One Piece the Story

Chapter 1: One day teh strwa hat pirates wer in teh ocean on a boat. Sudenly, Usop toched Nami's tits. "Fuck u, Usop u molester!" Nami said. "Betch, yu r mine. U will make me a sandwich now." "No, fuk off". So Usopp was sad. Sudenly, Luffy came (not that kind) onto the bridge. "Guys I am gonna be king of pirates!" he said. "We no, Luffy yu said that like 34 times alredy." said Sanji. Then Sanji kicked Usopp in teh ass and said "yur not teh perv, I am teh perv". "Yur both pervs" said Robin. Then there was a leek in the hull 0f teh boat, but Franky fixed it. "I am teh grettest!" said Frank. "No yur not, I am." sed Rololorona Zoro. Then Chop'r came up and sed "I am in this story 2, sadly." "So I am" said Brook, who was bones.

Chapter 2: Buggy the clown was following the SHP in his boat lookin 4 revengence. "I will show those biches whose boss" he said. So Buggy took of his hand, and it went on the SHP boat. It crawled into Namis room and fondeld her while she slept, but then she woke up and got pised and tossed it out teh window. "What teh fuck was that?" Sudenly Buggy hopped onto the boat and saw Robin and wanted to fuk her, but then Luffy interrupted so Buggy used his drug spray on Robin and stole her. "We have to go to teh rescue!" said Luffy. "We need some plan" said Usopp, but Luffy and Zolo ran off cuz they thinked they were 2 badass for plans.

Chapter 3: Buggy took Robin to teh island, but Luffy and Zoro found him rite away. "We'll kick yur ass" said Zoro. But Buggy made his hands and foots beet up teh pirates. "Silly clown, tricks r 4 kids!" said Luffy! Luffy used his move to smack teh shit out off Buggy. But Buggy said "I will use tranform!" So Buggy turned into teh Joker. Joker used his toxic poisions (which culd kill ppl) on Luffy, but Luffy was rubber so he could make a joker grin anyway and life. Joker Buggy used eclectic joy buzzing on Luffy, but rubber does no convect electricing. "Gum gum piledriver" said Luffy, who kiked Joker Buggys ass that way. "Zolo help me" said Luffy. So Zoro used 3 sword to chop Buggys hed in 2 but he Luffy's head also.

Epic log: Zoro was consummed with gilt and ran away. Robin tried to xplain it was a accidunt to teh other straw hats, but they were sad cuz Luffy was ded. So thats how Nami became new captain of straw hat pirates.