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Two Weeks later


Alice was coming home today. It was the last Friday night before school starts on Monday and Dad had flown to New York to bring her home.

She hadn't been happy about his decision at all. From the few conversations I'd overheard on the phone I knew she still blamed everything on me.

Alice living in the bedroom across the hall was not going to be a fun time for either of us. I was still pissed off about the way she'd treated CP at the hospital after the accident.

Emmett and Rosalie had flown in for the weekend as it would be the last chance he got to come home before the first College football game of the season. We were planning on all flying to Texas for his homecoming game in October but he wanted to be here when Alice came home.

My big brother was finally stepping into the role he was destined to be within our family dynamic and he was pretty much the only one Alice would half-way listen too.

CP and I had planned a double date for tomorrow night with Em and Rosalie, which should be interesting to say the least. But, in keeping with all I had learned and putting forth effort, I had agreed to go after Em and CP tag teamed me.

It seems he had also become the older sibling my girlfriend had always needed, too. I still had moments of jealousy when they were texting each other or talking on the phone, but, I knew it was healthy for all of us to become a family.

Hell, I'd even gone fishing with Charlie twice in the past week. It sucked and bored me to tears but I'd come to respect the man. He loved his daughter and I appreciated his understanding I felt the same way about her.

I had also conned Emmett into helping me with a little project to surprise Caterpillar with for her birthday. He thought it was a bit odd but agreed to help me anyway.

First, we had to handle Alice.

"Emmett, I'm going to drive Bella home," I yelled from the front door. CP was looking up at me with those wicked brown eyes and it made me hard just thinking about what was running through her mind.

"Hurry up, they'll be home within the hour," he hollered back at me as I pulled CP against me so she could feel exactly what she was doing to me.

She tiptoed up and touched her lips to mine causing me to moan, loudly.

"We don't have time to for the Meadow, baby," I might have whined when we broke apart for a breath.

"I know," she teased and pressed her chest against mine. "But, we have time to park in the woods, somewhere don't we?"

"Indeed," I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward my car.

Twenty minutes later we were naked, sweaty and rocking my car like there was an earthquake happening.

"Fuck, I love you riding me this way," I moaned while Caterpillar rode me with the front seat laying all the way back.

She laughed and sat all the way down on my cock, "You love me riding you anyway, Cullen."

I smiled and shook my head, drunk on the euphoria surrounding us.

CP took me slow and steady, all the while maintaining eye contact, conveying all my fears, anger and love right back at me.

~~~ AWoC~~~

"Promise me you'll at least try and think before you speak when she says something to rile you up," Caterpillar said as I took a long drag of my cigarette while shaking my head as we sat in her driveway.

She nicked my smoke, pulled a long drag before she placed the tip back against my lips.

I watched her release the smoke, a serious look on her face.

"I promise to try," I finally answered.

"You know deep down she loves you and she's just scared of all the change," her voice of wisdom once again making me smile as she spoke in what I refer to as her 'Garrett voice'.

"I can only hope," I replied and brought her tiny hand up to kiss.

"In all honesty, I don't know if the relationship between us can be repaired if she isn't going to try and accept you," I'd thought a lot about this, talked about it with Garrett and even with Emmett.

My little sister didn't know me anymore. She still remembers me at age eleven, I think. And, that is most definitely not who I was any longer.

A lot has changed.

"Well, I'm not going to push her. She's lost her mom, her brothers have bonded, and her dad is forcing her to leave her boyfriend slash best friend slash protector behind thousands of miles away. She's not going to let her walls down easily, if at all." Bella's eyes were misted as she spoke about all she felt in regards to Alice's situation. It was just one of the many reasons I'd come to love her so deeply. CP was smart, intuitive and paid attention to things I hadn't considered.

"I know." It was all I could say as I let out a deep sigh.

Our eyes met and she smiled a million watt smile at me.

"I love you, Edward, but if you don't get back before she arrives you'll never hear the end of it."

"I know," I shrugged and leaned over to kiss her. I promised my dad and Emmett, so I knew I had to leave. But, this was always the worst part of my day; leaving CP and going home alone.

"I'll pick you up in the morning and we'll hit the early meeting, okay?" I breathed her in as our foreheads touched, eyes locked.

"You know I'll be ready," she took a deep breath, kissed me quick and hopped out of the car.

"Love you," she called just as she shut the door. I sat in the drive until she was inside, my insides twisting as I watched the door close knowing I was about to face the firing squad alone.

But, as I drove and felt the anger start to rise within me, a feeling of something washed over me and I felt light.

I wasn't alone.

I had Carlisle and Emmett there to support me and even CP, regardless of whether she was physically standing beside me or not.

My family did love me and support me. Even though I had moments where it still seemed surreal to think about all we'd been through to get to this point.

Facing Alice wasn't going to be easy but we had to figure it out, hopefully we could.

But, I wasn't going to hold my breath.

And, I wasn't going to risk my sobriety for her.

This was me now.

She could take it or leave it.

I pulled into the driveway, glad to see I beat them home but just barely as I heard the crunch of gravel as I walked up to the porch.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and turned around to see the car stop with a very angry Alice glaring at me from the front seat.

Here goes nothing.

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