"You know I've never actually been inside a move theatre?" Jack said casually, looking around while he and Jamie stood in line for tickets. Well, Jamie stood. Jack hovered a foot or so over everyone's heads.

"We're not here to actually watch a movie," Jamie reminded him, speaking just loudly enough for Jack to hear him and nobody else. "We're here to make sure Claude keeps his dirty paws off my sister."

The line moved forward and Jamie bought his ticket, almost buying two before realizing that would be strange. The two of them then headed towards the XD theatre advertising POMPEII with huge posters. Sophie and Claude were already inside.

"Pippa was onto something when she said you might be overreacting," Jack opined.

Jamie sighed. "I am not. I'm a big brother who has the right to be concerned about my sister going on dates with older men. Wouldn't you be worried about your sister doing that?"

"Well for starters, my sister was ten the last time I saw her. Secondly, it was the early 1700s, so it's not like that sort of thing was unusual. Basically, no." Jack paused for a moment. "Also I have and had complete faith in Rosie's life decisions."

"Even though you're older?"

"God, yes. I was an idiot. Every decision I made was like walking on thin ice."

Jamie cringed. "You could have phrased that better."

"...Yeah, probably."

The two shook off that awkward moment, Jamie deciding to ignore everything Jack just said, and headed into the theatre. The lights had already dimmed and the previews were playing, making it easy for Jamie to look and not be seen. He spotted Sophie and Claude sitting together smack in the middle and chose a seat a few rows above them. Jack settled cross-legged into the seat next to him with his staff across his knees, not even paying attention to Sophie and her scandalous date the way Jamie was. His eyes were wide and fixed unmovingly on the screen, and Jamie wondered if he'd made a mistake bringing along someone born in the seventeenth century.

While the winter spirit was completely focused on the previews and then the movie itself, Jamie's eyes never left the couple two rows down. He faked a loud coughing fit when Claude did the classic stretching maneuver to lay his arm across Sophie's shoulders, and wished he'd sat a little closer so he could 'accidentally' dump a bucket of popcorn over his friend's head if need be.

It was near the end of the movie, amid the sound of screaming civilians and falling ash and explosions, that it happened.

Sophie leaned into Claude's shoulder, looked up at him, and he brought his mouth down to meet hers.

Jamie grabbed Jack's staff and rammed Claude in the back of the head with it.

"What the?!" Claude exclaimed, whirling around. But Jamie had already discarded the staff (Jack caught it easily without so much as a glance) and stormed out of the theatre.

Sophie followed him out with fire in her eyes. Torn between the drama on the screen and the drama sure to go on outside, Jack sighed heavily and went after them.

"What the hell are you doing?" the blonde snapped at her brother once they were outside. "Oh, hi Jack."

"Hey Soph."

"Did you get dragged along?"

"Yup. Good movie though."

"Glad you liked it. Excuse me for a moment."

Sophie rounded on Jamie now, who looked cowed by her even though he stood over a head taller.

"I can...explain?" he said weakly.

She crossed her arms. "You'd better get started then."

Jamie clearly hadn't planned for the scenario in which he got caught. He spluttered, "I-I just... I was trying to watch out for you!"

"I don't need you to watch out for me!" she replied hotly. "I'm eighteen! I'm an adult and if I want to go on a harmless date with someone-"

"He was feeling you up all over! And he's too old anyway!"

"Too old?!" Sophie shrieked. "Four years is too old?!"

"It is with him."

Sophie's eyes flashed. "What if I was dating him?" she said, pointing at Jack, who looked alarmed at being drawn in. "He's technically seventeen, is that good enough for you?"

A few passerby stopped and looked curiously at the strange shouting girl gesticulating at empty air.

"I think we're going a bit crazy here," Jack said. "Calm down, guys..."

He was ignored. The two continued arguing, their voices getting louder and their movements more erratic. Jack scowled, and brought his staff down between the two, sending a blast of cold air and forcing them apart.

"Listen!" he snapped. "You need to stop arguing and think about things!"

"But, but she-" Jamie began hotly, but was silenced by the winter spirit's icy glare. Both stared at him with wide eyes; Jack so rarely lost his temper.

"You," Jack pointed to his friend, "need to accept that Sophie's not a little kid anymore. You can't always be around to take care of her, and she doesn't always need it. She's a big girl. She's as tall as you. She can date any guy she wants within reason. Sucks for you, but Claude is actually within reason. He's never given you any reason to distrust him and this is not the time to start. Okay?"

Jamie looked down at his feet.

"And you!" Jack turned to Sophie. "Your big brother worries about you, because you're his only baby sister and he loves you. You love him too. You need to sit and listen to his concerns and talk things out with him. And while you may not need to watch out for Claude, you do need to keep a wary eye on certain guys who hit on you. Sometimes your brother's concerns aren't unfounded. Understand."

Sophie nodded.

"Good. Now the two of you are some of the best siblings I've ever seen in my whole damn life. You can watch out for each other, but you also need to listen to each other and not argue. You're grownups. Now apologize."

"Sorry for not trusting you," Jamie mumbled to Sophie.

"Sorry for flipping my shit," she replied.

"Me too."

"We good?"


"Hug," Jack ordered.

They did, and it was a bit awkward, but heartfelt all the same.

I'm so glad they still listen to me, Jack said to himself. They really aren't kids anymore.

The thought made him feel strangely lonely.


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