Chapter 2

" What do you mean by choice?!" Jonathon yelled angry. " Simple choice. Are you deaf and stupid? Because you see, having demon blood, raised by Valentine to be the perfect soldier and o; don't forget Lilith. They all gave you no choice but to be evil. Now i give you the chance to choose.
Does your heart hungers for darkness or will you find redemption? It's all up to you." He broke down. Falling onto his knees. The girl sat next to him and held out her hand. "For the record i am Chelsea. Chelsea Carstairs." She said. Wait a sec... " Carstairs?
That's a shadowhunter last name." He declared. She smiled. " Yes my grandpa was a Shadowhunter." Quart Shadowhunter, three quart gypsy. It seemed a dangerous combination. " Well you know my name already." She nodded." But what do i do now. I know Lilith is going to kill me when she finds out that i may turn good. Even when i don't want to, she is going to do it because she is afraid of the chance. The what if." Jonathon was sad. His familly had betrayed him. First his real mother, then father, his sister and now the woman he saw as mother. But...Maybe if he turned good his mother and sister are going to love him. Maybe the Lightwoods are going to forgive him. "What are you going to do? What are you thinking?" The young girl asked." Maybe...Maybe going to my mother and sister." He said. " Well, don't forget your father." He looked at her weird. " Chelsea he is death." She shook her head. " I don't mean Valentine but Luke! Your new stepfather.
I mean, technically you are Jonathon Fairchid-Greymark now." He looked at her when she spoke his new name. Lucian...He didn't thought about that.

At the Faichild-Greymark house Jocelyn was sad. Truly sad. Her son...Could it be? Was he going to be grey? Maybe even good?Was there a chance to save him? Please god, let it be. She begged. Her son, safe in her arms. And who was the girl? A friend? Everything was strange.
She never felt hope when it came to her son but now? Now she knewed there was a chance to save him and she only wanted to do that. Save her son.

At the institute Alec was crying badly. Magnus didn't wanted him anymore. He hardly could think. He heard a sudden knock on the door. " Alec?" Izzy asked. " Yes Iz?" " Clary had a vision again,please come. She wants to discuss it." Her voice was demanding. Always so impatient.
He opened the door to see her irrateted face. " Let's go then." I was going to the library, almost stepping on a sleeping Church. The cat got mad and was hissing. " Sorry." He murmered. In the library the first thing that he saw was the wild cloud of hair. Clary's hair.
She smiled. " Good you could come." She quickly said and turned her attention to the all of us. " Well, i had a dream...Amout my brother." Almost then everybody got mad. Especially Iz. " Hey hey, let me speak! Thank you. Well in my dream he was not alone.
And no, Lilith wasn't with him. A girl from our age was. Mostly in my dreams i see wings on people. It reflects their colours, the side their on. The species they are. But this time, Jonathon/Sebastians wings weren't black. But greyish silver. The girl's where a little bit whiter but also silver.
And his eyes where black-greenish. It makes me think that he porbably has hazel eyes without the demonic blood, so shortly, Sebastian is turning neutral. Not good, not bad but grey." " Wait, you are saying the murderes bastard that killed my little brother, that wants to destoy the world isn't evil anymore?" Clary nodded at Isabelle. Okay...This was a lot to process. Maybe there was no Apocalypse? Geezy louisy. Glad our buts are saved.
Alexander was tired of wars. He wanted peace. Finally there was a chance for it.