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Hello my faithful readers!

This page of my infamous notebook has one of the first attempts I made to expand into writing Doctor Who crossovers! I recently told a reader/reviewer who had been asking me questions about my stories (Gryffindor PairingMatters) that I had planned to expand into writing Sci Fi fanfictions and crossovers with Harry Potter, so I decided to give them an example!

I hope you enjoy this story so far (there was more, but I cut it from this copy because it was unfinished and would make no sense)!

Without further ado, I give you...The Watch!

Chapter One: The Watch

As they hid in one of the ministry's many rooms, discussing their plan of action, Harry felt an odd tingling in his chest...a warmth which seemed to reverberate throughout his entire body.

Curiously, pulling the chain from beneath his shirt, he looked transfixed at the gold fob watch attached to it.

Harry had owned this watch for as long as he could remember. It had been at his side since the very beginning, visible to no one but him, unless he wanted them to see it. An old, battered time piece, he could never remember ever having opened it before. The lid was stuck, and had been for a very long time.

However, today, something had seemed as though the watch...had come to life!

As he held it, he could feel it pulsing softly, to a beat of four, akin to something like an alien heartbeat.

...thump thump thump thump, thump thump thump thump, thump thump thump thump...

Ignoring his surroundings, he ran a thumb across the circular ring carvings on its surface. The circles and patterns seemed to move before his eyes and glowed with a power which called to him...singing in his very blood.

As he listened, he was certain he could hear something…whispers, human whispers, coming from the watch.

His eyes were drawn to a catch on the side of the timepiece, one which he had never noticed before. His mind was empty except for the desperate need to open the watch, to release the power inside, to become...whole again. He didn't understand why, but he needed to open it. However, before his thumb could unlock the watch, a distant female voice echoed in his subconscious.

"…find a way out of here. Right Harry? Harry?" With a jerk, he snapped back to his surroundings, realising that they were all staring at him.

"Er, yes, what?" He replied, unsurely, not having heard what they were saying. Hermione stared at him with a hint of…anxiety?

"Harry, are you ok?" He shook his head and smiled, putting the watch back beneath his shirt, which pulsed warmly against his skin.

"Yes. I was just…distracted." Hermione noticed that he had been transfixed with the watch, but didn't call him on it.

"Alright," she jumped back onto her train of thought, "well, I was saying that we need to find a way past the death eaters and find a way out of here." He nodded in agreement.

"Er, yeah…I mean, yes." He answered, his voice betraying his distraction.

As Ron, Neville, Luna and Ginny began to head out of the room; the whispers from the watch grew louder, invading his mind. Harry held a hand to his head and grimaced. 'The whispering…' he thought; his head foggy and confused '…it sounds like its…calling me...' he tried to call on what Occlumency skills he had to try and control his mind '…why won't it stop?!' It grew louder in his mind, rising in pitch, until he felt a hand on his arm.

"Harry!" His eyes shot open and he found Hermione looking at him worriedly. "What's wrong, Harry? Why are you grimacing?" She asked softly.

"It's…my head," he forced out through gritted teeth, "all I can hear is this…incessant whispering...and a beat...a beat of four..." he began to tap his fingers on his leg, following a regimented rhythm...a beat of four " won't stop, Hermione...why won't it stop?" It started to get louder again, but as it did, he was once more snapped back by Hermione.

"Harry," he bowed his head in pain, so she turned it toward her face, "look at me Harry." He looked at her. "Focus on me. Focus on my voice. It's probably Voldemort trying to get in your head, Harry. Focus on me, focus on my voice...focus on me, and only me." His breathing became steadier and his expression softened. "Is that any better?" She asked. He smiled.

"Yeah…yeah, that's a lot better." She smiled. "Thank you Hermione." She blushed and nodded, before pulling his arm.

"Don't mention it. Now, come on! We need to get out of here!" He nodded determinedly.

For the next half an hour, they fought a running battle in the department of mysteries, searching for the way back to the main atrium. It seemed like at every turn there were minions of Voldemort waiting for them. Chased by a dozen death eaters, maybe more, they soon, inevitably, ended up trapped in the middle of a corridor with only two exits.

"Damn, they're coming both ways Hermione." Neville reported. "There's no way we're getting past them." She bit her lip in thought.

Harry meanwhile, trying to keep his mind busy and off the voice, also began looking for a way they could avoid their assailants. Rather quickly, he noticed that there was a door very near their position.

"Hermione, look," She and the other students looked at the door, "we can hide in there for the time being. We can wait until they pass us and then make our escape." Seeing no other option, she readily agreed.

