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"They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true. What they don't tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up" – Senior Ed Bloom, Big Fish

Chapter 1:

Her gaze falls for the third time on the brunette who is currently sitting alone in the corner of the bar. Quinn has been subtly watching her since she entered the club and every so often, she will give the brunette her full attention, in an attempt to figure her out. The woman had walked in and immediately hovered by the door, waiting several minutes before heading towards the bar and ordering a drink. Quinn watched as other people brushed past her in an attempt to get served first and the woman never seemed bothered, she just let it happen and patiently waited to get served.

Quinn admired her for that. If that had been her, she would have quickly lost her temper with the people surrounding her.

After being served, the brunette had walked over to a table in the darkest corner of the bar and took a seat. She didn't speak to anybody in passing and once she placed her drink on the table, her gaze didn't waver from the glass before her.

Yet she never drank from it once.

She still hasn't drunk anything.

Quinn frowns with curiosity at the brunette, cocking her head to the side in interest.

Something about her captivates Quinn.

Maybe it's the way her hair is haphazardly thrown up in a messy bun, strands of loose hair falling around her face and the fact that she's not dressed for a night out, sitting there in a hoodie and jeans.

Maybe it's the way she looks at the drink as if its poison and one sip will harm her.

Or maybe it's because she looks as though she's about to start crying any minute.

"Are you even listening to me?"

Quinn shakes herself out of her reverie and turns her head away from the mysterious brunette to come face to face with a glowering blonde. The woman, whose name she thinks is Amy but she could be wrong, is rather pretty and Quinn knew immediately that she would be easy to get into bed. Despite the wedding ring that sits on her left ring finger; Quinn knew that a few compliments and a faked interest shown in her life would make her putty in her hands.

One thing that has always plagued her and has caused problems in the past is her weakness for married girls, girls in relationships in general. Ever since she was little, she has always wanted things she can't have, be it something as simple as somebody else's Christmas present or a piercing that her mother told her she couldn't get

Once she discovered her sexuality, girls became her prime interest.

She has always wanted the girl she couldn't have, be it the straight girl, the innocent girl, the girl in a relationship or the girl somebody else likes.

She likes the challenge that comes with them.

So when she saw Amy dancing with her friends, she had to approach her. After all, it's been a long time since she has left a club without somebody in tow.

"Of course I'm listening to you," Quinn lies and the frown directed her way tells her that the other girl doesn't believe her. Not that she should, it's obvious that she hadn't listened to anything Amy said. Within five minutes of meeting her, Quinn learnt that Amy liked to talk and Quinn's not really interested in that. She doesn't understand the necessity to have conversations that involve sharing pointless information that neither person really cares about or would remember in the morning.

She's trying to sleep with Amy; it doesn't matter to her where she works or the fact that she's out tonight to celebrate her friend's birthday.

But Quinn nods along every time somebody informs her of these details and plasters an attentive smile on her face because there's no harm in pretending to listen.

"What did I just say?"

Quinn sighs; frustrated that Amy won't let the subject drop. "It's hard to hear what you're saying over the music."

"Well why don't we leave and go somewhere a bit more private? Besides, I can think of better things to do than talk," Amy purrs in Quinn's ear. She knows it's meant to be seductive but if anything, it irritates her for some reason. "My place or yours?"

Normally the answer would be yours; Quinn never takes her one-night stands back to her apartment.

She never has.

The other woman licks her lips before brushing some of Quinn's blonde hair behind her ear. Quinn stares at the woman before her and finds herself struggling to give Amy the answer she's looking for. She is unable to shake the brunette off her mind. She feels drawn to her, almost as if the brunette has a gravitational pull surrounding and Quinn's helpless to it.

All she can do is surrender to it.

For some reason, she doesn't want to leave without meeting the brunette.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

The words come out of her mouth before she can stop them and Amy's mouth opens in shock. The rejection surprises Quinn too, she can't remember the last time she actively turned somebody down.

"You've been hitting on me all night and now I'm saying yes, you're saying no?"

"I'm just not feeling it anymore," Quinn replies truthfully. "It's not you."

The tall blonde's eyes widen and she finishes her drink in one fluid motion, slamming the empty glass against the bar. "Your loss," she spits before storming off towards the toilets.

