Sometimes Jamie seriously regretted sticking with the same group of friends his whole life. Come winter break at all their respective colleges Claude, Caleb, Monty, Pippa, and Cupcake were all back home in Burgess and, more often than not, crowded into Jamie's house.

Which was all well and good, until one of them started hitting on his sister.

If Jamie gripped his mug of cider any harder it would shatter in his hand. He glared daggers at the back of Claude's head, who was leaning against the kitchen counter chatting amiably with Sophie. She seemed like she was actually enjoying it, and that was perhaps the more infuriating thing about this situation.

Pippa glanced from Jamie's narrowed eyes to the kitchen, then let out a soft "Oh" of understanding.

"Jamie," she said, "it's probably nothing."

He replied through clenched teeth, "You can't just saunter up to a girl and randomly start talking to her while she's just sitting there reading. He definitely has an ulterior motive."

This bitter, overprotective part of Jamie was not a side that showed itself often. The only time Pippa has ever seen it was when Sophie was getting picked on in middle school, and he'd put a stop to that fast. That situation she could understand, but her friend was treading a fine line between being well-meaning and just plain overbearing.

"Sophie's eighteen," she reminded him. "She's a big girl and if she wants to go out with someone she can, with or without your approval."

"But Claude's twenty-two! That's a big age difference!"

"Only four years. That's not so bad."

"You say that because your girlfriend's older than you."

"I say it because age doesn't matter as long as both parties are legal and consenting."

Jamie's jaw dropped and he spun to face her with horror written on his face. "Consenting to what?!"

"Consenting to whatever! Dating!" Pippa threw her arms in the air. "Christ, you're all over the place. What I'm really saying is that you shouldn't hover over Sophie so much. She's old enough to decide who she wants to go out with. That's assuming she even wants to go out with Claude at all."

With a shudder, Jamie took a long drink of his cider before replying. "Still, though. It's Claude. He's known her since she was three! Longer, even!"

"Calm down."

"I'm just saying it would be weird."

Pippa shrugged. "Sophie's grown up beautifully–"

"Oh god please don't talk like that, I don't think I can handle two of my friends being attracted to my sister."

"–so you kind of have to expect that people would hit on her occasionally. But, like I said, you don't even know what they're talking about or even if Sophie would even be interested in him at all. I'll even bet she'll see things the same way you do."

Exhaling deeply, Jamie ran his hands through his hair. "You're right. I'm being stupid. Nothing's going to happen."

All that reassurance flew out the window when Sophie came into the living room and announced she and Claude were going on a movie date the next day.

Jamie, using the legitimate excuse that he needed a new mug because he'd snapped the handle off his when he heard, escaped to the kitchen as Claude was leaving. He closed the door behind him, carefully set his mug down, and rushed to the window to throw it open. Snow was swirling down outside, letting Jamie know for sure that a certain someone was flying around in the darkness.

He stuck his head out the window and called, "Jack, get down here! I need you to help me crash a date!"


In which Jamie becomes Rin Matsuoka, hehe.

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