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It was just another working day for the NCIS team as the black car skidded to a hault and the tires squealed as they came to a stop. Gibbs swung his door open and he stepped out, shutting the door behind him and he turned to face the house where their suspect was meant to be hiding. He glanced at the house that looked abandoned as he noticed the shattered glass windows, the flaking paint on the door and window frames and the missing tiles from the roof.

McGee, Ziva and Tony all got out of the car as they noticed their boss walking up to the front porch of the house. Gibbs slowly walked towards the nearest window and peered through it, seeing all the furniture inside the house scattered around the room. In the mean time Tony was searching around the back of the house to see a path nearby which looked like it led in to a forrest.

Ziva and McGee were looking around the front of the house and then Gibbs pulled his gun from its holster as he stood on one side of the front door. Ziva and McGee copied his actions as their guns were drawn and they stood opposite their boss. Gibbs nodded and then he kicked the front door open, almost sending it off its hinges.

"NCIS!" Gibbs yelled.

Gibbs stepped cautiously in to the house and he motioned for Ziva and McGee to go right as he went left. His gun was raised as he looked around the house and then as he entered the living room, he heard potery smashing and a groan of pain.

"McGee, Ziva?!" Gibbs shouted as he spun around.

"McGee's unconscious! He's making a run for it!" Ziva replied.

Gibbs then heard heavy footsteps coming from the hallway and he wasted no time as he heard the back door slam shut. Gibbs then dashed towards the back door and through the glass window in the door, he could see Tony chasing the man up in to the forrest.

Tony was running as fast as he could with his gun held tightly in his right hand as the man ran in to the forrest. The man was running as fast as he could as he knew Tony was on his tail and Tony noticed the man picking up his pace. Tony promised himself he wouldn't let the bastard get away and he forced his legs to move as fast as they could. The man could hear Tony's panting from behind him and the man was almost at his destination as he spotted a lake in the distance. Tony's lungs were starting to ache as he panted for breath and he heard Gibbs's voice far behind him.


Tony would've replied to his boss but he didn't have the energy to do so and he saw the man come to a hault in front of the lake. The man looked up at the sky, then he dived right in to the cold murky water. Tony threw his gun aside along with his jacket as he reached the lake and he took a breath before he dived in to the deep water.

Once underneath the water he couldn't see anything and he swam downwards looking for the man. Tony knew Gibbs would kill him if he let the man drown and Tony was about to go back up to the surface for some air, when a hand locked tightly around his ankle. He instantly felt himself being pulled down by the man but he fought against him, struggling to get to the surface.

He managed to break the surface for a meer second and he gasped in as much water as he could along with some water. He tried to yell for Gibbs but the hand pulled down forcefully and the man swam up to the surface beside him and forced him under, then Tony disappeared under the water once more. Tony's breath was instantly knocked out of him as water gushed in to his mouth and his eyes were wide as he looked around and tried to get to the surface, but he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. He tried to cough up the water only to breathe in more of the liquid in a final choking rush. The cold liquid went in to his lungs and he felt his throat burning as the liquid filled his lungs. He always thought drowning would be peaceful but it wasn't it was painful and then the blackness was coming for him. Then as Tony floated lifelessly under the water, the man swam up to the surface.

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