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"IIIIZAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA-KUUUUUNN!" screamed the fortissimo of Ikebukuro running after his moving prey.

This was a game long played by the two madmen since they first met in high school. It was a game of cat and mouse between the informant and ex-bartender. The adrenaline rush, the sheer feeling of the moment, the breeze brushing against their skin…It was an instinctual blood lust of the cat and the flight response of the enthralled little mouse. The battle was something of ritual that the two secretly enjoyed and could not stop. It was as if their bodies were born to fight. Born to challenge each other and defy the laws of the universe one chase after another. It was an unspoken agreement between the two ruthless men.

"Feeling off your game Shizu-chan? I am pretty sure if you ran any slower I could walk and still be waaay head of you~! Although, what else can I expect of such a beast?"

"Izaaayaaa…." Shizuo picked up speed, growling at his little mouse, lusting for the taste of his prey's blood even more.

Izaya, growing bored of the game already, turned into an alley to hopefully end the chase with a simple little mark on his Shizu-chan's chest again. Maybe he'd give Shizuo a chance to get a little hit or two on him. After all, Shizu-chan never stood a chance against the great Izaya Orihara. So, it would be too cruel for Izaya to tease his predator too much without a little taste. Unfortunately for Izaya, he chose the wrong alley with no way out other than the way he came in. Shizuo quickly cornered Izaya, grinning like a beast ready to feast on its new meal. Not a word was spoken between the two. Only the sounds of the city and sirens and cars could be heard. Shizuo could not hesitate anymore. He eased closer to Izaya readying his hands to squeeze the scrawny informant's neck until no more of his cocky words could slip out. Then, the city grew silent, as if everything held its breath to see what the two archenemies would do to each other. The only sound was Shizuo breathing onto Izaya's face and their hearts beating in unison now, their bodies knowing this dance all too well.

Izaya thought to himself, "Boooooring. When will something new happen? Even my faithful little monster does the same thing in and out. Life needs a twist sometimes, something new and exciting to get the blood rushing. I wonder if he will continue through with this…Such a beast surely would not let me get away alive. But with Shizu-chan, one can never guess in the slightest what a neanderthal like him would do. Surprise me, Shizu-chan."

-brrrrr brrrrrrr-

-brrrr brrrrrr-

"Fuck…" Shizuo stalked away answering his phone. Shizuo thought this had better be fucking important. He had finally had that fucking flea a hair's away from being dead as a goddamn doornail.

"Oooh that was SO scary, Shizu-chan, but I have some work to do~!"

Shizuo barely had a chance to growl before Izaya scurried off, thinking that was rather anticlimactic. Oh yes, Shizu-chan never failed to be unpredictable in such situations.

"Hello? This had better be fucking good."

"Shizuo, I have big news. BIG NEWS," the underground doctor bragged.


"It is a wedding between me and my most beautiful and amazing soon to be wife Celty!~3 She is finally letting us hold the reception. Of course, you will be my best man."

"R-really Shinra? I'm honored, and really happy for you. Took you long enough though, neh?"

"Yes, but finally she said yes! My dear, dear Celty!~ Oh I can't wait to be forever entwined in our souls and soon to be bodies if you know what I oof! Celty, come on now, the world must know of my undying love for you! Anyway, Shizuo, I am off to spread the word. I'll call you later about details! Bye~~~!"

Shizuo sighed to himself, "The bastard finally got her…" He went on to text Celty congratulations, and console her because the idea of being married to that idiot sounded like a living fucking hell of gay rainbows and unicorns and leprechauns.

~ Back to Izaya

Izaya was skipping back to his apartment, thinking of fun insults he could give to his bitch of a secretary. It was too bad his game had to end so early with Shizu-chan, though.

-brrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrr-

Oh great. A fucking client. "Hello, Orihara Izaya."

"Izaya-kun~! My darling Celty and I will be getting married! Isn't that wonderful?"

Izaya chuckled to himself. Is Shinra any better than one of my clients..? "Yes, I am ever so proud of you that you could snag such a prize." A headless woman? Seriously, Shinra was crazy…

"Yes, yes! Thank you~! Now, I have a request of you. Will you be my best man?"

…Shinra. Why would he ask me? Can't he ask that beast of a being Shizu-chan? I have to play with my precious humans in my spare time, dear Shinra. "I'd be….delighted Shinra. Of course, in my free time. I am such a busy man as you know."

"YES! I can't wait to talk to you more about this and my most dreamy Celty~! Talk to you later!"

A wedding, eh? This could be very fun…