Hello for the first time in several months! I apologize, readers, for my incredibly long absence from writing. Sigh…It's a failure on my part.

You see, I was having trouble writing anything for my story "Our Lives At Hogwarts" or starting any of the Harry Potter fics I had in mind. Then, I realized…I was in a rut. As much as I love Harry Potter, I wasn't able to write anything new because I was getting tired of writing solely from Harry Potter.

And so, I decided to get started on a couple non-Harry Potter stories, thanks to inspiration from some drawings I found. I diving into the Disney world, folks! One story is this one, a humanization of the Finding Nemo story, featuring some changes here and there. Another is a gender bent version of Disney's Tarzan. I want to do this because I love thinking up AU scenarios. And I'm starting with our fishy tale!

Now, because of the humanization of the story, not everything from the movie can be properly transferred over into the human world. But I feel that this will make it a bit more interesting. Also, this story will feature some Human!Marlin/Human!Dory. Also, by taking place in the human world, the situations are going to be a little darker and I'll have a couple of curses here and there.

Now, as characters from the movie appear, I'll direct you to the images I found on deviantArt that are basically what you should picture, with a couple changes here and there. First and foremost, please check out the artist marsbarrl for her images of a human Marlin. She is a fantastic artist and her version of Marlin is, by far, my most favorite! And it is her drawings that made me pair Marlin and Dory up, at least as far as their human versions go. Also, I would like to direct you to another author on this site, Ronnie343. Her story, "His Little Boy", is a humanization of Finding Nemo and it is amazing, though currently incomplete. I wanted to thank her for providing some inspiration for this story and I also want to say that some parts of this story may be similar to hers. I'm trying to make mine unique, but there are a couple of points that may be similar. Also, I may end up borrowing a couple of her ideas. But seriously, check out her story! It's really well done so far!

Alright, without further to do, let's get into the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Finding Nemo at all. I'm just some random kid with an overactive imagination.

It was June of the year 2002…

The high school was filled with excited students, all eagerly awaiting the bell that signaled the end of the day. The bell that would signal the start of summer vacation.

The bell that would signal the end of high school for the seniors.

In one classroom, a yearbook was open to the superlatives page on one of the desks. A small group was clustered around this book. They were pointing to one picture in particular.

It was a boy with messy red hair and warm brown eyes. He was standing atop a wall, silly markings drawn on his face and looking like he was king of the world.

"See, what did I tell you, Marlin?" one boy exclaimed, "I knew you'd win class clown!"

The boy from the picture, eighteen year old Marlin Fischer, looked at his image in the book and let out a laugh.

"A dream come true!" he said playfully, "Just another step forward on the path to becoming a comedian."

"I thought you applied to a pharmacy program for college though," a girl piped up.

"It's something my mom wants," Marlin explained, "Dad was a pharmacist, so I guess it's in memory of him…I'll go through with it, since it's kind of interesting, but I'm still aiming for the stage!"

As the group of students slowly dispersed, Marlin found his eyes drawn to one picture on the same page as his. He smiled gently as he read the caption.

Prettiest Eyes: Coral Wood.

"Got that right…" Marlin whispered as he stared at Coral's picture, noticing how the camera seemed to capture the sparkle in those gorgeous brown eyes and the shine of her chestnut brown hair perfectly.

Coral Wood had been Marlin's crush since high school began, but he had conversations with her a mere handful of times. Most of Marlin's interactions with the girl were whenever she happened to be nearby during one of his impromptu comedy performances.

It wasn't just her looks that captivated Marlin, despite what others believed. Coral was so kind to others, rarely saying a bad word to another, unless truly provoked. She always seemed to laugh whenever she heard one of his jokes, always had a bright smile to send his way.

Coral Wood was the girl of his dreams…And, after today, she would remain a dream if Marlin didn't do something.

"Okay, Fischer, you can do this! Deep breaths and go…C'mon, man, don't wimp out now."

Marlin muttered these reassurances under his breath as he tried to force his body to go outside, where Coral was talking with a couple of her friends.

"Damn…" Marlin mumbled, "I can make a fool out of myself in front of the whole school, but I can't say hi to one girl."

