The Quill's Note Book

Greetings my faithful readers!

Now, before we begin, I should point out that none of these are part of a bigger story. They may become part of one of my current ones at some point, but they were not written with the intent to be a part of them. These are just some of the fragments of stories my mind produces. I may be sitting watching tv, or playing on my xbox, doing my university work, or reading some fanfiction when an idea 'pops' into my head. I then rush to the computer and jot it down.

I have decided, since my mind hasn't been very productive of late, that I would post some of these stories. I have been meaning to do it for a while, but I have been quite busy! So, that's what these stories are - small segments which I haven't made into a bigger story.

I hope you enjoy reading them! All they've been doing is taking up space and gathering dust!

I give you my first segment: Dictatorship!

Chapter One: Dictatorship

It was a delightfully overcast day, considering what was about to happen in the next few minutes. The sky was a mixture of black grey, which swirled as the wind made its presence known, whistling across the small, wooden buildings, and urging a small shop sign to swing in the breeze, with a metallic squeak.

A large crowd of people gathered in the cold, damp cobbled streets of Diagon Alley to witness something which hadn't been seen in the magical world for over two hundred years…a hanging.

The dark brown wooden gallows creaked ominously as if it objected to what was about to come. The people knew who was going to die…and they hated it. As if sensing the mood of the gathering, rain began to fall from the clouds, making them even more cold and miserable.

The man who was going to die was a hero in the majority of the public's eyes; someone who had never stopped fighting for them even in the most dire of times. However, his work was soon to come to an abrupt end at the bottom of a short rope.

In the street around them, stood over a hundred members of the Ministry's private army; the Special Auror division. Dressed all in black combat gear, inspired by the muggle special forces, each one of them was a grizzled killer…fiercely loyal to the government.

Ever since the fall of He Who Must Not Be Named, the magical government, the Ministry of Magic, had been turned into a dictatorship, ruled by the Council of Five. Since the government had fallen during the Second Blood War, it had to be completely reorganised.

Originally, the council had been given control in order to 'stabilise the country'. The council would basically rule over Magical Britain until the crisis had been resolved. The people thought they had their best interests at heart.

At first, no one complained; the council had gotten the job done and the country was quickly back on its feet. But soon, they began making subtle changes to British magical policy until finally, they permanently seized control of the government. The Wizengamot was disbanded and the SA appeared on the streets.

Now, the land was in a perpetual state of martial law, under a tyrannical dictatorship which oppressed everyone, especially the "half-breeds" and "mudbloods". There were curfews which required everyone to be indoors by nine; there was a ration on products, despite there not being any shortages; and any crime, no matter how minor, meant you were sent to Azkaban to await trial.

The government that was created to help repair the damage caused by Voldemort's tyranny, had become as bad, if not worse as its predecessor.

The heads of the people gathered shot up as they saw a flash of blue light, further down the street. As they watched, a team of twelve SAs marched to the gallows, a man walking in-between them. Reaching the frame, ten of them splintered off, the other two staying with the prisoner, who the people could finally see clearly.

A tall man, with raven black hair and emerald green eyes stood on the platform, a look of fierce determination etched on his face. His body was held up high and confident, despite the large number of bruises and cuts on his face, apparently from his captors. He wore a set of smart black robes, with a matching shirt and a pair of black oxfords. He had a magical suppression bracelet on his ankle and had his hands tied behind his back.

While they were watching their hero, who stood defiantly awaiting his end, a small, sinister, reedy looking man stepped up to the platform, held out a scroll and touched his throat with his wand, casting a sonorous.

"Attention All; under the ruling of our great leaders, the wizard known as Harry James Potter, for the crimes of treason, murder, attempted murder, theft, and assault, has been sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead." He boomed.

The two SAs dragged him to stand by the noose, over a trapdoor. As they held him tight, the small man walked over and sneered at him.

"Do you have any last words, Potter?" The man spat. The wizard's eyes flicked open and he nodded. Casting the same spell on his throat, he smiled at the people's sad, distraught and horrified faces.

"Do not fear. I do not represent the end, but the beginning. This is the day our campaign will truly begin. One day, we will be victorious. I am saddened that I will not live to see it, but I know that day will come." He said passionately.

The people listened, tears running down their cheeks, proud smiles on their faces. As he finished, they all shared his determined expression. The wizard smiled. The fight would not end with him. With a final grin, he yelled loudly, his voice echoing down the street.

"FREEDOM!" He cried.

The people cheered and shouted as his head was covered with a black sack and the noose placed around his neck. The crowd fell deathly quiet as the small, reedy wizard walked over to a lever at one side of the platform and gripped it tightly.

There was a pause. Just as the executioner was about to pull the switch, a green flash burst from the crowd and struck him in the chest. His eyes open in shock, he fell off the scaffold and hit the cobbles, dead.

The street erupted into chaos. A group of witches and wizards, who had been hidden amongst the crowd, threw off their cloaks and began casting at the SA, who responded with equal vigour. The majority of the crowd scattered, although there were some who stayed to fight.

Two of the fighters climbed up onto the platform and pulled the noose and bag from around the wizard's neck. He scrunched up his eyes, momentarily blinded by daylight, before shaking his head and grinning at his rescuers.

"Hermione, I thought I said not to rescue me?" He said with a look of mock disapproval, to which she pouted before scoffing.

"Did you really think we would just let them execute you?" She asked incredulously. He laughed and shook his head.

"Nah, I knew you'd come for me!" He replied with a wink. With a flick of her wand, the bracelet on his ankle disintegrated with a hiss. She offered him his wand, which he took gratefully, before turning to face the ensuing battle.

"Should we continue to fight or evacuate, Harry?" She asked throwing some spells at the SA soldiers. His face became serious.

"Well, your objective had been completed and SA reinforcements will be here soon, so I think we should get the hell out of here and re-group." He answered, his voice like that of a general commanding his troops.

She nodded and pressed her wand to a tattoo of a phoenix on the inside of her arm. The fighters, feeling their tattoos signal a retreat, pressed a medallion around their necks and vanished with a quiet 'pop'.

Just before he and Hermione too retreated, he pointed his wand at the sky and grinned manically. Without saying an incantation, a bright gold light shot into the grey sky and punched through the clouds. With a trill of bird song, the spell scattered the haze, revealing a bright blue sky and an emblem.

A bright red phoenix, flying in front of a sun rise.

With that, they vanished. The street was left deserted, bar the shocked SA soldiers, who began gathering up their wounded comrades and securing the area. The people, who had scattered as the fighting began, felt a warm feeling deep in their hearts.

Harry Potter was still alive.

There we are! I was actually reading about various communist states for my university course when I thought of this. I do like this chapter and one day it might become a fully fledged story, but not today and not for a while. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! Please, feel free to read on!

This is the Quill, signing off!