Ladies and Gentleman, I absolutely implore you not to murder me. While I apologize for the lengthy absence I can assure you I had positive motives. My ability to write took quite the blow thanks to a concussion coupled with slight amnesia (Very slight) from a Lacrosse game I played in one of those fancy showcase tournaments… you can probably guess how that went. At any rate, as far as I know (lol) I am back to normal. Another reason is that, before my incident with blunt force trauma, my passion (If you could even call it that, I actually prefer creativity. But it's a matter of perspective) had been doused due a coup preformed by Code Geass, but like any good fire, a wash of water won't put it out. So now I'm back and raring to go, just in time to write a lengthy note and wrap up the story. However, before I continue with the chapter I would like to say one thing. Should this story end promptly (With an actual conclusion) I am telling you right now not to be surprised. I am not sure if you have noticed this, but there were many fluctuations in the plot that I had never entirely intended to have. This is part where I tell you that when I write there is no outline, no set thing… usually not even a planned ending. I just go with what comes to mind as for the last *Insert forgotten extended amount of time here* my mind has been drawing a blank, so page 120 on my word doc sat in a blank mess. Also, a little confusion last chapter about Garchomp being among Cynthia's three weakest Pokémon, well you'll find out why if you scroll down. Just an FYI, I understand the irony of what happened to me.

"Battle Dance!"

"Set the field alight in your blaze of glory!"

Both spheres opened up to reveal each combatant's chosen combatant.

One let out an adrenaline-fueled screech while a tower of fire erupted from the top of his head, while the other stared down its opponent with nothing but malice.

"It's Spiritomb versus Infernape, this one is sure to be a fiery finish!" The announcer cried as both Pokémon got into a ready stance.

While the crowd went into a frenzy Ash was busy grimacing and plotting in his trainer's box

'I'm at a serious disadvantage here, not to mention destiny bond…'

Ash paused how did he know that?

'I hear Spiritomb are slightly temperamental. Guess we'll have to burn him so bad he won't get the chance to throw his tantrum' Ash finished with a smirk, worrying Cynthia.

"Ladies first" Ash called with a mock bow

"How gentlemanly, Spiritomb use Shadow Sneak!"

'Shadow Sneak has a unique disadvantage. It requires there to be a shadow within striking distance.'

Ash smirked, getting slightly used to the random voices giving him advice,

"Flame Wheel! Hold it in place!" Ash ordered, although producing a confident façade, he was truthfully slightly unsure if this was the correct way to go about executing his plan

Infernape leapt into the air, allowing his body to be covered in a sphere of tangible red fire. As a planned side effect, the whole field was lit up by the sheer power of the light, destroying any shadows (Natural or Pokémon Made) that could have been a medium for the attack.

"Ash Ketchum, ladies and gentleman!" The announcer cheered, amusement laced in his voice, "Welcome to the magic show"

Ash smirked as Spiritomb retreated out of the shadows, the ghost Pokémon's expression giving away the discomfort the counter attack had caused

"Don't be deterred, use Ominous Wind!" Cynthia called

"Counter with Heat Wave." Ash commanded

Both area effect attacks battled for dominance on the widest scale anyone had ever seen. One side of the field was a burning (Intended) red, while the other was an ominous (Intended) purple. Eventually, the ominously purple, purple began to be pushed back by the fiery red, red, leading to Cynthia taking action.

"Teleport, quickly" Cynthia tried to emphasize the 'quickly', for her ghost Pokémon seemed to have a serious issue with being rushed (LAZY!).

In the blink of an eye, the swirly gaseous Pokémon disappeared, and reappeared behind an unsuspecting Infernape. Ash reacted in an instant.

"Close Combat!"

Infernape held himself, instead launching a devastating Blaze Kick.

"Infernape, why did you do that?" Ash asked, "I calculated the damage, Close Combat would have allowed you to deal more damage, and even finish with a blaze kick."