The redhead took one more deep breath before bursting out of the school and racing over to the brunette he had admired for so long.

"Coral!" he exclaimed as he came to sudden stop in front of the group of girls.

Coral startled at Marlin's sudden appearance, but that wonderful smile of hers came back to her face once she recognized him, sending Marlin's heart skipping.

"Hey there, Marlin," Coral greeted, "How are you?"

"Fine!" Marlin practically shouted out of nervousness, "Dandy! Fit as a fiddle! Tip top shape!"

Coral and the girls giggled at the boy, causing him to blush a bit.

"Say, Coral," Marlin started, "Um, you think we can talk? Alone?"

Coral's friends oohed and laughed at this, causing Coral to give them a laugh. She hugged them and said her farewells before walking off with Marlin to a nearby tree.

"So, what's up, Marlin?" she asked.

"Um, well…" Marlin said, the speech he had planned to say vanishing from his thoughts at that moment, "Y-you see, I…"

"Marlin Fischer, I've never seen you at a loss for words!" Coral said amusedly, "Is this a sign of the apocalypse?"

"If it is, the apocalypse has the worst timing in the world," Marlin replied, sending a mocking glare up at the sky.

Coral chuckled as she leaned against the tree, waiting for Marlin to say what he wanted to. Words evading him at the moment, Marlin did what he always did best.

He improvised.

"I don't think you signed my yearbook," he stated as he pulled the book out of his backpack, "I've got nearly everyone's John Hancock in here. Even Suzy Wright's, and you know she's hated me since the Cherry Soda Fiasco of 2000."

"…Oh…" Coral said somewhat disappointedly. She fished a pen out of her purse, "Well, hand it over then."

Marlin watched as Coral turned to a blank page and began writing her message. He rocked himself back and forth on his heels as his mind worked overtime figuring out his next move.

"And done!" Coral said, handing over the yearbook, "Well, if that was all, see you."

As Coral began to walk away, Marlin panicked. Now what was he going to do? He hadn't thought of anything! Why on earth was making jokes easier than talking normally with the girl he liked?

"Hang on!" Marlin yelled as he ran in front of Coral, "There's something else!"

"What's that?" Coral asked, a hand on her hip.

"…There's something on you lip."

Coral blinked in surprise before rubbing her hand against her mouth.

"Is it gone?"

"No, not yet," Marlin said, taking a step closer as Coral rubbed her mouth again.

"How about now?" she wondered, not realizing how close Marlin was.

"Here…Let me get it…"

Before Coral could say another word, Marlin pressed his lips against her. It was only for two, maybe three seconds, but it was long enough for Marlin to feel a jolt.

Marlin lifted his head and carefully observed Coral's reaction. Those lovely eyes of hers were wide in shock. She put a hand against her mouth and took a step back, her eyes never once leaving Marlin's.

"Damn…" Marlin hissed, "Sorry about that, Coral, I wasn't thinking-I mean, I didn't-That is…Oh, forget it!"

Marlin turned around and walked off briskly, muttering insults against himself all the while.


Marlin looked over his shoulder as Coral ran up to him. She held her hand out.

"Give me your yearbook again," she said.

Marlin raised an eyebrow in confusion but did as she asked. He watched as the brunette hastily scribbled something at the end of her previous message before handing over the book.

Marlin turned bright red when Coral grinned and winked at him before she ran off. Once she was out of sight, Marlin looked at what she had written for him.

Marlin. If anyone's going to fulfill their dream, it'll be you. I know you'll be one of the best comedians in the world. I won't be surprised if you rank up there with people like George Carlin one day. You are one of the funniest and sweetest guys I've ever known. Any girl would be lucky to be with you. Love, Coral.

Marlin let out a soft, unbelieving laugh as he looked at the postscript Coral had just added.

A phone number…Coral's phone number…With the words "Call me!" and a heart next to it!


Four years later, one cool autumn evening in the year 2006…


A now twenty-two year old Marlin wiped the sweat off his forehead as he gazed about the now finished room of his new house…A nursery, to be exact.

"It looks great, honey," a pregnant Coral Fischer said as she look at the adorable lavender and white color scheme of the room and the toys and cribs.

