New Life amongst the Dead
Story Start

Naruto ran passed a crowd of zombies. The sound of his heartbeat was stifled by the cries and growls of the undead. Readying his katana Naruto made the first strike, severing the head of a zombie from its body. Contrary to what many movies or anime showed, there was no shower of blood spurting from the neck. Though, if there was a hint of blood Naruto had been moving too quickly to take notice.

With a spin his blade found the neck of another zombie. This time it was an older person, woman, dark hair who was now a headless torso. Another zombie had showed up, a young man dressed up in overalls and he too was dead. The neck was one of the most vulnerable places on the human body, making it a better target for blade users like himself over a headshot for gun users.

Two zombies came running for him and Naruto and the blond readied himself. When one got close enough Naruto maneuver to the side and tripped it. He then dropped the edge of his blade through the head of another one and quickly yanked it out as the creature soon dropped dead on the ground, grey matter spilling onto the streets.
Naruto took up pace again as he continued down the road. If he moved fast enough he could explore a good part of the town and be back by morning without a problem. He soon reached the town and began ransacking the homes. Unfortunately in a small town like this, a lifestyle of weekly shopping was more of the norm instead of the monthly trips of citygoers who could stock their fridges in bulk or brands. Naruto began shifting around the fridge. "Spoiled." He pushed the carton of milk to the side. 'Eggs?' No, they wouldn't likely make the trip if he had to fight his way back and he didn't want to end up covered in eggs. From one home he procured a loaf of bread, some cinnamon, and olives. It wasn't much but it was a start.

He went to another house and began searching. He had found some matches, tape, tools, and towels. In a zombie apocalypse most people would just grab weapons and foods. Only the nutcases and small percentage of panicked survivors would have the rationality to think about little things like this. Bandages, towels, even wired hangers could be useful in the right hands. He continued his search, looking for any bags or packs. Each time he filled a bag or something he would put them in a spot where he could quickly pig them up and flee instead of lugging around the weight.

Naruto decided that it would be better to head further in and work his way out. In a sense it would give him a chance to survey all the other places to raid and he could plan the escape routes ahead of time. As Naruto continue his trek he came across the form of a zombified child trapped by debris. Naruto could feel his heart ache as the creature feeble scraped at the ground, trying to drag herself free. It was heart breaking to say the least; she couldn't be any older than five.

Naruto said a quick pray for the child and then put her out of her misery. The whited out gaze she gave him as he looked up would be an image that would hunt his nightmares. The way she seemed to stop, as if accepting nonexistence was coming almost made him stop, but he knew he couldn't. To be trapped in your own mind, in the body of a monster; he had no way of knowing or relating besides Kurama's story of the attacks he had done on Konoha by the Uchiha's bequest because of that damn Mangekyou Sharingan.

Naruto continued until a chorus of hollowed moans drew his attention. As he went closer to the military base the wails and hisses of the creatures intensified. For this many to have gathered in droves it mad to mean someone was alive. Anytime there was a crowd of more than twenty zombies, either they were migrating or there was living nearby to which zombies had found them by hearing them or smelling them.

Thank the heavens zombies couldn't have babies. Not only would that be extremely messed up, yeah, he didn't want to think about it anymore. He peered down the runway using a flashlight where the dead seemed to swarm a building. Naruto was hoping maybe there were some grenades or something he could find? He then shook his head and chuckled.

Though for that person to be hold up in there either they were cornered and scared into there or they were holding up in there for safety meaning food and a pretty good chance that they would have weapons as well seeing as this was a military base. Naruto had considered briefly just killing all of the zombies, but with a lack of a long range weapon he quickly decided against it. Taking time to count them, there were easily about a hundred of them. He would need a distraction he thought as he looked around. He then went over to one of the vehicles and began trying to pick the lock with the edge of his blade. Thankfully the anti-theft alarm of the think began blaring loudly. This drew the attention of more than half the crowd, but it still left more than Naruto wanted to deal with.

He began searching around the building until he found a way he could maneuver his way inside. A ventilation shaft would be the perfect way to get in. Hopefully it wasn't worn out, but there was a pretty good chance he be prepared for the scenario it would burst, especially with the possibility of the undead being in the roof it ruptured in.
Naruto carefully arranged a dumpster and whatever things he could to make a stack of objects. Using the dumpster he hopped onto the objects and quickly leaped, grabbing onto the ventilation shaft. He let out a yelp as the stack spilled over the zombies began shambling around the corner. Well, it looked like it was all or nothing now. He continued his way in and thankfully it didn't rupture. Naruto pulled out one of the matches he found and lit them, dropping them into the dark room below. No sound of rustling or anything and if there were zombies, they would have been attracted to the light right?

