my gaze a little lower to find the mysterious boy smirking up at me.

While floating on his back.




"Alright, I'm going home." I declared, surging onward. "I didn't see anything. Nope, not a thing. You're just imagining things, cold weather's catching you off guard, Old Man Winter's playing tricks on you."

"Try what you want, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm right here." The boy continued, his hands resting peacefully behind his head as he continued to sail a few feet above the ground.

"It does when there's a floating boy right next to you—Nope! He's not there Liam, not there." I continued to repeat, chanting the words like a mantra in my head.

"So your name's Liam." The boy mused, tilting his head from side to side as he tasted the name on his tongue. "Isn't that a boy's name?"

"My parent's were hoping for a boy." I answered flatly, rolling my eyes. "Why am I even talking to you? You're not real."

"Ouch. That hurts you know." The boy mumbled sadly, looking up with puppy dog eyes. "You weally don't know who I am?"


A smirk touched his lips as he slipped from his cruising position and shot up, landing neatly before me with that stupid smirk plastered across his face. I blinked and took a step back.

He leaned coolly against his gnarled wooden staff, running a hand through his soft looking hair before crossing his arms, eyes cool as he regarded me calmly, that smirk still on his face.

"The name's Frost." He gave his messy hair a flip and lowered his eyelids. "Jack Frost."




"Haha, you made my day," I shook my head. "Well, it was nice experiencing what it was like to be crazy, but I'd rather stay sane, thank you. So...shoo."

"Shoo?" Jack repeated, blinking at me. "I'm not a dog you know."

"Sure, whatever you say Jack Frost." I scoffed, not at all amused that I was hallucinating beyond my wildest imaginations. "Now, would you please leave me—"

"You don't believe me?" Jack pouted, titling his head to the side. "Why not?"

"Oh, I believe you. I just don't believe that you're real." I amended, nodding my head.

Jack arched a dark brow, an amused look on his face. "So you believe me when I say I'm the Jack Frost, but you don't believe I'm real?"

"That's right." I agreed. "I'm just imagining this whole thing right now, the floating, the cold, you. None of this is real. In fact," I glanced about, a thoughtful look on my face. "Maybe I passed out, you know, ran into a pole and I'm dreaming this whole thing..."

Jack gave a blank stare, to which I arched a brow. "What?"

"You're nuts." Jack muttered, shaking his head. "I'm right in front of you! And the fact that you can see me shows that you believe in me."

"Nope. Fairy tales are a thing of the past." I bit back, "You're not real."



"Easter Bunny?"


"Well, I don't blame you on that one. Tooth Fairy?"

"Lady who takes your teeth? I don't think so."


"Nuh uh."

"Jack Frost?" He offered finally, a wide smile on his lips. "You've got to believe in the one and only~"

"None of them are real. And that includes Jack Frost, leprechauns, witches, or anything else you might come up with." I answered finally; honestly this was becoming a bit repetitive.

"How can I prove to you that I'm not just a figment of your imagination?" Jack persisted, a grin on his face. "Name your game, babe."

"Don't call me that." I muttered, flashing him an annoyed glare. "How about we play the quiet game? Or better yet, how we play leave Liam alone? I like that game a lot."

Jack tut tutted, shaking his head from side to side. "This is a case. A believer that refuses to believe. Now, North's gonna love this..."

"Who?" I questioned, looking to him in puzzlement and Jack flashed a minty white smile, straight from the toothpaste commercial.

"Santa Clause, you know, North Pole?" Jack continued, "The man who leaves presents under your tree? Good ol' St. Nick?"

"Didn't need the wiki definition." I sighed, looking to the side I let out a loose laugh. "I must be a sight, a seventeen year old girl talking to air, man William's going to have a card about this."

"Who's William?" Jack questioned, leaning against his staff and examining his nails nonchalantly. "You're sister?"

"William is a boy," I replied, flashing him a faint look of annoyance. "Can't you just go poof and disappear so I can stop looking like a weirdo and get on with my life? Reality calls you know. No time for fairy tales."

"Sheesh, who went and ate up all the fun? What happened to that girl willing to get her hands a little dirty playing with some kids, hmm? I liked that girl." Jack commented with a pout, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, she's off duty." I answered, slightly exasperated. "Can you please just...go?"

Jack raised an eyebrow, looking to me curiously. "You want me to go?"

"Yes, please—" I stared, surprised that the boy was no longer in sight. I blinked once, before smiling in relief. That really must have been my imagination. There is no such thing as floating boys with snow for hair.

I made a move to pass under a tree branch, snow hanging in a drift at the top when a pair of icy blue stared into my aquamarine. I blinked and yelped, skidding backwards as Jack hung upside down from the branch, his feet hanging on the other side.

"Where do you want me to go?" He questioned, a grin on his face.

"Anywhere!" I exclaimed, hastily darting around him and continuing on my way. "Just leave me alone!"

For a moment, my prayers seemed to have been answered. There was a chilly breeze and I glanced behind me, the head of white nowhere in sight. I blinked, facing forward and turning around one more time. Sure enough, he didn't reappear.