Quinn sighs heavily, grateful that Amy didn't turn that into an argument, before glancing over her shoulder at the brunette. She's still sitting alone, deep in thought, her drink remains untouched. Quinn remains still for several minutes, observing the other woman silently. She's hesitant to interrupt her as she looks upset and troubled but just as she pushes herself off the bar; she quickly leans back against it as somebody walks over to the brunette and takes a seat opposite her.

She watches their interactions with avid interest, the way the brunette doesn't even raise her head to see who has sat in front of her, the way the man continues talking despite no response, the way the brunette slowly lifts her head and says something that Quinn cannot make out and how the man suddenly stands and walks away from her.

His ego probably bruised at the rejection.

Finishing her drink, she places the empty glass on the bar and strides confidently over to where the brunette is sitting. "Can I buy you a drink?"

She rolls her eyes and mentally berates herself for asking a stupid question, the drink in front of the other woman is untouched so the probability of her wanting another one is incredibly low but it's the line Quinn usually leads with.

It's not too presumptuous and she finds that most people won't turn down a free drink.

The brunette stiffens at the new voice but the fact that it's a woman causes her to look up quickly to see who has interrupted her before she drops her gaze back to her drink. "I already have one."

Quinn's stomach flutters at the sight of the brunette's face up close. She's beautiful and Quinn rakes her eyes over the brunette, subconsciously licking her lips. Her heart constricts a little at the sight of bloodshot eyes, glistening with tears and her tear stained cheeks.

"Another one then?"

The other woman circles the top of her glass with her finger. "Does this usually work for you?" She ask, genuine curiosity painting her face. "Do you buy somebody a drink in the hope they'll drop their panties for you later on?" She removes her finger from the glass and brings her hands together, dropping them into her lap. "Or are you the classy type who sleeps with somebody in the bathroom of the bar?"

They say that within seven seconds of first meeting somebody, you develop your first impression of them. You judge them on their clothes, their appearance or the way they speak. Quinn has a feeling that the brunette's first impression of her isn't a good one and she feels a need to correct her.

She doesn't want the other woman to think badly of her.

"I buy somebody a drink to be nice."

"I think you and I may have different definitions of the word nice."

"Okay, you know what, since clearly all you think I want is sex, why don't I play by your rules. The drink option doesn't seem to be working so would you rather I use a chat-up line instead? I prefer not to use them as I find them too cliché but I do have an arsenal of them."

Quinn takes a seat opposite the brunette, expecting the other woman to tell her to go away but the brunette simply tilts her head to the side in fascination and waits for Quinn to continue. "Shall we start with a funny one? I'm no Fred Flinstone but I can make your bed rock." The brunette doesn't crack a smile but it doesn't deter her. "Maybe you'd prefer cheesy, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" The corners of the brunette's mouth curl upwards ever so slightly. "Or my personal favourite," she lowers her voice to a sultry whisper, just low enough for only the brunette to hear, "if you are what you eat, I could be you by morning."

It's surprising, considering the volume of the music in the club, that when the brunette snorts with laugher, it's all Quinn can hear and she is quite taken aback by the sound. The laugh is much louder than her speaking voice and she finds it cute when the brunette collects herself, a rosy tint decorating her cheeks.

She's still blushing when she speaks. "That's awful."

"It made you laugh though."

The brunette shakes her head slowly before fixating her eyes directly on Quinn's. Quinn inhales sharply at the sudden action, feeling nervous under the intense gaze. "I'm not going to sleep with you."

"That's twice you've assumed that all I want is sex and I don't recall ever saying that. You can't count that chat-up line because that was just a joke. You're the one who assumed that I was, as you so eloquently put it, trying to get you to drop your panties for me."

"I know your type."

Quinn places her hand against her chest feigning shock. "Am I that transparent?"

The other woman smiles shyly before releasing a heavy sigh. "I don't drink."

"Okay then I'll buy you a soft drink," Quinn states, not seeing a problem with this situation.

The brunette shakes her head and grabs hold of her glass, swilling the liquid around, careful not to spill any. "This is a vodka and coke," she explains. "I bought it with every intention of drinking it; why else would somebody purchase a beverage? But I can't bring myself to drink it because I don't drink, I haven't in years."