So he slowly maneuvered himself, almost getting stuck because of the small space so he would drop down on his feet. He let out a sight as he stood up, only for something to crack him in the head. Next thing Naruto knew he was on the ground and his mouth was moving, despite him unable to hear the words over the ringing. He was praying, pleading that the person wasn't hostile. For the better part of the minute Naruto feared he was going to be killed when he was helped up.

A throbbing pain coursed through Naruto's head, not to mention he felt like he wanted to throw up. "…scared me!" he was starting to regain his hearing. The last thing he needed was a concussion or for swelling to set in. One of the thing she noticed was the room he was in was rather well lit.

"Are you alright?"

"The verdict will set in once the urge to vomit settles." Naruto answered. The man definitely did not look like a bandit. He had dark hair, a jet black that was combed back with deep blue eyes hid behind glasses. The man looked like he belonged on the base; he was built enough to be a fighter.

"Name's Mark," the guy chirped, "You're the first none people eating person I've seen in the past two weeks. I hope you understand why I clocked you one. I thought you were a bandit or something since you didn't say anything."
Naruto silently cursed his mistake. If the person trapped inside was a bandit he would have probably already expanded his ammo or something and if not, he was sure most of them would have been smart enough to try and befriend him to use him as bait or something before attempting to stab him in the back. And any scenario of the person not being a bandit, this scenario could, a groan escaped his lips. No sense fretting about it now.

"I'm Naruto. Look, I'm gathering up all the supplies I can and I'm going back to my group. You have a legion of zombies outside and I'm sure sooner or later you'll run out of food if you stay here. There wouldn't happen to be a secret exit would there be?"

"Nope, only one way in or out so if they get in we're screwed."

Naruto shook his head, unwilling to accept that. He had a promise to keep after all. "Are there any weapons?" Two hand guns, both with clips and eight clips of ammo, two grenades, and cooking knives. They were all arranged out on the table.

"I'm going to clear out the creatures. I want you to hide in the other room and be prepared to take them out in case I don't make it. Down the road there's an Inn and you'll find my group there."

"But there are hundreds of those things, you can't expect to take them all on."

"We don't have much of a choice." Naruto argued. "We're not going to find some miraculous hidden exit or trap door are we?" Naruto asked as Mark exhaled an exasperated, defeated sigh and shook his head.

"We either stay slowly starve when the food runs out or we to escape. Either way, I'm more than sure I'm not the only person to put two and two together for zombie crowds. Between you and me I rather take my chances with dead and dumb then the alive and cunning." Naruto then realized something was wrong. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That's just the thing." Where was the sound of the vehicle he set off. "I set off a vehicle earlier."
Mark's eyes flickered with recognition. "That was you? I thought that was one of the, you know." He said, referring to the zombies without a name.

"No, something's up." He went over to the entrance/exit and pressed his ear against the door. Nothing. No sound at all and that was a bit troubling. "Get ready." Naruto ordered as they cleared the barrier that stood between them and the outside. When they went out Naruto was confounded by the sight he saw. Nothing but dead bodies littered the base. The zombies had been hacked to pieces. A part of him wanted to call out to whoever it was, but he knew it would have been foolish. They didn't need to attract anymore undead.

"Whoa! What happened out here?" Mark of course was mystified.

"Do any of the vehicles work?"

"Yeah, why…" Mark was cut off by Naruto.

"Load everything up and hurry." Naruto quickly ushered him as he hurried back inside. He didn't like this, not one bit.

"Wait, but what if whoever did this might still out there or hurt? Shouldn't we try to go help them or something?"
Naruto paused in mid-step. "They made no attempt to contact us." He turned to look outside and survey the damage. "Trust me, they're waiting for something and whatever it is I don't want any part of it." He said as he noticed a figure shuffling in darkness. Naruto readied himself as the figure began moving closer. Naruto shined a light on him with his left hand while resting his right hand on the hilt of his weapon and sure enough the person was human.

"Hey! You friendly!?" Mark called out to him, waving both arms. "Look we don't want any trouble. We're just trying to survive." The figure drawing closer said nothing and withdrew a weapon.

"Mark, go to a vehicle and get the hell out of here. Don't argue with me, just go!" Naruto ordered as the figure started running at him with incredible speed. Naruto withdrew his weapon and quickly blocked the strike.
Szzhtck, the sound of their blades clashing then slicing away from each other filled the air. Naruto tried to put some distance between them but the mysterious attacker quickly closed the gap. He saw the flash of a face under the hoodie his attacker was wearing, but not enough for him to identify any features.

The attacker's blade was brought again with resounding speed, going for a fatal slice to the neck, but Naruto was able to duck under it in time. He had forced himself to keep his legs steady so as to steady his balance, and then with all the force he could muster he threw out his foot and kicked his assailant in the chest sending the person flying back.

