AWoC ch25

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Now…let's check in on Bella.


After I got off the phone with Edward, I knew somehow I was going to have to deal with the Riley situation, and soon.

He had finally stopped calling me and texting me, but I knew he wouldn't quit for good.

I debated on whether or not I should just bite the bullet and call him, or if I should just leave it alone. I got my clothes together and decided to take a shower, have some breakfast and then I'd decide what to do.

I smiled as I stood under the hot water with my eyes closed. I had a non-date date with Edward later today. I'd never really been on a date, so I was a little giddy and it kind of freaked me out. I wasn't used to feeling this way, nor had I ever been around a guy that made me feel like he did.

As the hot water caressed my achy neck and shoulders, I imagined what it would feel like to have him naked, pushed against me in the shower. Having his long, lean body touching mine without the nuisance of clothes or the restraint of emotions.

I envisioned his long fingers as they touched my skin and his large hands as they palmed my boobs before slowly sliding flat against my stomach then reaching my bare pussy.

I let my fingers explore my flesh below as I daydreamed of him giving me soft flicks and gentle probes as he pushed his digits inside of my swollen flesh.

Pumping slowly, I let my mind hear his soft moans as I whimpered at the feel of being touched and fingered. His voice in my ear growling about how I was 'his' and how he wanted to claim me with his body.

In my mind, I could feel the hardness of his length against my thigh and I wanted to know what it felt like to have him inside of me.

"Yes," I mewled as his finger hit the spot that pushed me higher and higher.

I came hard against my own hand, my breathing coming out labored and in hard pants, but as my eyes opened, I instantly wished I wasn't alone.

I wished my visions could be a reality and that kind of scared me, as I'd never been a sexual person before.

I quickly finished my shower, got out and dried off then pulled on my clothes. I wondered if I should 'spruce up' my look for tonight as I stared at myself in the mirror.

"No, stop being silly, Bella. This is just Edward." I said to my reflection.

As I started down the stairs, I heard Charlie rummaging around in the kitchen.

"Want me to fix you some breakfast before you crash?" I startled him, as he bumped his head on the fridge where he was bent over, mumbling to himself about eating cold leftovers.

"Oh hey, Bells, I didn't hear you come downstairs." He shot up and rubbed his head. "But, sure, yeah, that'd be great. Just some eggs and toast will work." Charlie grabbed his coffee mug and leaned up against the counter while I began to pull out the stuff to make something for us to eat.

As I stood at the stove making our eggs, Charlie looked over the newspaper and the silence roared around us. Neither of us was good with the small talk, especially with one another.

"You know next weekend is family visitation day, if you want to go see Renee," Charlie's nerves spoke for him, as I shook my head, my back still towards him.

"I don't want to go, but you can if you want to," I turned around to get a plate off the table to scoop the eggs onto, as I briefly made eye contact with my dad.

"Bella, you can't avoid her forever. I mean, she is your mother," I could hear the sadness in his voice as he spoke those words.

"I'm not avoiding her, Dad. I simply have the choice not to see her, I choose not to." I sounded defensive and watched him tense up a little. I sighed and sat down, "Is that not okay with you?"

"No, Bella, you're right. You do have a choice, if you don't want to go, that's fine. But," he hesitated and I knew another one of his famous lectures was coming my way, "I don't like you being alone all the time. I mean, aren't there any kids you like at school?"

I narrowed my eyes at him and brought my knees up onto my chair.

"Dad," I held a warning in my tone, "we've talked about this. I don't like being around a lot of people. Besides, I do have a friend."

He grumped and then it was his turn to narrow his eyes at me.

"Who is it? I'm sure I know her parents," he questioned as he dug into his food and I got up to grab the coffee to refill both of our mugs.

While my back was still to him, I mumbled, "Edward Cullen."

"Bells," Charlie's voice tried to sound menacing, but I swung around, refilled both of our mugs then set the decanter back on the coffee maker.

I sighed and sat down, "I don't want to hear it, Charlie. He's a good kid and he's my friend."

"He's a troublemaker," he tried to start what I'm sure was to be a long-winded speech about how 'bad' Edward was, but I was having no part of it.

"Before you start Charlie, I think you need to understand there is more to Edward than I think even you realize. So, save your breath, because I don't want to hear it."

I spooned a mouthful of eggs, swallowed them down and began a stare down with my father.

He ran a gamut of emotions as he just looked at me; soft eyes, hard eyes, angry eyes, then defeat settled in brown eyes that matched mine.

"Just be careful, Bells. You've been through enough. Besides, I know you and once you've made your mind up, there ain't no stopping you." He took a drink of coffee then his quiet voice made tears come to my eyes, "Just remember you can't save everyone without getting hurt."

I got up and went to hug him, "Oh Dad," was all I could muster and keep the tears at bay.

As I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit later, I thought about what Charlie had said. Was I trying to save Edward? Or had he saved me?

I had just wanted Edward to know someone saw him so where did all of that turn into what it was now?

And how had it all suddenly become so complicated?

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