The large, two story Victorian house towered over the street below menacingly. If one were to dare a closer look, they may see a figure in one of the bedroom windows upstairs.

Everybody who was anybody knew at the very least a fraction of the legendary murder houses dreadful history. Over the years, several people have claimed ownership to the rather impressive home.

And yet time after time, the house would return to the housing market. The lucky ones would become frightened and abandon their home before things turned truely horrifying.

However, for those who couldn't, or refused, to leave...a fate worse then death awaited in the dark contours of every shadow. Lurking, waiting like the predatory beings they were, waiting to strike.

Those unfortunate enough to perish in this legendary house, fall prey to those waiting. For you see, for every unfortunate soul to become swept up in the madness of the murder house...will never leave.

Some trapped within these gates embrace the madness for what it truely is and use it as a tool to lure. Others deny it exists and will be lost in almost endless confussion until they accept.

When faced with this madness, which is worse, predator...or prey? Those lost souls have their sides, and anyone who claims ownership of that legendary Victorian house will have to chose their own.

For the house is truely an entity all on it's own.

Charles and Nora Montgomery. A doctor already treading on the verge of drug induced madness and his greedy, murderous wife. Forever they will be lost in grief and hatred.

They are only two of the lost souls of this house.

But perhaps the most angry soul is one of the youngest. Tate Langton. Chosing to both embrace and yet deny the madness that dwells. He has brought four souls into this house.

One of which was his loves own mother. Whom he raped and she died during the birth of his damned child. One born half human, half spirit. Said to bring forth the end of days.

Tate has caused much more harm then he ever did good in his short life. Upon discovering of said misdeeds, his one love, Violet Harmon, shunned him from her existence.

Since her tragic and accidental death, he has pushed himself to try and move on. Forever is a very long time for grief after all.

Now as seventeen year old Olivia stares at her new home, she huffs at the thought of having to start anew. She and her sister had recently inherited the house from a distant relative who had suffered a stroke just outside the gates.

Unlike most of the houses residents, he had refused to accept that anything was wrong and refused to sell. As a result, the nurses felt the need to intervene...

Upon reaching the front door, her sister unlocks the door and pockets the key. As she turns the handle, she turns to Olivia with a smile.

"This is it."