'Fighting type moves don't work on Ghost types, at least your Pokémon has a grain of common sense'

Ash growled at the voice, then apologized to his Pokémon.

"Alright Infernape, I want you to use dig to get close" Ash told his Pokémon

Almost as fast as the ghost type Pokémon righted itself, Infernape was gone, deep underground.

"Spiritomb, teleport into the sky!" Cynthia ordered.

Ash grinned, 'big mistake'

"Surface with Overheat!" Ash shouted, just to make sure his Pokémon heard him. (Sounds ridiculous, but I've decided that Pokémon owned by trainers (And only trainers) have some sort of super hearing that only applies to their specific trainer).

Infernape surface barely moments after the command was issued, leaving Spiritomb a falling target.

'Don't get cocky! Never forget that you must always assume that your opponent has thought three steps ahead of you'

"Infernape, stop!" Ash ordered frantically, but it was too late

"Teleport again, then use Hypnosis" Cynthia sighed; she should have known Ash wasn't ready for this.

The Forbidden Pokémon instantly dodged with the Psychic move, reappearing in front of a startled Infernape, launching a direct Hypnosis attack at the fire monkey. Infernape was asleep within seconds.

"Now, combine Nightmare with Dream Eater." Cynthia commanded.

The Forbidden Pokémon entered the dangerous combination attack, the ultimate finisher against any Pokémon who was asleep for any reason.

"Infernape is unable to continue, Spiritomb is the winner!" The announcer cried.

Ash growled, he was now down two Pokémon, not to mention he only had two remaining. Although his two remaining were not his most powerful, he had put all his faith (According to Cynthia) into these two Pokémon, now it was their time to live in the limelight.

"Lucario, may the aura be your light!" Ash called, throwing his anchor Pokémon onto the field.

"Another disadvantage, Ash" Cynthia criticized, "How on earth do you expect to continue winning"

'Like this' an entirely new voice broke into his mind, instantly shattering his state of mind.

And to the trainer, it felt as if his mind had truly been shattered. Suddenly, memories flooded into his mind, every single one of his Pokémon and their capture moments, the hardships and the fairy tale moments. Everything was coming back to him, and most importantly among those memories, his knowledge and passion.

Ash didn't realize he had fallen to his knees during his awakening, but the fact remained. Lucario was also standing in front of him, staring at him with concerned and questioning eyes.

"Back off" Ash smirked, "Quit worrying about me and focus on winning"

Lucario grinned, although he was not sure what happened, the eminence Pokémon noted a number of key changes, similar to Ash pre amnesia.

Ash stood up, right palm covering his right eye; fingers splayed out at random locations on his face. His smirk began to broaden as he surveyed the field, surveyed the scoreboard and surveyed his opponent. Then, he began to chuckle, a pure, content chuckle driven by his amusement for his current situation. Then the chuckle evolved into a laugh, soon he was cackling like a maniac while the crowd eyed him as if he was one.

"Something wrong Ash?" Cynthia asked

"Only that I am loosing" Ash declared with finality, "Although, I guess I'll just have to change that"

"I'd like to see you try" The Sinnoh champion jeered

"Then watch me"

"Spiritomb, return, I'll need you for later" Cynthia commented, returning her Pokémon, "I think we need to put this trainer in his place, you are just the Pokémon to do it" The blonde grunted slightly as she threw her pokeball high into the heavens. When the Pokémon appeared, everyone gasped.

"Oh my god!" The announcer screeched as the crowd went ballistic, "It's… It's…"

"Another Garchomp" Ash finished for him, his tone sounding slightly entertained

"I thought we saw your Garchomp take a serious beating at the hands of Ash's Charizard, I was unaware you possessed two Pseudo-legendaries."
The announcer asked, completely befuddled

"To be honest the one that beat Ash's Charizard by the skin of his teeth is the other Garchomp, this is the original." Cynthia admitted

"Lucario… ready to burn your name into the history books?"

