Olivia woke the next morning to the enticing aroma of cinnamon waffles, her favorite. Smiling as she basked in the familiar scent she wandered out of her room and downstairs into the kitchen to find her sister eating at the island.

"Waffles? Since when...?"

Mandy opens her mouth to answer but is interrupted as an elderly red headed woman in a maid uniform walks into the kitchen. The woman smiles slightly at Olivia who cocks her brow in confusion.

"You must be Olivia. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Um...no offense but who are you?"

"I'm Moira, the housekeeper. I've been tending to this house for some time now. I was employed by a few of the former owners..."

Mandy points her fork at Olivia. "She surprised me to but...she is amazing...one bite and now we won't starve!"

Olivia scratches the back of her head, glancing nervously between Moira and Mandy. "Okay I guess...we haven't had decent food since mom..." Olivia looks down for a moment before walking over and taking the seat beside Mandy. Moira sets a plate in front of her and Olivia relaxes. She takes a cautious bite and closes her eyes as she savors the long missed taste.

"This...is the greatest meal I've had in years...you're right. Thank you Moira."

"It's no trouble, this house is the only thing that keeps me sane some days...how was your night?"

Mandy shakes her head and bites her lip before smiling nervously.

"Everything was fine until I...heard some things. So I went out for a few hours and when I cleared my head I slept like a rock...more or less, I had this weird dream."

Olivia looks at her with curiousity as Moira proceeds to begin cleaning up the waffle iron.

"Huh. What about?"

"There was this woman...she was messed up...her mouth was cut open and she was cut in half...right in the middle. Weird dream..."

Olivia let's out a small giggle before stabbing the last bite on Mandys plate with her fork and answering. "See, that's why you shouldn't watch dark Knight before bed."

Mandy shrugs before playfully shoving Olivia in the arm as she finishes up her waffles. "Since when does that stuff give me nightmares? Hell, I have a crush on batman begins scarecrow."

Moira gathers the empty plates and walks over to the sink.

"Maybe it's the house or something...it is haunted after all." Olivia teases.

Moira turns around to face them with a serious look on her face. "It isn't something to joke around about. Every previous owner has either claimed ghosts or madness, including your uncle."

Olivia and Mandy look at each other with slight concern before Mandy speaks up. "Can you tell us about our uncle? We honestly didn't even know we had one until he died."

"He was a good man. Granted he was a pig like the others but a kind man none the less. He started seeing things after the first week, but he was just too stubborn and refused to sell. He insisted that nothing was wrong as he led one girl after another upstairs every night. But personally I think he was becoming paranoid and chose not to sleep alone as well. Eventually he left this realm and is hopefully in a better place."


Olivia anxiously paces around her bedroom as she awaits her visitor. Stopping to check her phone yet again for the time, she frowns at screen hoping that time would pass more quickly. When she's ready to give up, there's a faint tapping coming from her window. She smiles in relief as she dashes to the window and pulls it open, allowing Tate to enter. He climbs into her room and walks over to her.



Olivia smiles. "How was your day?"

"As good as any other, yours?"

"Okay. Mandy hired a maid."

"That's cool..."

"Where do you go to school?"

"I don't"


"Quit. It's a waste anyway. Sorry."

"For what?"

"I'm not going to be there to distract you from all the..."

There's a loud knock at her door and Olivia gets wide eyed in panic.

"Crap! Go and hi..."

She turns to find Tate gone just in time as her door opens to reveal one very tired Mandy.

"So are you up this late for a reason or is the ghost theory correct?"

"Couldn't sleep. I'll go back to bed in a minute."

"Okay but I don't want you complaining when I wake you at six."


"Tom...I mean today is Monday. It's your first day so try and get some rest."

"Okay. Night."

"Night." Mandy closes the door and Olivia walks over to it to listen to the padding of footsteps going down the hall.

"Okay Tate, you can come o..." Olivia says as she turns around but jumps slightly in surprise to find Tate sitting patiently on the end of her bed.

"That was close."

Olivia approaches him cautiously. "Yeah...where were you anyway?"


"But I didn't see..."

"You were just surprised. I slipped in and you just didn't pay attention."