AWoC ch63

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Alice POV

All I've heard for the past month is "Edward" this and "Emmett" that. I'm fucking sick of it.

I don't care what type of rehab he'd been at he was still the same spoiled, demented and drunken asshole he'd always been. Plus, he was still with that flakey bitch Bella.

I had to bite my tongue every time Emmett or my dad started talking about how wonderful she was and how I needed to give them both a chance.

I would never like her.

I would never forgive him.

Because of Edward my mom was in a nut-house, and everyone seemed to be okay with her being there. Hell, Dad even told me they weren't going to visit with her regularly because it upset her.

I'm sure it did.

She needed us, her family, her children and they just dumped her there and left her all alone.

Well, fuck them.

"Home sweet home," Dad announced as he stopped the car.

I watched as Edward stopped, his shoulders sagged and then he turned around with a look on his face I didn't recognize. But, he definitely could read mine.



I tried not to stare at the clock as I sat on my bed with my journal in my lap. I knew Alice was probably home by now and I anticipated a call from Edward regaling the tale of her homecoming entrance.

I hated not being there but I understood we needed to ease Alice into things the same way everyone had done for us when we returned home.

It still sucked.

We'd busted our ass's to get caught up on school work so we wouldn't be behind in grades. We'd abided the "no sex in the house" rules. We'd regularly attended our meetings and counseling sessions.

This was just one more hurdle we had to overcome.

"Bella, I'm home," I heard Charlie holler up the stairs when he'd arrived.

"So am I," I hollered back down to him.

"Bella," his stern voice, or at least what he thought was his stern voice.

"Give me a minute," I answered and checked myself in the mirror before grabbing my phone to head down the stairs.

While Charlie had grown to accept mine and Edward's relationship, he didn't often let me forget that he wanted things to be different in my life. He wanted to talk to me when he got home he wanted us to share a meal and our day's tales together. Charlie wanted to be an 'involved parent', as he'd learned about in his own meetings.

Most of the time it didn't bother me but tonight I was on edge, he knew I would be, too.

"I got an interesting earful from Deputy Brady when he arrived to relieve me at the station," he eyed me sideways as he checked the coffee pot before pouring himself a cup.

"Oh yeah? More crazy wolves on the loose?" I teased as I sat down at the kitchen table.

He made this huffing sound then sat down across from with a look on his face that made me cringe.

We'd been seen. Shit. Fuck. Double Damn.

"You want to tell me what exactly you and that boy were doing pulled off behind the trees near Grover road?" He crossed his arms over his chest and sat back in his chair.

I took a deep breath.

"Edward was stressed out. We needed a quiet place to just relax, unwind and talk it through. So we pulled off there, got out, hiked a bit and talked," I tried to keep a straight face and talk my way out of this.

"Mmmhmmm," he murmured before taking a sip of coffee.

I wasn't sure where he was going with this conversation and luckily my phone rang, interrupting the moment.

I jumped up and grabbed it off the counter only to have Charlie grab my wrist, "We're not done with this talk, Bella." I nodded and accepted the call from Edward.

"Hello," I said, breathily as I made my way up the stairs to my room.



I took a long, hard pull off my cigarette and tried to calm down after the homecoming wrath of my little sister.

It went about as well as I'd anticipated it would. She hated me, resented me and was not appreciative of the changes in me or the fact that Bella was so involved in all aspects of our family life.

I heard the door open behind me and felt Emmett's big paw slap the back of my shoulder before I saw him step up beside me.

"You know that shit will kill ya," he gestured toward my cigarette.

I shook my head and smirked, "Yeah, well, unless you want me to give up sobriety, back the fuck off lughead."

He punched my shoulder and laughed loudly.

I pulled another drag and slowly released the smoke, letting the mood somber between us.

"Do you think she'll ever forgive me?" I kept my eyes out on the yard, unable to look at my brother.

He let out a deep sigh, "I think you are the least of her worries, Edward. She's holding onto a lot of shit, ya know?"

I nodded, dropped my smoke and stomped it out.

"I know, but fuck she aims all of it at me. I'm trying Em, I really am but if she goes off on me like that again, I don't man." It was an honest statement and still pissed me off.

I watched as my little sister got out of the car, her eyes a blaze with anger, hate and fire.

"Welcome home, Mary Alice," I said and tried to smile.

My dad walked around the car to stand beside me while she just stood at the side of the car, leaning against it, arms crossed over her chest.

"Fuck you, Edward. Nothing about my being here is welcoming. I don't want to be here. I don't want to be living across the hall from you. I wish you were in that nut house and not our mother. Yeah, remember her? Esme, your MOTHER," her voice screeched loud and enunciating every letter of our mother's name, which caused me to flinch.

"That's quite enough, Alice," my father's voice stern and demanding.

She cackled and shook her head, "I'm just getting started, Daddy," the sarcasm thick in her tone.

"Alice, things are different. I'm different. You need to calm down so we can sit down and talk." I said, calmly and pleadingly.

She cackled again and walked toward me, one hand on her hip the other with a finger pointing straight at me.

"You are different, you've been brainwashed. That little Swan bitch has bewitched all of you. I'm the only one that can see it. But, I'll tell you right now, you better keep that little slut away from me. I want nothing to do with her or you," she poked my chest once more and then stormed off towards the house.

My dad sighed and put his arm around my shoulder.

"I wonder what Garrett could do for her," he said jokingly but with an edge of seriousness.

"Not enough," I said and pulled my smokes out of my pocket.

"I'm going out back. Let me know when the coast is clear," my dad nodded and I made my way out back to smoke my anger off.


Alice POV

"Hello," I heard her say.

"Listen here you little tramp, I don't know what you've done to my family but I'll be damned if I buy into this sweet and innocent act you've got going on. Stay the fuck away from me, from my brothers and my dad. If you know what's best for you, you will listen to my warning," I heard her start to speak just before I ended the call and laid Edward's phone back down on the cabinet.

Fucker was stupid leaving that shit lying around.

Fuck, I missed Jasper.

I walked through the house, noticing all the little things out of place or missing.

I held back the tears as I looked around the family room, noticing pictures of our family from years ago. Back to a time when we actually were a family, happy and loved each other and it hurt my head.

"Alice," I heard Emmett quietly speak my name but I refused to turn around to face him.

"Leave me alone, Em." I tried to keep my voice from squeaking as I held in the hurt and tears.

"Fine, but sooner or later we're going to sit down and talk about all of this." I waited until I heard him turn around and leave.

"I hate you. I hate all of you," I screamed as I slammed the last family portrait we'd had made to the ground.

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