"Always, master" Was the determined response

"Then I want you to fire an Aura Sphere, just a preliminary procedure" Ash commented offhandedly.

"Counter with Dragon Pulse"

The two orbs connected, fighting for dominance until both detonated. Ash grinned,

"This, is going to be fun"

Cynthia didn't like the way Ash said that

"Extreme speed, get behind her then use Close Combat" Ash ordered

"Into the air as fast as you can, don't allow yourself to be caught"

Lucario vibrated for a split second before disappearing. Garchomp shot into the air as she realized the imminent danger, and not a moment too soon. Lucario appeared with a thunderous crack an instant later in a spot directly behind Garchomp's previous place of residence, his right fist thrust out at an angle that would have hit a pressure point in Garchomp's neck.

"Dragon Rush!" Cynthia called

"Earth Power!" Ash ordered

Garchomp blitzed Lucario as a blue aura instantly flared to life around her streamlined form. At the same moment, Lucario smashed his palm into the rough field with a roar. The ground began to split at an inhuman pace as a blinding light began to appear in the quickly spider webbing field. The blinding light temporarily disabled the Dragon type's ability to see, and she crashed, not into Lucario, but into the rock solid, sedimentary-based battlefield.

Cynthia was about to call out to her prized Pokémon to inquire about her health, but a swift command from Ash assassinated the voice in her throat.

"Force Palm"

Garchomp whipped around as a second, slightly less blinding light, shone directly behind her. However, all the Pseudo legendary was rewarded with was a vicious Force Palm the buried her into the ground, the force propelling her all the way into the stadium wall, a trail of dust erupting in her wake. Cynthia cried out in worry, but it proved inane as the stadium was shaken to its core by an Earth shattering roar filled with all forms of Venom, Garchomp was up and raring for more.

Ash raised an eyebrow, impressed by the show of resilience,

"Cynthia Shirona, ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the magic show" Ash chuckled lowly, causing the few who heard to laugh.

"Garchomp, use Stone Edge!"

"Ditto" Ash calmly countered.

Both Pokémon became encompassed by the decipherable blue lustrous double circles, which soon formed countless jagged stones. Both warriors cried in exertion as they fired the powerful special attack. However, rather than the familiar explosion that usually resulted following the connection of such attacks the rocks shot past one another, occasionally smashing into their unlucky counterpart but, for the most part, stayed on the same screaming course towards their intended target.

Both Pokémon took the array of minerals with their pride, neither allowing themselves to cower before their foe's power. The barrage continued, dishing out continuous pain to the pair engaged in the firefight. Regardless of the damage being dealt by the rock based special attack, the most crushing blow was dealt to Garchomp… when she winced. Lucario let out a triumphant cry and cut the attack, with that act, the great battle of Pain Tolerance went to Lucario.

"He can have satisfaction, but we will have the battle." Cynthia vowed, "Earthquake!"

Ash raised an eyebrow, and he decided to take a bit of a gamble.

"Lucario, use Earthquake to shake things up a bit"

Both seismic waves crashed into each other, this time the stadium truly shook to its core… and possibly out of its foundation.

Both Pokémon immediately began to take immeasurable amounts of damage as the Earthquakes combined. The tremors increased dramatically and the audience in the stands felt their teeth chatter against their will, then their bodies began to shake against their will.

After a solid minute of this both attacks cut out, ending what would eventually bring about the addition of a 10 and greater on the Richter scale.

"Ash!" Cynthia screeched in rage, "What the hell was that?"
Ash shrugged, "I took a gamble, and it paid off"

Cynthia growled as she observed the condition of the pair of warring Pokémon. As much as she hated to admit it, or even note it, Ash was right. Due to the recessive ground typing Garchomp had taken damage that would likely bring about a loss in this battle. While Lucario, who was by no means unscathed, had faired slightly better due to the durability that his recessive steel typing granted when compared to the ground typing of Garchomp. Either way, Lucario was in better fighting form.