Marlin smiled at his wife and pressed a gentle kiss against her temple as the two walked into the living room of their home.

Marlin never expected to be so happy in his life. He married the girl he had adored since high school. She was pregnant with his children. They were able to get a lovely home in a great neighborhood in Bellerose, Queens for a price that fit the budget of a pharmacy school student and a teaching student.

And Marlin had managed to be booked for his first big gig as a comedian.

"Wow…" Marlin said when he parted the curtains and looked at the neighborhood.

"Mmm…" was Coral's response as she leaned her head against Marlin's shoulder.




"Yes, Marlin, I see it!" Coral chuckled, "It's beautiful."

"I know you wanted someplace close to the city but with a suburban feel," Marlin stated as he grinned at Coral, "Did your man deliver, or did he deliver?"

"My man delivered," Coral agreed, a hand on her protruding belly, "The neighborhood is awesome."

Marlin and Coral turned their gazes out the window to observe the neighborhood they now called home. The homes were of different sizes and shapes, some with plain colors and some with wild paint jobs. In one yard, a man was mowing his lawn, which was a rich green. In another yard, a group of kids were playing hide and seek.

It truly was an amazing neighborhood…Marlin looked at Coral's face, only to see an unsure expression instead of a content one.

"You do like it, don't you?" Marlin asked, feeling a bit troubled by his wife's look.

"Oh no, Marlin, I do!" Coral replied reassuringly, "I really like it, but…"

"But…?" Marlin echoed as Coral walked away from the window.

"Marlin, I know this area has fantastic schools and is so peaceful, but do we really need all this space?"

"Coral, honey," Marlin laughed, "These are our kids! They deserve the best! I mean, one day they'll wake up and poke their little heads out their window and see a train zooming past in the distance."

Coral smirked at Marlin's excitement. She let out a little gasp and looked down at her stomach.

"Feels like the kids are just as eager as you, Marlin," she said as she took Marlin's hand and placed it on her stomach so that he could feel the kids squirming around, "You know, we still haven't picked names."

"Good point. How about Marlin Jr. and Coral Jr.?" Marlin responded jokingly.

"What about the third one?" Coral asked in a similar tone.

"Never enough Marlins in the world."

Coral smacked her husband's arm playfully before a thoughtful look came across her face.

"…I like Nemo," she said.

"Nemo?" Marlin repeated, "Huh…Well, I guess we can name one Nemo, but I still prefer Marlin Jr."

"Just think!" Coral said giddily, "In a few weeks, we're going to be parents!"

"Yeah…" Marlin agreed with a smile before adding more seriously, "What if they don't like me?"

"Marlin," Coral started, exasperated over how many times they had this conversation, "They're triplets. One of them is bound to like you."

As Coral brushed a few locks of her hair away from her eyes, she noticed Marlin staring at her with a tender expression.

"What?" she asked, her cheeks warm at the gaze.

"Remember how we met?"

"Marlin…" she said with a grin.

"'You forgot to sign my yearbook'," Marlin said as he circled his arms around Coral and pressed their foreheads together.

Coral giggled as Marlin lowered his head to kiss her, only for the couple to be interrupted by a clock chiming that it was six.

"Better get going," Coral said, "Don't want to be late for your first big performance!"

Coral was confused when she saw that Marlin didn't look as excited as he had been a few hours earlier. Something was wrong and she wanted to know what.

"Maybe my mom was right," Marlin admitted after Coral asked, remembering his recently deceased mother, "I mean, I'm doing well in pharmacy school and I only have a couple more years until I graduate. Maybe I should let go of this comedian business and just focus on that?"

"Marlin Fischer," Coral said sternly, a hand on her hip, "For as long as I've known you, all you've talked about was becoming a comedian. You're studying pharmacy because of the pay, but your heart's in making people laugh."

"But comedy's not the most stable profession," Marlin countered, "And with three kids on the way-"

"Marlin, we'll discuss this later," Coral interrupted in a tone that left no room for argument, "Now go, before you're late."

"Yeah, that'll be some first impression," Marlin scoffed, "…You sure you don't want to come with me?"

"I would, honey, but I've been feeling a bit under the weather all day. I think it's best for me to stay home and rest."

