Chapter 1 Clary was struggling in her sleep. Everything was heavy. She had those dreams again. Those visions Ithuriel send to her. Only this one was a bit strange...

She standed in an open feild. A meadow. Before her stood her brother and a girl. Everything was bursting into flames around them and they both looked scared. Very afraid of what was coming. But that was not the thing that had upset Clary. Nope. It was her brother and his appearance.
His hair was still the same platina almost white blond, but his eyes...They weren't black anymore. No. They wher dark green. Drifting between black and green. His wings weren't black like always. They where silver. The girl beside him was beautiful. Just like her brother.
Curls a little bit beneath her shoulders, tiny and developped. Her curls where dark brown with red in it. The same goes for her eyes, they where a few tints lighter but still, also golden/bronze. She smiled. She was pretty that was for sure. She also had wings. Only hers where between white and silver. " Clary watch out!" Sebastian/Jonathon yelled at the redhead. The fire comes to her, hungrily. Begging to burn her flesh.

She awakened. Scared of her life. The morning she came at the dinning table she still wasn't over it. " Mom?" She asked. " Yes?" Jocelyn Fairchild-Graymark asked back at her twin-a-like daughter." I had a vision from Ithuriel again...About my brother." My mother looked shocked,mad and extremally sad.
" In my dream he was, well...Not evil. More like in between. A girl was with him, in a meadow surrounded by flames. He was trying to protect me...What does that mean mom?Is he not entirally evil?And who is that girl?Do you have awnsers?" Her mother shooked her head.
Tears streamed down her face." Sorry mom, i am truly sorry." She looked at me. " No. It's alright...But please stop about it. I don't want false hopes..." Her mother said.

At the Morgenstern vacation mansion in Italy Jonathon felt ill for a passed few days. Since he saw the a gypsy girl when he went to bargain with them he felt strange. Maybe she cursed him. He already felt strange when the bond was broken between him and Jace but now the girl? He looked at himself in the mirror. Slowly his eyes where getting less black he even now almost saw a pupil. He was 's had enough power to weaken blood, like Shadowhunters.
When a Shadowhunter was weak or just a half or quarter Shadowhunter they could supress it so badly with their magic, that they become mundanes. Did they supressed his demon blood? He HAD to know. He was coming for them and they will feel his anger.
He walked to the car and drove as a mad man to the gypsy camp. When he got out he immediatly ran to the trailer where he saw her. " You bitch!I know you are there! Open this f***ing door!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. The pretty gypsy girl opened. " What have you done to me?!"
" Simple. I did a ritual that gives you the choice between good and evil." The girl said as if she gave the awnser to 1+1. Ah hell...