"Checkmate" Ash grinned, "Extreme Speed into Force Palm"

With that combination of moves Garchomp was now officially eliminated from the match, leaving the Sinnoh champion with three usable Pokémon, but only two dependable Pokémon (On the basis of 'the other' Garchomp's injuries).

"Lucario, battle dance!"

"And it's Lucario against Lucario here" The announcer… announced, "And following the tooth and nail fight between Lucario and Garchomp one can't help but note the advantage Cynthia's eminence Pokémon is armed with. However, the question lurking in my mind is: will Cynthia be able to able to wield that advantage?"

Both Pokémon stared each other down, assessing the capability the other exercises.

"Aura sphere"

With the simultaneous command, the unanimous opening salvo broke the stalemate, shattering the calm of the stadium with an adrenaline fueling detonation.

"Through the smoke with Force Palm" Cynthia called

"Intercept then launch into Close Combat. Prove you deserve to be the Eminence Pokémon remembered today!" Ash ordered

Lucario (Ash's) clasped his paw securely against his opponent's wrist, giving him the leverage advantage. With this new advantage, the aura Pokémon was able to launch into his hallmark move, Close Combat.

Blinding fists of raging precision united into a symphony of pain for the Sinnoh champion's fifth selection. Every time Cynthia's Lucario would try to counter, Lucario would simply strike a point that would render the attempt useless. Eventually, Lucario decided to end the combination attack with a flourishing, fiery finish. Ash's aura prodigy launched into a flamboyant, back flipping Blaze Kick. The firing spitting kick connected solidly with the chin of Cynthia's Lucario, the force sending the eminence Pokémon flying backwards. Lucario landed in an elegant crouch as the resulting embers of his assault blew around him in the light wash of wind. Cynthia's Lucario landed in an undignified heap with the breeze giving him a refreshing cool down as he stood back up, ready to not only take punishment, but raring to give it.

Ash looked at his Lucario, he was battered and that Close Combat really took a lot out of him. At the rate he was going, the Eminence Pokémon might actually drop from sheer exhaustion rather than damage dealt by the opponent.

"Lucario, I find it in both our best interests to allow you tot rest, Pikachu can finish this battle and, with a bit of luck, the following confrontation." Ash advised as he held up Lucario's red and white orb.

"I apologize master, but I'm afraid I will have to turn you down" Lucario gave him a wistful smile, "My turn to take the heat."

Ash couldn't help but grin, "Why?"

"Master, in this battle I have watched my friends lay down their pride and battle with a trainer who was far from skilled enough to win, but they did it anyway and are probably taking criticism because of it. I must show my fighting spirit and my loyalty"

Ash once again found himself grinning like an idiot, "Do get em tiger"

"Thank you master"

"Lucario, you want to take the heat? Then you are on your own"

"I am in your debt" Lucario replied before launching into battle against his far fresher opponent.

Punches and kicks were traded at blinding speeds between the pair until Cynthia's Lucario broke the fistfight by leaping away and launched an aura sphere; Lucario flipped backwards to avoid the hailstorm of energy spheres before launch his own in counter attack.

Cynthia's Lucario dodged deftly and he launched a Stone Edge attack that forced Lucario to dodge to the right.

"Lucario, use dig!" Cynthia ordered

As Cynthia's Lucario buried its way down under, Lucario reacted at once with an Earthquake attack.

"Lucario, no!" Ash shouted in warning, but the attack had been initiated, and the trap had been sprung.

"Man" Max moaned in the stands as the stadium shook again, "They should label this place as a fault zone!"

The group, and a few people surrounding, could only nod in unspoken agreement.

Cynthia's Lucario leapt out of the ground in some remote corner of the battlefield just as the field caved in upon itself, taking Lucario with it. The field became veiled in visually impenetrable dust as the trap completed its work.