"Alright then, let's get in there." She replied.

With the footsteps approaching, they all scrambled into the room and sealed the entrance behind them. Casting a few silencing spells, notice-me-not charms, they hoped that they would continue past, thinking that they'd missed them. However, in case the death eaters tried to get into the room, they positioned themselves in a defensive ring around the door.

As they waited, the whispering began in Harry's mind once more. However, this time it felt oddly reassuring…relaxing…soothing. It was like a lullaby from a caring parent, gently calming his fears and anxiety. Reaching his hand back into his shirt, he pulled the watch out again, feeling as it pulsed like never before.

It was then he felt something behind him…something…familiar. Turning around, he faced the interior of the room, staring at what stood there.

In a column of light, illuminating the pitch black room, stood a navy blue police box. The light bounced perfectly from its blue, polished wooden finish, the lamp on top sparkling like a gem. As he stared, he could feel it calling out to him, singing in his very blood. The beat of four grew louder and louder, sounding like the beating of a thousand drums.

The watch wanted him to walk towards it... the watch wanted him to go inside…

Harry began walking toward it, mesmerised by it, following the gentle whispers which pushed him on. He could feel the gentle embrace of the box and the watch wash over him, gently pushing him forward, reassuring him and calming him.

The box felt safe...

The box felt like...home

Turning around, Hermione noticed that Harry had moved. Until this point, she had not seen the box, but now, there it was, standing in a large column of light in the centre of the room. But more importantly, Harry was walking toward it, seemingly in a trance. With wide eyes, she yelled at him.

"No, Harry; don't!" She cried.

However, she was too late. The doors of the box opened and admitted the hypnotised wizard, before closing behind him with a wooden thud. She ran over to it, banging on the door, until she realised it was locked.

"Alohomora." She cast, before rattling the door once more. It remained, unopened. Hearing her frantic efforts, Neville turned around, his eyes widening at the sight of the box.

"Hermione, what's going on? What is that? Where's Harry?" Neville asked, he too noticing for the first time the blue box. Ignoring Neville for the moment, she thumped aggressively on the door.

"HARRY!" Bang, bang, bang. "HARRY!" She cried.

While she stood there, trying to make her way to Harry, a sound like a distant drum roll echoed, while the box began to make a harsh wheezing sound, the light on top of it flashing in time with the noises.

It was then, to her horror that the box began to disappear, right before her eyes. Grabbing onto the sides, she futilely tried to hold the box in place. As it faded away into nothingness, her hands fell through and she stood in shock.

He was gone.

While she tried to get her head around what had happened, the sealed door began to rattle and shake. After they had entered, she had reinforced it to be extremely strong, but even that wouldn't hold up to repeated punishment.

"Hermione, they're going to break through! What do we do?" She opened and closed her mouth wordlessly. "What do we do, Hermione?!" A tear trickled down her face.

"I don't know." She whispered.

Drawing her wand, she re-joined the circle of defence around the doorway and waited for the inevitable death eater incursion. Her hand shook in fear. There was no way they could hold up against all of them. Their only advantage so far had been mobility. Now they were trapped, with nowhere left to go.

"'Ere, that's them; they're in here!" She felt a pang in her heart. They were doomed. She closed her eyes and began muttering under her breath.

"Harry…please come back…please…we need you…I need you." She murmured.

As the door began to splinter and crack, a familiar sound filled up the chamber once more, filling Hermione's heart with hope. Spinning around, she saw the blue box fade back into view with the tired wheezy noise and invisible wind, before settling.

"Somethin's goin' on…hurry up and get this door open!" One death eater shouted.

Uncaring about the imminent danger outside the door, her eyes remained transfixed on the blue box, just like Harry's had, only not for the same reasons. Just then, as the entrance to the room was about to collapse, the doors to the blue box opened.

She squinted slightly as the light from inside the box was blinding. But there he stood; his silhouette standing in front of the glow from the box. There stood Harry Potter. Shielding her eyes, she saw him hold out a hand to her, his visage like that of a God.

"Come with me." He said firmly.

Shakily holding out her own hand, she took his calloused fingers in hers and allowed herself to be led inside. Seeing a way out, Ron, Neville, Ginny and Luna all hurried into the blue box, just as the door collapsed.

The death eaters poured in, wands drawn, only to see the fading sight of an unusual blue box, disappearing from the chamber.

And there we are! I hope you enjoyed my HP/DW crossover! Please continue to read and review, because if you do, I will be inspired to write faster and write more! It's like magic!

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