"I could call someone over to watch you-"

"Hey, I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself."

"Alright," Marlin said, kissing his wife, "I'll see you in a couple hours."

And with that, Marlin head out the door for his true debut as a comedian.

Coral looked up at the clock in the bedroom. Marlin's gig would have ended by now, meaning he was on his way.

She groaned as she tried to make herself more comfortable on the bed. She was starting to feel worse, and she didn't know why. All she knew was that there was a pain in her stomach. It had been dull at first but it was growing steadily stronger as time passed.

"I should call the doctor," Coral moaned as another sudden wave of pain hit her.

The second Coral picked up the phone from the receiver, the wave of pain morphed into an explosion. She screamed at the top of her lungs in agony, clutching her stomach with her free arm.

Shakily, Coral dialed 911 and put the phone to her ear as she let out under earsplitting scream.

"911, what is your emergency?" a dispatcher asked.

"Am…am…" Coral tried to speak but her pain was making it difficult to concentrate.



Marlin drove home in the highest of spirits, his comedy gig having gone better than expected. He couldn't keep the grin off his face as he remembered how hard everyone was laughing, even after the performance was over.

He had wanted to tell Coral all about it, but when he phoned home after the performance, no one picked up. Marlin figured Coral must've gone to sleep early.

As he turned the car into his neighborhood, his cellphone started ringing. Marlin glanced at it and saw an unfamiliar number.

Part of him wanted to just let it go to voicemail. The other part made him pull to the side of the road and answer the phone.


"Is this Marlin Fischer?" an unfamiliar, solemn voice asked.

"Yes…" Marlin replied cautiously.

"Husband of Coral Fischer?"

"Yes," Marlin said a little quickly, a feeling of dread building up inside him, "What's wrong?"

An uneasy silence…And then an answer…

Marlin sat silently in his chair, his gaze fixed at the ground and his breath coming out shakily. He had been waiting for a few hours for some news, for Coral to come out of the hospital's emergency room.

His head snapped up at the sound of a door opening and closing. The doctor was approaching him, quietly removing his mask, his face betraying no emotion.

"Well?" Marlin said as he got to his feet, his voice not hiding his desperation.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fischer," the doctor said, "We did everything we could, but we couldn't save your wife. Neither could we save two of your children."

Marlin's thoughts ceased and his legs collapsed on him. He fell to the ground, barely aware of the tears spilling down his cheeks.

His love was gone. His children were gone. The home that was supposed to be theirs…Coral's voice, her laughter, her eyes…He would never see them again…


"You said two…" Marlin said in a choked voice, "We were expecting triplets…"

"I was just about to tell you," the doctor said, helping Marlin to his feet, "Come along."

The doctor brought Marlin to the nursery, which was filled with the wails of several newborns. Marlin closed his eyes, flinching at the cries.

"We almost lost him, but this little guy proved tougher than we thought."

Marlin opened his eyes and looked down at the small blue bundle in a nurse's arms. He stepped closer to this bundle, daring not to believe.

It was a small boy, his eyes firmly shut and his cheeks a bright pink. He was wailing like there was no tomorrow as the nurse carefully handed him over to Marlin.

Marlin couldn't help but let out a couple of sobs himself. He only just registered the doctor stating that the little baby's right hand wasn't fully developed, that he would face some difficulty in later life.

"Ssh…" Marlin said soothingly as he gently rocked his crying son, the tears on his own face stopping, "There, there. It's okay, Daddy's here…Daddy's got you…I promise, I will never let anything happen to you."

As if the baby heard his father's words, the wails turned to whimpers, soon fading as he went to sleep.

"I promise…Nemo."

Damn…Now I'm depressed. I had the movie version of this scene playing at the same time as I was writing it so that I could get dialogue and the mood right. Hopefully I was able to do this scene well enough.

Yes, I did something interesting in that I actually started by showing the scene where Marlin and Coral's relationship started. I feel as though it makes the chapter a little more tragic this way.

And yes, I made Marlin into the class clown type when he was younger. I don't know, I guess that's how he would be like if he was human, at least before all this happened to him.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please stay tuned for more! Read and review please!