"Lucario is unable to battle!" The ref called out, "Cynthia's Lucario is the winner"

Ash looked towards the tunnel leading to his locker room, the shadows cast by the overhang and the great contrast caused by the brightness difference not permitting his vision to see any farther than the first few feet, but almost immediately, lighting became no issue. After a moment a few stray sparks escaped the confines of the dark tunnel, illuminated individualized parts fleetingly before being extinguished by the dark.

However, more sparks began to exit the tunnel, then more, the meager amount rapidly amounted to a colossal wave of sparks flowing in a continuous torrent out of the tunnel. Without warning, a flash of white blurred out of the sparks, causing the sparks to trail in magnificent fashion behind the blur. Once said blur reached a spot directly in front of Ash it put on the brakes, bringing itself to an immediate halt. As did the sparks, who, upon reaching the still unidentified figure, blew upwards in a superlative display of beautifully executed brilliance.

Pikachu was on stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Ash Ketchum's famed starter takes the helm as the dark trainer's last hope at eternal greatness!" The announcer shouted elatedly as his hunger for the upcoming showdown shown lustrously through his usually unbiased and dull attitude.

"Alright buddy, it's three against one with only two fully healthy Pokémon between the pair of us. Ready to perform a miracle?" Ash asked his started

"Pika!" The mouse replied enthusiastically, lining himself up for battle against the battered and exhausted Lucario.

"Extreme Speed" Cynthia ordered, "We need to draw first blood!"

"Don't' give him the time of day" Ash grinned, "Dodge with Extreme Speed, then use Thunder to shake up the field"

In an instant there were no visible combatants on the field, just an empty arena bracing for the inevitable storm.

As soon as everyone reacted Thunder cracked its lightning whip and the arena shook with the force. The already tattered field was swiftly turned into a field with the population of small, jagged, uneven rocks increasing exponentially as a result. The field was set.

"Quick Attack into Double Team" Ash ordered

Pikachu followed to command seamlessly, and in the order given. The mouse dashed around Lucario with disorientating speed, quickly blurring into nothing more than a non descript white line, until even the white line was faded out of perspective as a dozen or so Pikachus appeared, fighting for the lead in an unmoving race around the white oval track.

"Dizzy him with Volt Tackle" Ash flicked his wrist and the command was executed

Every few seconds, a random Pikachu following no traceable pattern would split the circle with the famed (And greatly missed as of BW) attack. The Pikachu marathon not ceasing in the slightest as the attack continued.

Ash decided enough was enough and halted the onslaught, opting to see if Cynthia's Pokémon could still stand. Imagine his surprise when the Aura Pokémon was, in fact, still standing. Although extremely woozy and far from steady on his feet the verity remained. However,

"I forfeit Lucario!" Cynthia called

"Are you sure miss Shirona?" The ref posed, attempting to be clear this was her final decision.

"As much as it pains me, I know when my Pokémon is unfit for battle… now that I think about it, there are certain rules that are a byword for this circumstance. And woozy, unsteady and unfocused are the three no-noes for anything, human or Pokémon"

"If that is your final decision"

"It is"

"Then Lucario has been withdrawn from the match, please choose your anchor Pokémon miss Shirona."

"With pleasure"

From her thrown sphere emerged the Forbidden Pokémon Spiritomb.

"An interesting choice, should be a fun match up," Ash smirked

"I wouldn't get too cocky, Ash. Don't forget that you are still loosing" Cynthia shot back

"Ouch" Ash feigned injury, "That one was below the belt"

"Your move" Cynthia called

"Fair enough, Quick Attack"


The Forbidden Pokémon barely raised the energy shield in time to stop the fleet of foot mouse. Pikachu ricocheted off the green barrier, spiraling out of control.

