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Present Day

I ended my reminiscing for a moment as I straightened up in my chair and fiddled with a photograph that was sitting in front of me. It could bring tears to me eyes when I stared at it for so long. It was simply a gorgeous photo.
My wife, with long flowing blonde hair sat snuggled up next to me, her head comfortably fitting into the crook between my shoulder and neck. Her eyes were glowing with pure happiness; her teeth were pearly white, something I had never believed was natural, even when she told me with sincerity that they were. I admired her dimples in the picture; they were clearly visible with the huge grin glued to her face.
Then there was me, supporting her as we both sat on the bench in the place we had met. I as well was smiling broadly, resting my head on hers lightly. My short, dark brown hair looked slightly disoriented from the breeze that was blowing around us. I was wearing only a light t-shirt, while my wife was bundled in a long, fall-red colored coat.
Behind us, I could recognize the dusty old baseball field, where I had met Jessica. I remembered the times I walked up there, leaving the main part of town just to visit her. I recalled the time a baseball had hit my old friend Teddy in the nose and he got upset; I also remembered the time the same thing had happened to me.
I set the photo down on the desk, trying to keep the tears from overflowing.
My desk, not to mention the whole house, was heavy with old pictures of Jessica, and it was interesting because I wanted to keep those pictures so dearly, but at the same time it was horribly painful having to see her everywhere I went.
I passed pictures of us from all different time periods; there was our very first picture together, which also included the rest of the gang. Chris was on my left, his shoulder slung around me. Jessica was on my right, leaning into me and smiling brightly at the camera. Vern was happily kneeling in the front, and Teddy stood awkwardly next to Jessica.
I could remember all too clearly where and when that was taken.
Junior High Graduation, 1960.
Then there were photos I passed that brought back some other nice memories; High school graduation, camping trips, random days out, dates (which Chris insisted to come on at times), bowling nights, snowball fights, and other crazy things.
Those were the memories that brought smiles to my face and made me want to shed a tear at the same time.
Of course, there were other photos that were harder to walk past. Some of them I kept buried in a box somewhere up in the attic, or tucked away safely in my closet. Those were the pictures that couldn't bring a smile to my face, the pictures that only brought a stinging feeling to my throat, the feeling that one gets when they are trying not to burst into tears.
One of those pictures was none other than Chris' funeral.
A crispy night in October. Everyone dressed darkly in black and sobbing into handkerchiefs.
His coffin had been carefully decorated with flowers of all colors and varieties and old pictures of him and I and the other two boys.
I remember not letting myself cry, while my wife allowed one single tear to drop to the earth from her cheek.
I got up slowly from my seat in my office and paced the room, busying myself with looking at each picture, pointing out key details in each one.
Nowadays I tended to lose myself in a world where only my late wife existed. I let myself be carried into that, only because I didn't want to try to regain a joy in my life.
Another photograph caught my attention as I paced the study. This one was just of me and the boys in the tree house, and I recognized almost instantly that it had been taken by Vern's camera the day I met Jessica.
Right where I had left off my reminiscing...
I went back to my chair and sat down slowly, picking up the picture of Jessica and I, looking at it for a moment, and then letting my mind wander back into the past.

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