Naruto fell forward, dropping on his left knee and catching himself. His attacker quickly recovered, using the sword for balance. "Why are you attacking me?" he supposed asking this was useless. The person had to be some sort of madman right? Though he couldn't help but vocalize his question. The person seemed to pause, as if contemplating for answer before steadying his blade as well. The person shot forward again with speeds that easily rivaled the former shinobi. One thing was clear. As each day past only the strong, those who grew stronger, or those who allied themselves with the strong could survive this apocalypse and for some of those strong the grip one had on their sanity was often the price to pay.

Fear and the threat of death could bring out the monster in people. Whoever this person was, they wasted no time in going for kill shots. Naruto ducked out of the way of another strike that would have slice through the neck of a slower or inattentive fighter. He was sure this fight would be more one-sided if he hadn't been trained. There was also the fact he didn't have as much experienced against trained fighters as he was like. Gifted enough to where he outdid the average kenjutsu user, but lacked the experience and other traits that would put him on par with a master.

Raising his blade, Naruto parried the follow up attack. Only for the person to change up his tactics and sent a haymaker right into his right cheek, sending him tumbling into the ground. Naruto quickly spun to the right as the edge of the attacker's blade pierced where his head was.

The attacker smirked and adjusted himself into a defensive stance. Naruto took the chance and dashed forward. Jumping into the air, he raised the sword above him as to strike down. He quickly changed tactics and threw a punch to which his attacker used his sword to block, resulting in the skin on three of Naruto's to be cut up pretty badly. Though far from finish Naruto shot forward and kneed the person in the stomach sending the attacker flying back.

Naruto wasted no time in driving his foot in his attacker's chest with one foot and the hand with the other. The attacker let out a pained grunt as Naruto's foot grounded into the fingers causing both the force of his foot and the sharp blade to damage the fingers. "Drop it!" he ordered as he brought his blade closer to the person's neck. The person let go of the weapon to which Naruto promptly kicked away.

Naruto then drew back the hoodie of his attacker revealing blonde hair, blue eyes, and a feminine face. He was stunned to say the least. No wonder his attacker didn't say anything, in this sort of situation, attractive young women would find themselves in all sorts of trouble with bandits and the likes running around, but why did she attack him? "Who are…" he was cut off as the barrel of a gun pressed against the back of his neck with great pressure.

"Well what do we have here." A thick country accent spoke. Despite the accent the majority of the person's speak seemed devoid of a lot of country stereotypes like grammar incorrect words. "Unfortunately for you boy, supplies are tight and last thing we need is another mouth to feed, but don't threat, that little sword of yours is going to be put to good use. Now move it." The man jabbed his gun against the back of Naruto's head, forcing him to move away from his attacker.

Naruto had contemplated running away for a moment, but he felt like he was going to pass out. He was hungry, tired, not to mention he only had a few hours of sleep. His senses were obviously suffering, seeing how easily this man was sneaking up on him. Naruto inwardly swore at his own carelessness. If he could just somehow avoid getting shot he might be able to make a run for it.

Suddenly he heard the sound of screeching tires and grinding gears. The vehicle came to a stop and shots were fired distracting the gun wielder and the swords woman. He made a run for it at the gun wielder began firing bullets. It wasn't long before Naruto's attackers had fled the scene.

Out of the vehicle stepped Mark, Carley and to his surprise Lilly. The woman of course began berating the blond about being careless and how dangerous and stupid his stunt was. Naruto would have said something in ways of defending himself, but the last few days had finally taken hold and the blond promptly passed out.
Chapter End
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Story Previews


The Keyblade Duo


"Sora, come on! You have to be ready to fight!" Naruto shouted at the boy, snapping him out of his stupor.

Sora looked ahead as more soldiers materialized. He watched as their yellow eyes drew away from the crowd in general and focused on Naruto and the Keyblade. A sort of coldness emanated from the boy, as his anger channeled into a state of tranquil vengeance unlike the fiery explosion back on the island. The air around him became cold as a thin sheet of frost covered his hands.

On instinct small chunks of ice and snow erupted from his hand, piercing the creatures. The Heartless exploded into colored wisps of yellow, violet, and black. "Ready as I'll ever be!" He said. At least he knew what he could take his anger out on.

"Then let's go!" Leon yelled before slamming the Gunblade into the ever arriving creatures, sending one of them crashing through the window and out into the alleyway below.

"Kairi's gonna be pissed. You got a second element much faster than she did." Naruto joked, interjected humor into the tense situation. "Let's go!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of the window after Leon. Sora was right behind him as he leaped out of the window out to the streets below.