"Psychic" Cynthia commanded

Tendrils of eerie pale blue power deftly snaked their way around the mouse Pokémon. Despite this gracefulness, the attack showed its Hyde trait as it slammed the Electric mouse into the ground

"Thunder" Ash ordered

Pikachu fired, Spiritomb winced, but the Psychic held

"Persist with the attack, but jam an Iron Tail into the earth." Ash requested

Pikachu happily obliged, and was rewarded with plenty of interest for his efforts. The lustrous tail stuck in the ground without hindrance, and the electricity channeled swimmingly into the Earth, and the rocks thrashed Spiritomb and its concentration with appropriate ferocity.

"Don't give it any room the breath. Volt Tackle" Ash commanded

The yellow-coated bullet connected solidly with the ghost Pokémon, hurtling it backwards.


Without any connection to the ground, the gaseous Pokémon was exposed to the full grief that came free with any Thunder assault.

The Forbidden Pokémon crashed into the ground in a smoldering heap, although still able to continue, its wounds were smarting and its exhaustion was belaboring.

"Use Synthesis" Cynthia ordered

Ash was slightly surprised by this move, but began to think up better ways to deal damage. Ash quickly assessed that the recoils had been adding up from his admittedly free use of Volt Tackle, not to mention the impact with Protect. Although these weren't notable in any way, when combined they were starting to weigh on Ash's shoulders.

"I want you to use a Quick Attack feint to strike from behind with an Iron Tail" Ash used the gap in the violence to utter clear and concise commands to his Pokémon without the danger of being overheard.

'Roger' The mouse saluted before hustling off to implement Ash's plan

Cynthia recognized the impending attack as Quick Attack and decided to go with a proven strategy.


However, the yellow blur shot past the protective barrier, surprising both Sinnoh natives. The blur halted, becoming an identifiable Pikachu, consequently, Cynthia was also able to identify the imminent Iron Tailed assault.

"Dodge!" Cynthia cried out, and to her surprise, her Pokémon teleported out of the way in time. But Pikachu wasn't finished.

As soon as his tail failed to connect he reposition himself and swung in a wide, sideways arc that caught his opponent in the stomach, ending its shift in this battle.

"Spiritomb is unable to battle!" The announcer cried out, "Pikachu wins! Ash may stand a chance, but he may also have some trouble dealing with this next opponent"

"Garchomp" Ash grit his teeth, 'That Pseudo-legendary with the recessive ground typing will prove troublesome, with only Iron Tail and Quick attack at my disposal I need have to get creative. Cynthia will only need to predict a combination of two moves, and since Quick Attack would be hardly effective she knows I will try and power up Iron Tail… this will be tough'

"Well Ash, you have thoroughly impressed me, however, your march ends here"

With that statement, Cynthia released her final and not so secret choice. In the flash of light appeared the same battle worn Garchomp from the first half of the battle. However, a Pseudo-legendary is still a force to be reckoned with, regardless of how exhausted he or she may be.

"Dragon Pulse!"

"Quick Attack to dodge!"

The sphere missed, detonating on the ground where Pikachu one resided, but Pikachu was now residing on ground behind Garchomp

"Iron Tail!"


Pikachu's steel enhanced tail crashed into nothing but empty space as Garchomp quickly buried underground.

"Double Team!" Ash ordered, praying to every legendary he knew that this would be enough to offset Garchomp. It wasn't.

The super effective move connected solidly, flinging the mouse high into the sky. Had this been an anime it would have been comical. But because it was a serious story with an author running out of ways to describe things it was much more sober.

"Gun him down with Dragon Rush!" Cynthia shouted

"Defend yourself with Volt Tackle!" Ash ordered

The former Pallet trainer understood the uselessness of his action, but Iron Tail would not be able to generate the kind of power to save his starter. Once again he found himself gambling. Blue and yellow auras of power collided as sparks and wisps of energy flew. A sudden flare of outward expanding energy (Explosion) rocked the stadium as the field was, once again, veiled in vision encumbering dust. The stadium sat in an anticipating silence until a lucky gust of wind blew the dust off to annoy the crowd of people outside the people inside could see the result of the collision.

