A Whisper of Chaos – Ch1

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He sits at the table, his eyes bounce around from person to person, but no one sees his actions.

Edward Cullen is the son and brother no one wants to deal with much less acknowledge.

But, I see him. I've seen him every single time he comes into the diner with his family. I'm there every night, eating dinner with my dad, Charlie.

His dad, Dr. Cullen, is too busy talking sports with his brother Emmett, while his mom and sister carry on their own conversation.

Edward shakes and wiggles in his chair before he looks up and our eyes connect. I see how alluring the green is, how dark the circles are underneath those haunting eyes and I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with him.

Three weeks ago, my mom had to go into rehab and I got shipped to my dad's in Forks, Washington. I hate it here and my dad knows it. That's why I haven't visited him in over five years. But I wasn't 'old enough' to live on my own in Phoenix, so he thought it would be best for me to pack up and move here with him.

I guess it was okay because the weather suited my moods; dark, damp and overcast. I lived in hoodies and jeans, something I never would have been able to do in Arizona because of the heat.

The good news is that because I was 'the new girl' and Forks was so small, I was the outsider, and therefore excluded. These kids had all grown up together and weren't ready and willing to accept some new, unknown girl into their groups, especially the Chief of Police's daughter.

This all suited me just fine, as I preferred to be left alone. I wasn't into fashion or social groups. I enjoyed being left alone to my books and music.

I had a few classes with Edward Cullen. He never spoke, he never did anything but fidget in his chair, tap on his legs with his fingers or draw on a piece of paper.

Two of the 'it' girls had informed me right away he was out of my league and completely off limits. I laughed and walked away. I wasn't interested in some pretty boy anyway.

His sister Alice was a year younger than us and had a serious chip on her shoulder. I had study hall with her and apparently I had sat at her table in the library my first day of school. She'd told me in no uncertain terms it was the table she sat at with Jasper Whitlock every day and I needed to keep away from that table and her man.

I only sat there because it was toward the back of the room and more secluded than the rest. Fuck if I cared who she was or whom she sat with.

So, I sat here in the diner as I try to watch Edward and his somewhat crazy family interacting and wondered if anyone even knew he was 'jones-ing' for a hit of something.

His eyes darted around the table again before he stood up, pushing his chair to the floor and ran a hand through his hair.

"Fuck, I'm outta here," he said before he turned to leave, while the rest of his family carried on like he was never there. None of his family even paid attention.

He hit the door with his hands and stormed out of the diner. I watched as he walked toward his car, his hands fisted and his shoulders hunched as he made his way across the pavement. He climbed in, the music instantly audible through the thick glass of the building. He surprised me when he gave a half-assed wave at me before peeling out of the parking lot.

"A friend of yours?" Charlie asked with a cocked brow.

"Hardly," I replied as I shook my head.

"He's just a weird guy in a few of my classes. I don't know what his problem is." Charlie sighed and looked at me.

"Stay away from him, Bella. That kid's got issues and with all the stress you're under, you don't need to be taking on his problems, too." His tone was too stern and condescending for my liking.

I rolled my eyes and picked at my food.

What the fuck did Charlie know about my 'stress'... he was never home and when he was home, he was drunk and passed out in front of the TV with some sports program blaring.

Even if I wanted a friend, and I didn't, it wouldn't have been Edward Cullen that I chose.

He had trouble written all over him.

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