AWoC ch29

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Riley POV

All I could see was red.

That little bitch played me, and she was going to pay for the embarrassment she caused. She was going to pay with her body and possibly her fucking miserable life.

No one fucked Riley Biers over, ever.

That fucking excuse for a father of hers better not even think twice of getting in my way either.

I sped down the highway formulating a plan for exactly what I was going to do to her.

First, I would slam her around to let her know she could not fuck with me.

The thought of her slinking out my bathroom window, leaving me waiting at my own damn house, during my own fucking party - that shit was completely unacceptable.

Bella fucking Swan belonged to me now and I would show her what I expected from her now and for the future.

I'd drag her by the hair to her bedroom, rip off her clothes and take that body of hers to use for my own damn pleasure. Just like she would have learned last night, had she not skipped out on me.

That bitch would pay for that.

"Slow the fuck down, Riley. You trying to get us killed," Tyler's voice pulled me out of my fit of rage as I glanced down and realized I was doing over a hundred miles an hour.

"Shut the fuck up," I yelled and pulled my foot off the accelerator a bit to keep from getting pulled over.

"Where the fuck are we going, man?" Tyler asked as he lit a joint and took a few hits.

"What the fuck does it matter to you?" I questioned and grabbed the joint for a puff.

I felt the rage running through me as I narrowed my eyes on the road. I knew I had to get a handle on myself or I'd blow it before I got started.

I slowed the car down a little more as we got closer to Forks. The last thing I needed was to get pulled over by one of the pricks in this fucked up town.

"You got the guns loaded in the car?" I questioned Tyler. He usually did as he was told so I sure hoped this time was no different.

"Of course," he replied, a little annoyed I even asked him.

"When we get there, stay in the car until I give you the signal to come in, understand?"
I had to figure out exactly what I was going to do. Especially when I turned the corner and saw the fucking Chief of Police's cruiser sitting in the mother fucking driveway.

"Fuck," I said and slammed my hand against the steering wheel.

I pulled the car over a few houses down from the Swan residence and killed the engine.

"Stay alert," I told him as I slid a gun out from under the seat and put it in the back of my jeans.

"Sure thing," Tyler answered and sunk down lower into the seat.

"And no more fucking weed, I don't need you fried if I get into trouble," I gave him a stern look and he just nodded.

I got out and walked across the street, making my way towards the house.

I noticed all the lights were dim inside. I could see the glare of the television inside the big bay window and Charlie spread out in a recliner.

I didn't notice Bella's car anywhere around and I began to wonder if I should have started by searching for her.

I knocked on the front door and heard the Chief startle awake with a loud grump.

Fuck, this was messed up.

He slowly opened the front door and his eyes went wide as he took me in.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Biers?" he spoke through the plastic pane on the screen door.

"Let me the fuck in, Charlie," I growled and waited for him to release the hook on the door.

Once he did, I walked in without waiting for an invitation.

"Where the fuck is Bella?" I asked as I stood in the middle of the living room.

He panicked and ran his hand around the back of his neck.

"What the fuck do you want with my daughter?" His voice was rough and I could hear his fear.

"She's got some business with me, some that she left unfinished and I'm here to finish it." I smirked at him as he sat slowly down in his chair.

"How the hell do you have any business with my daughter, Riley? I deserve to know what the fuck is going on!" Charlie looked at me with new determination in his eyes.

"You see Charlie, I don't owe you shit. Therefore, it truly is none of your business. But let's just say your precious little girl is in too deep for you to save her. She owes me and that's that." I walked around the room, surveying it, noting it was a plain, rundown room that appeared sad.

"Look Riley, I don't know what the fuck is going on between you and Bella, but it ends now. Do you hear me? She's a young girl, and whatever you've gotten her involved in, it ends now. Me and you, we've got our own dealings. But she's out. Whatever it is, she's fucking out of it right the fuck now." Charlie stood up and clenched his fists at his side.

I walked over to him, bowed up and smiled, "Or what? You'll arrest me?" I laughed and watched his face. He didn't blink. Hell, I don't think he even took a breath.

"I'll kill you myself, Riley. I'm not fucking scared of your punk-ass." Charlie spoke through gritted teeth in a voice that should have filled me with fear. However, I would never show my enemy my doubts.

"You wish." I said and took a step back.

"Just know this, Charlie, I WILL finish my business with her. And there's not a fucking thing you can do about it." I shoulder-checked him as I walked by only to notice a set of headlights through the big bay window. A car had turned in, turned around and sped away.
I instantly recognized the car.

That fucking little prick.

He was dead.

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