Pikachu lay on the ground on one side of the field, struggling to make his way to his paws. Garchomp stood up shakily but was clearly ready for more.

"Pi, you alright?" Ash inwardly cursed. He couldn't believe he was daft enough to not include the variable of explosive force into his predictions. Cynthia clearly had, and was giving him a slightly sorrowful look.

"It was a good battle Ash, although it is I who walk away victoriously today"

Ash ignored her, not out of spite, but because the blood pounding in his ears disabled him from hearing anything at the moment. He had lost.

His eyes were wide with shock and his mouth hung slightly open, simply not being able to form what he was feeling. His posture was rigid while he gaze at the field, unable to believe the results. His hands slowly began to shake with an unidentifiable muddle of emotions as realization set in. Years of training and sacrifices had given him temporary greatness, the temporary ability to thrive in the spotlight of billions. But in the end it never mattered, just like others before him, he had allowed the limelight to be his guide rather than the shining sun of truth. Everything that he had obtained, everything that he had achieved had simply amounted to nothing but another loss.

'Rocket' Ash immediately hissed, remembering the amnesia he suffered as a result of their operations, 'No' Ash shook his head, 'This is my loss. If I couldn't beat Cynthia then I couldn't beat Cynthia. The fact remains that I wasn't strong enough.'

Ash directed his disheartened gaze to Pikachu, who gave him a mournful look. However, beneath Ash's sorrow and self-hatred because of his own failure, Pikachu couldn't help but note the fire beginning to blaze throughout the red irises, the fire that had been doused long ago by the tide of time. The DIY starter felt pride well up inside him, no matter how much the world tried to extinguish the flame for good, it seems they couldn't keep it out. This was the determination that made him the worldwide sensation, the willpower that inspired his Pokémon to fight until they no longer could for him.

As the mouse pondered this, he realized something about this journey. When the ride had begun, it was a petty quest for revenge, something he had done simply to spite the world for abandoning him. However, it had evolved into a crusade for redemption. Battle after battle racked up and the familiar feeling of changing the world set in, Ash soon began to stride onto that field day in and day out simply to set the world alight. And every time he did he would set out to prove something. To prove to every household in every corner of the world that he was worth something, that he wasn't some two-bit, inane child from a small town. To prove to the world that they were wrong, that he could take whatever hand the world could deal him and walk away with a royal flush flourishing in his wake.

And boy had he proven that.

Ladies and Gentlereaders. Truly I thank you for following this story. As I look back on it I am honestly disappointed, but then again, most of us are. As weird as it sounds I actually had an ending similar to this in mind. And just to clear up any uncertainty Ash DID lose. I am sorry, Ash pwns everyone fans but I always planned for Ash to lose in the Finals. Want more? Not positive if I will continue, but if I do it will be an epilogue, no more plot twists etc. However, on to the reader's assessment of my story, I appreciate all forms of reviews, I accept all forms of reviews. But I do have one question. What were your favorite parts? You know, the one's that made you laugh or perhaps sent chills down your spine? I know mine, but I would much rather hear your opinion. The Prequel is under construction. I am planning a generic plot outline this time, not just going to wing it. Regardless of that, I beseech you to answer the question above. Its more for my personal entertainment, but I guess in a funny way it helps me as well. I can say with honesty that the story ended better than it started. I was extremely disappointed with chapters 2 through 5. I was so disgusted with 1 I actually rewrote it. I promise to try and make the Prequel more exciting. Also, check out my other fic Like Lightning. I will not explain anything here, but I implore you to check it out. I am signing off for a long time; I will not be posting again for at least another six months. I want to get my act together with this next project before I start winging it like I did this one… um… yeah. The review button is situation just below this, I know for a fact a lot of you don't know where it is, if you did you'd review! Yes, I am talking to you 100,000+ anonymous readers/not reviewers. I hope you weren't too disappointed.