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"Push!" The doctor yelled frantically, a vein popping out of the side of his neck. My wife was lying on the hospital bed, her face beet red, not even able to scream. I could feel her pain as she squeezed down on my hand to the point I felt like it would fall off.

I wiped a bead of sweat off of my forehead. I hated seeing my wife in such excruciating pain, "It's okay honey. You'll pull through." I tried reassuring her, but I could see she wasn't really listening to me. I looked at her stomach, and saw the baby moving. It was an amazing sight, watching your own little baby boy coming into the world.

My wife's face was beginning to change colors, from being red, to turning blue. I tried to contain my pure terror at what I was witnessing, though at the same time I felt a welling up of pride.

My wife began to turn to me as she continued to push. Her face showed the worst signs of pain I had ever witnessed in my life. It made me want to cry, and I could only imagine what she was going through.

The doctor continued to urge my wife to push and she did. She was brave. Nurses were crowding around the bed, watching her every move, ready to hold up the child for the first time.

"Come on, just one more big push! You can do it!" The doctor encouraged her.

I took a huge breath and let it out slowly. This was really happening. I would see my new baby boy in a few moments.

I felt an immense amount of pressure on my fingers as my wife squeezed down again. This was the final push. I saw a vein pop out of her neck and her face became even redder. Her stomach was already flat again, except for the bubble towards the bottom.

A smile began to creep onto my face at the thought that in just a few moments I would be a father, a proud father of my first son.

Then, in an instant, I saw him. I saw his puny little head peaking out at the bottom of the bed. It was wet and slimy but I felt the smile creeping onto my face already. Pure excitement was flooding over me, something I had never felt before.

The doctor and the nurses leapt forward to help guide his gorgeous head into the daylight. The little boy already had deep brown locks on his head, although they were slicked down.

I looked at my wife, and she knew she didn't have to endure the pain much longer. There was already a smile on her face.

"He's almost here," I reassured her.

Now, he was about half way out. His little hands were visible, and I yearned to hold him in my arms. My wife was still grasping onto my hand, but the pressure had vanished. She now held them lovingly, awaiting her baby boy.

The nurses began softly pulling at him, guiding him into this strange new world. My heart beat slowly and steadily, so that I heard hardly anything besides it.

And there he was, with one last light tug, he was truly here. He was ours now, our child. I looked at my wife again, a grin plastered on my face.

She could finally breathe normally, and her face returned to a normal color.

The doctor held our little boy, slick with blood and slime, and he approached us.

"Here's your beautiful baby boy," he said happily, handing him gently into the arms of my wife. He squealed and screamed, his tiny little face red as a beet. I thought my heart might have burst with happiness and pride.

"My sweet little Chris," my wife happily sing-songed as she rocked him in her arms. For the first time, I leant down and touched my child's head, caressing his locks delicately. I looked into his deep, big brown eyes, and held his puny little hand.

Turning to my wife, I kissed her and whispered, "This is amazing." It truly was, something that was a life changing experience.

It was my turn to hold my child. My wife gently lifted him and handed him to me. I felt a tear slip from my eyes as I looked into his. I felt a mixture of pride and joy to call him my son, Christopher Lachance.

After spending a few moments, looking at my new child, I turned back to my wife. The smile that I had seen only a few moments ago, was gone. There was pure terror on her face as she began to sweat. Her eyes were wide and full of the pain I had only witnessed mere minutes ago.

I came to her side, gently placing Chris on her stomach, and held her hand, "What is it sweety."

She placed her right hand caringly on our son, wrapping him into her warm arm.

"Make it stop," she whispered calmly, referencing the pain, a tear slipping from her eye, "Make it go away."

Those were her last words.