Improbability Drives - dialogue

(C)I am sorry for your discomfort

(S)It is not your fault Nurse

(C)I understand that, its just I didn't think that the situation would change so quickly for us.

(S) I too did not expect this particular turn of events, had I been more aware of the likelihood I would have taken appropriate precautions

(C)I don't think either of us could have prepared for this .

(S)I agree, the sudden shift has left us with little protection

(C ) And what we do have appears to have developed a leak. Oh goodness I've got you all wet!

(S) A minor discomfort in the circumstances, circumstances which although unexpected are not without some new learning opportunities

(C) Really! Well yes, I suppose given the unusual nature of this particular set of events. We actually have the possibility of expanding our knowledge further, if you are willing to.

(S) I am a scientist Nurse, I am always agreeable to exploring further.

(C) In consideration of that fact, would you be interested throwing caution to the wind

(S) An intriguing suggestion Nurse, as we both appear to be already damp, it would appear taking this further could have no unpleasant consequences.

Christine slowly pulled the thin sheath of protection from above them, allowing the warm summer downpour to soak deep into their skin

(C) Who would have imagined a rainstorm, here! first one in over 100 years!

(S) Indeed Nurse Chapel a most unexpected turn of events.