"Thank goodness we managed to escape in time" said a gasping Goombriel next to an equally tired Mr. Mowz. "Say, what happened to Sir Flureon?" "I don't know" replied the gentleman thief who quickly straightened his posture. "Do you want to go check on him?"

Goombriel quickly shifted his eyes and coughed. "I'm sure he'll catch up eventually. Besides, he wouldn't want us to miss trick-or-treating because of him, right?" "Right!" agreed Kami.

The newly formed trio made their way down the street over to next house and knocked on the door. It went reasonably well, with each of them taking their own pieces of candy including a large cube of caramel that Kami could not grab fast enough. As soon as they were away from the door and back on the street, Kami ripped the wrapper off and took a huge bite. This proved to be a very bad idea as her teeth and fangs became deeply entrenched in the sugar with no sign of escape.

"Mmmmphm!" mumbled Kami as she tried in vain to free her jaw even with her impressive strength. "Is something wrong dear?" asked Mr. Mowz. "Oh! Now what did I tell you about patience my little green friend?" he said with a small laugh.

Goombriel knelt down in front of Kami and grasped the dangling sweet. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it" he said trying to be as comforting as possible. "Ha!" exclaimed Mr. Mowz. "A weakling like you can pull that out? That'll be the day".

"I'll show him" thought Goombriel as he grasped as hard as he could and started pulling. The candy didn't budge an inch however and it seemed more likely he'd pull Kami's head off first. "Mmph" whined Kami incomprehensibly as tears started to form in her eyes. "Im hmhs, mmmease mmhp" she pleaded to deaf ears as Goombriel continued to just pull harder.

"Stop!" said Mr. Mowz. "Can't you see you're hurting her?" Goombriel abruptly stopped and Mr. Mowz reached down and gently put his right hand on Kami's chin. "Shh my little angel. On the count of three, I need you to open as wide as you can. Can you do that?" Kami nodded her head and whipped the tears from her eyes. "Okay. One, two…three!" On three Mr. Mowz just managed to slip Kami's fangs from her teeth and take them out with the caramel. "Now wonder this thing got stuck; this candy is probably older than you are" Mr. Mowz said as he examined it closely. "And don't worry; we'll get you new fangs eventually, okay?" Kami sniffed a little and nodded her head again.

"I'm so sorry Kami, I had no idea! Besides, it was Mr. Mowz's idea in the first place" said Goombriel. "Don't blame me for your clumsiness whelp" Mr. Mowz responded as they all began heading to the next house. "I don't blame either of you" said Kami as she rubbed her jaw, "I know you were both just trying to help".

It was obvious neither of them was going to let this go however as an air of tension lingered as they rang the doorbell on the next house. They all took their candy as usual at first, but once they were out of earshot again Mr. Mowz said "Someone's acting greedy tonight". "What was that?" said Goombriel indignantly. "Everyone knows it's rude to take more than one piece of candy, let alone six! You certainly don't need any extra weight".

"Am I seriously being criticized for taking too much by a thief? Now I've seen everything" Goombriel snarked back. "Just because I'm a master thief does not mean I've lost all my manners. Let me guess; those candies you took 'belong in a museum'?" said Mr. Mowz. "You better keep your hands in front of your face!" threatened Goombriel.

"Calm down you two!" said Kami pouting. "There is enough candy for everyone and we can take as much as we want. Now can we please just get along?" The two obligingly stopped but refused to look at each other as they continued down the street. The next few houses passed without incident but in sullen silence as Mr. Mowz and Goombriel exchanged glares with each other.

"So, uh…" said Kami as they walked, trying her best to think of a way to lighten the mood. "How is school going Goombi? Are you going to graduate any time soon?" "Things are going fine" he responded dryly. "What about you Mr. Mowz? How's the shop?" "Oh you know; fashionable, profitable, undefeatable" said Mr. Mowz.

"Oh, you mean that massive ego you call a store? I'm shocked no one has found you yet given how you advertise yourself like Chuckola" Goombriel said angrily at Mr. Mowz. "Well excuse me princess. You have no right to criticize my style until you stop borrowing clothes from the corpses you study!" The two looked about ready to leap at each other's thoughts, barely restraining themselves from breaking out into a fight.

"Stop it you two!" shouted Kami, stopping on the side of the road. "What is wrong with you guys anyway? How can you guys bicker like this after all you've been through together?" "Oh, everything WE'VE been through, huh?" asked Mr. Mowz sarcastically. "Perhaps you should remind Goombriel about that? You've never really accepted me as part of the group, always treating me like an outsider. At the inn you never sit next to or talk to me when we eat, you've always tried to persuade Maria not to trust me, and you've never treated me with any respect!"

"A womanizing thief who obviously wants inside Maria's pants? Please tell me, what is so respectable and trustworthy about that? For someone who loves displaying themselves, why is it that I've never noticed any good qualities?" said Goombriel with a tone in his voice as darker than the surrounding night.

"What does Maria have in her pants that Mr. Mowz wants? Is it a badge? Will it help make things better?" asked a very confused Kami. The two ignored her however and silently agreed to continue loudly arguing.

"You're best friends with a pirate, a shadow demon, and a crime boss; how am I any worse than they are? And as for Maria, I knew you were the jealous type but this is getting a bit ridiculous" accused Mr. Mowz. Goombriel blushed like a beat and stuttered out "Th-that isn't true! Me and her are just friends, nothing more".

