Notes: I don't own Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones.

Summary: A group of eight, once strangers now practically family, are called to fight to protect the five kingdoms of Magvel; Renais, Frelia, Jehanna, Rausten, and Grado, as well as the Mercantile Republic of Carcino. It is only by them may Magvel survive, for their enemy is powerful and filled with great evil, surpassing that of even the Demon king.

Prologue: Deepest Nights

"We're surrounded…" Sarah said, her voice barely over a horrified whisper, an orange haired paladin edged in beside her, offering her a hand up onto his horse.

"Well then, we'll fight to the last breath, this isn't the first time we've been surrounded by foes before, and it won't be our last!" Encouraged Adriean, Sarah gave a nod and readied her weapon, the sacred Frelian twin weapon, the serpent bow Nidhogg. Not twenty paces from them, the Manakete Topaz gripped her Dragonstone, its mysterious power washed over her turning her black dragon wings gold before she wrapped them around her hiding her from view.

She burst out of her wings moments later as she transformed into a mighty golden dragon. Matthew, a skilled Sage quickly climbed up her flank and sat between two sharp spines on her back, just before her wings emerged near to the slight hollow at the base of her neck, he readied his spells as the two stood back to back with Adriean and Sarah.

From her scout job slightly in the sky above them, Falcoknight Elizabeth swooped down, dismounting from her Pegasus with the gentle grace she always carried about her.

"It's not good Sarah. Guys, we're worse off than being surrounded, there are two different armies heading our way from the North and the South, if we can't fight these guys off and escape, we'll be stuck in a deathtrap for sure." Her serene face was clouded with worry, "I just hope we can make it out of this one."

"Don't we always?" Stated the cocky Rouge Vincent as he held up Elizabeth's Silver Lance and waved it in front of her eyes, she snatched her weapon back from the sly hands of the thief with a harsh glare.

"Vincent, Elizabeth, this is no time for fighting with each other, we have enough enemies without you two and your twisted romance." Cole said as he flew in atop his Wyvern mount, another person rode with him, a Swordmaster named Melody she glared at Cole, "Be nice Cole, you know they don't like you teasing them about it."

Cole grinned, "That's what makes it fun."

"Cole, if you would kindly get your ass off your Wyvern for a minute… I would like to beat you to death." Vincent called from his lower position on the ground.

"There's no need, here, come with me." Elizabeth offered, allowing the rouge to mount her Pegasus with her, she flew to Cole until they were eye level. "Get it through your head, I don't like Vincent!"

"Yeah, and I don't like Elizabeth either!" He exclaimed from beside her.

"Vincent and Elizabeth sitting on a Pegasus k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes an elopement, Elizabeth and Vincent consummating in the saddle."

"COLE!" Melody shouted, and hit him hard upside the head, "Don't be so rude!" Topaz turned towards them and gave Cole a look that said 'Besides, that's probably more in the style of your department, I feel bad for Melody with all that rape though.'

Cole glared at the dragon who looked nonchalantly back, while Melody, unaware of Topaz's glare-statement, apologized for Cole to Elizabeth and Vincent.

"Guys…" Sarah called, because she figured if the rest of them weren't going to pay attention in a life or death battle, she would. However the others didn't hear her.

"HEY PEOPLE!" Adriean hissed. The others stopped their arguing and turned to him, the Paladin motioned to the soldier attempting to hide in the woods.

"It's high time we fought already."

"Agreed." They said, and putting away their friendly arguments they stood together as enemies washed in around them, the day drained of light and stained an ugly black as the battle to decide their lives began.