I felt my shoulders slump in relief as I hastily made my way home, slipping in through the front door and shutting it behind me quickly. I felt myself slide downwards and groan in relief.

"William! I'm home!"

The sound of footsteps thundering down the stairs brought a smile to my lips as a bob of mocha brown came into view and he peered down at me, a smile on his seven-year old face.

"What took you so long?" He exclaimed, running down the rest of the way to leap into my lap. "I waited for hours!"

"I wasn't gone that long." I grinned, "And some weirdo saying he was Jack Frost wouldn't leave me alone."

"You met Jack Frost?" William questioned, his eyes wide before a look of confusion settled over his face. "Who's that?"

"No one, kiddo." I shook my head, standing up and smiling down on him. "Now who's in the mood for some hot chocolate?"

"I am! I am!" William cried, leaping up and down before shooting into the kitchen.

I smiled after the boy before glancing around the living room. The fireplace had an unlit log, meaning William must have been waiting for a little heat, even though he could've turned on the heater.

Ah, introductions, how could I forget? Hope you can forgive me, snowy haired boys who don't exist tend to take you off guard.

Liam W. Jostin is my name, running a house with a seven-year old and working to support the family is my game. I hope you don't want to know much, see I don't intend on telling you a lot. But gist is, parents got killed in your everyday car accident a few years back.

We had our grandma, Lily, watching out for us afterwards. She still lives with us of course, but at the moment, she seemed to not be home, meaning she was out with her little old lady friends wreaking havoc on the world.

The two story house let out a breezy chill and I grimaced, chills bringing a flash of astonishingly blue eyes and snowy hair. I heard the stove come to life and smiled at how well William could function on his own.

I made the rounds of locking up the windows, starting with the ones in the living room, family room, bathroom, and Grandma's room. I knew William would've locked his already unless he decided he wanted a little breeze, mine always had this funny little lock you couldn't quiet lock, nor open unless you jiggled it just he right way, so it was good.

I moved on to locking the backdoor and side door, socked feet padding across the wooden floors without much of a sound. The walls around me were a yellow-tan cream, white border lining the sides.

I made my way into the kitchen and locked my eyes onto William, dino pajamas in full glory, sitting on one of the tall stools by the counter. Two mugs sat in front of him as he turned, soft baby blues looking to me brightly. "Tell me about this Josh Frown you saw!"

"It's Jack Frost." I corrected, suppressing the urge to look behind me as a pleasant sort of chill was sent my way. "And there's not much to tell...he's not even real."

"Then tell me his tale, like you told me the other ones!" William demanded and I grinned, there was no denying him. "Well, he's the one who brings winter to the world, those snow days you love? All him. He's that chill that runs up your spine when a cold breeze rushes by, or that little nip of cold you feel when you play outside."

"What does he look like?" William wondered in awe, tilting his head to the side.

I tilted my head to the side as well, thinking of how to answer. "Well, I always pictured him as some really skinny, really pale, creepy looking dude with a top hat and a mustache—"

A bit of frost covered the kitchen window by the dining table. I shifted on my seat on the wooden stool and ignored the chill that ran down my spine. "But today I got a different look. Instead, he's this young, not much older than me, boy, with snowy white hair and eyes like winter. He wears this blue sweater, and has no shoes!"

"What?" William exclaimed, his eyes wide. "Doesn't he get cold?"

"Probably not," I murmured, picturing the chills that constantly ran down my spine when Jack had been around. "He is Jack Frost after all."

"I wish I could meet him." William murmured with awe, looking down at the coca powder in his mug. "He sounds really cool..."

"Sure he is," I shrugged before grinning. "But he was an arrogant guy who was pretty full of himself, and he liked to smirk a lot too."

A screech from the pot on the stove jolted me from my daze and I stood up, walking over and twisting the knob swiftly and grabbing a mitten before bringing the pot over. As I poured hot water into our mugs I shook my head. "But don't worry about it kiddo, he's not real anyways. I was just imagining things."

"I bet he's real!" William protested, his cheeks puffing. "I believe he is!"

I smiled, "Then he is. Just don't expect me to believe in him too."

Jack Frost scratched the side of his head with the hook of his staff, shaking his head as he leaned against the snow covered tree by the warmly lit house.

A believer who doesn't believe. Jack wondered, tilting his head to the side curiously. This was an interesting problem he had stumbled upon.

His icy blue orbs slyly strayed over to the window down on the first level. The girl and her brother chatting happily in the kitchen brought a curious feeling into his chest, one he couldn't quite put his finger on just yet.

But he was interested in this Liam. No doubt. A grin touched his lips as he hopped down and breathed softly across the window. With his finger he smoothly wrote a small message into the window and called for the wind to take him home.

Liam nearly dropped her mug of hot chocolate when she saw the word 'Believe' written through the frost on the window.

William then watched with wide eyes as her face grew pale, her mouth slightly agape before a flush dusted her cheeks and she furiously began to chug down her hot chocolate, muttering through gulps that a certain winter spirit didn't exist.

Not much, I know, but I hope you ROTG fans have enjoyed it! I know the plot isn't too original, but just give it some time, and I hope I can make this story stand out in its own way. Thank you for taking the time out to give it a glance and now all I ask it that you...