Mr. Mowz saw his chance and struck. "You're too scared to show your true feelings but still want to keep her all to yourself. And people call me thief!" Goombriel face practically exploded with rage; he couldn't take it anymore. "I don't think Maria is some kind of prize to be won, and I don't like you talking about her like that either! But you know what? I'm not going to listen to you any longer!"

The two stormed off in opposite directions, leaving Kami in between them all alone. "This night isn't going well at all" Kami said sadly to herself and wandered off into the meadows.

Goombriel walked down the streets of Petalburg until eventually leaving town and sitting down one the side of the bridge to Rougeport. He wasn't thinking straight, everything seemed blurry he was so upset. "How dare he say things like that?! I wish I never even met that guy, he's never done anything good for anyone. Nothing that jerk said about me is true…right?"

Goombriel quieted down and sat in silence, alone and empty. The darkness of the night got more intense as his emotions stormed inside himself, unsure of what to do next. And not just metaphorically either; one by one the stars in the sky could no longer be seen as something began to eclipse them.

Goombriel squinted in its direction and said "That looks like…"

"…smoke!" examined Mr. Mowz. He immediately got up from the tree he was sitting at and rushed over to the source of the fire. A large section of the flower fields appeared to have caught fire, with several individuals running as fast as they could away from the blinding blaze. Both Goombriel and Mr. Mowz arrived in time to find Vixen nearly collapsed from smoke inhalation and on his hands and knees.

"Vixen!" shouted Goombriel who quickly rushed to Vixen's side. "What happened?" "Fire…my fault…need help" Vixen managed to cough out. "It's okay, I'm sure whatever happened isn't your fault" responded Mr. Mowz, "now let's get you somewhere safe".

"No!" coughed Vixen. "Kami needs help…still in there". "What?" Goombriel and Mr. Mowz exclaimed together. "Go help her, I'll be fine. I just…gotta…" and with that Vixen managed to disappeared into Goombriel and Mr. Mowz's shadow, teleporting somewhere far away from the danger.

"Let's go!" said Goombriel and they rushed off together. Goombriel covered his mouth with his shirt sleeve and handed Mr. Mowz his hat so they don't have to breathe in as much smoke. The fire proved to be more difficult, as it took tight maneuvering to make sure they didn't get burned. Eventually they came across Kami, completely surrounded by the fire but still acting like she could fight her way out.

"*cough cough* is that all you got? You sure are a pansy fire, aren't you?" Kami ran around as fast as she could but couldn't find a way past the flames and quickly started to slow down. It was clear breathing was becoming harder and harder and they both needed to get to her as soon as they could.

"Hold on" said Mr. Mowz as he grabbed Goombriel by the waist and started running forward. "Wha-, what are you doooooing!?" Goombriel said in surprise as Mr. Mowz did a super jump twelve feet into the air and crashing down on the other side of the flames.

By now Kami had collapsed and was breathing shallowly on the ground. "She's got heatstroke! I've got some water and a towel with me, you clear a way through the field!" shouted Goombriel over the flames. Mr. Mowz cleared a small hole through the fire by clearing away the grass with a large stick. "We don't have much time here!" said Mr. Mowz as his tool began to catch fire as well.

"Everything will be alright Kami, just wait a little while longer" said Goombriel as he put a wet towel on her head and Kami, barely conscious, drank some water. "Alright, let's go!"

By the time they reached town again, Cheep-Cheep firefighters had arrived and began using firing water from the nearby rivers all over the field with hoses and their own natural abilities. Goombriel laid Kami down on the side of the road, Mr. Mowz giving his own shirt as a pillow and the two holding her hands to let her know she was safe.

"It's over" sighed Goombriel. He looked up at Mr. Mowz on the other side of Maria and blushed. "Look I'm sorry I've treated so badly in the past. Maybe I was jealous of all the things you could do…that I couldn't". "You don't need to apologize for anything, I never deserved your trust" responded Mr. Mowz.

"Well if there is one thing I learned tonight it is that, at least deep down, you are a good person and we can get along. So what do you say; truce?" Mr. Mowz looked at the sleeping Kami and thought for a moment.

"Truce". They shook hands and began to relax on the side of the dirt road.

"My goodness, what happened here?" said a voice behind them. "Is Hooktail back? Did a meteor hit? Does Bowla have another cold?"

They turned around and saw Maria, Koopie, and Bobbera watching the firewomen combat what was left of the fire, not noticing the three sitting on the road.

"Something happened in the field that made it catch of fire. No one was killed, but Kami here took quite a beating from the heat" said Mr. Mowz.

"Oh my goodness!" said Maria incredibly frightened. "I never should have left you guys alone; bad stuff keeps happening when I do that". She saw Kami sleeping softly though, and began to calm down. "At least she is safe now. How did it happen?"

"That would be me" said a regenerated Vixen, literally stepping out of the shadows of a nearby house. "It's kinda a long story, but it was an accident I swear! I nearly got killed myself trying to put out that thing".

"I'm sure you can tell us on our way out of town" said Bobbera. "I've had quite enough of this place". "How did the talk go?" Goombriel asked Koopie as he scooped up Kami. "Things went fine" Koopie said happily. "I won't be having any problems with Koop again, don't worry about that".

As the group began to exit the town, stopping briefly to rescue a still sleeping Sir Flureon from a still talking Mayor, Koopie glanced worryingly over at Kami. "Is it safe to be moving her like that?" Koopie asked Maria. "Don't forget Koopie, Kami is much stronger than she looks" replied Maria.

"Besides, I know a great place for healing…"