"Recovering alcoholic?" Quinn probes gently but she receives a quiet no in return. "Don't like the taste?"

"Bad experience with drinking alcohol."

"Then why did you buy one today?"

"People always tell me that alcohol is useful in making you forget and I needed something to help me forget about my day."

"You know it's just a temporary solution?" Quinn replies. "It may work tonight but in the morning, whatever you want to forget, it's still going to be there. You're going to remember it."

"Temporary is better than nothing," the brunette retorts. "Have you ever had a day were you just wanted to drink your troubles away?"

"Try months," Quinn jokes.

"That's how I feel right now and even if I remember tomorrow, at least for tonight, I can forget."

"What was wrong with your day?" Quinn asks softly. The brunette remains silent and she realises that she's not going to receive an answer. She takes a sip of her drink whilst observing the girl opposite curiously. "It's not going to work unless you actually drink it. And until you drink it, I can't buy you another one and I would really like to."

The brunette contemplates the other girl's statement before taking a large gulp of her drink, followed by another and continuing in that fashion until she had finished the drink.

Quinn's eyes widen. "I didn't have you down as the kind of girl who does what people tell her to do?"

"Normally I'm not but maybe it's time for a change. I think it's about time I started doing things I wouldn't normally do."

The blonde smiles widely, becoming more and more impressed with the brunette as their conversation progresses. "Does this mean I can buy you that drink now?"

"I guess what they say is right, third time really is the charm."

Quinn bobs her head before standing and heading towards the bar. She quickly orders two more drink, constantly keeping an eye on her acquaintance, just in case she decides to leave. Quinn wouldn't stop her if she did but she desperately wants her to stay. She pays the bartender, telling him he can keep the change before heading back towards the brunette.

"I'm Quinn by the way," she tells her, placing the drink in front of her and extending her hand.


When Elle takes her hand, Quinn stiffens as the sensation which fills her palm at the touch.

"Pretty name."

She retracts her hand slowly and ducks her head to look at her drink.

"Why did you leave that woman over there?" Elle asks inquisitively. "You'd been talking to her all night and then suddenly you were standing beside me. Did you decide she wasn't worth the chase? Or did you finally notice the wedding ring ergo realise that she wouldn't have slept with you?"


"It's a synonym for therefore, one of many like consequently or hence."

"I know what it means."

The right side of Elle's mouth curls upwards as she takes a sip of her drink. "Is that all you got from what I just said?"

Quinn shakes her head. "Of course not, I also got that you've been watching me all night."

"Don't flatter yourself," Elle says. "I like to people watch, I find it interesting and my eyes happened to fall on you and the other woman. Nothing more than that, sorry to deflate your big ego."


"You never answered my question."

"Let's just say that someone else took my interest."

It's only faint but Quinn's sure that Elle's cheeks are tinged with the colour pink. "I guess that because you sat down opposite me, I'm that somebody?"

It's Quinn's turn to smile. "Now who's got the big ego?"

Elle conceals a laugh and takes a sip of her drink, feeling the alcohol slide down the back of her throat. The taste is rather disgusting and she realises that she hasn't been missing out all these years. Still, it doesn't prevent her from taking another sip whilst Quinn does the same.

"I knew Amy was married," Quinn explains. "The woman I was talking to. You asked me if I finally saw the ring, I saw it straight away; it was pretty hard to miss."

Elle blows some of her hair out of her eyes and the blonde watches every movement she makes, no matter how small with a mixture of trepidation and bewilderment. "Even though she was married, you still would have slept with her?"

Quinn holds her hands up. "I'm not claiming to be a saint."

"It's immoral."

"All the good things are."

"Do you not even care?"

Quinn takes a sip of her drink, not liking the direction this conversation is heading. She doesn't want to have to explain her actions to this woman who she barely knows.

"The partner is their problem, not mine," Quinn states. "Besides, I don't do anything they don't want themselves. People can say no you know? It's their choice to sleep with me as much as it is mine."

"So if I told you I was in a relationship, it wouldn't deter you?"

"Are you?"

Elle quirks her eyebrow. "It doesn't matter to you either way right?"

"Not really, the only question is whether it matters to you."

"You've just proved me right."

Quinn frowns. "Right about what?"

"When I said I knew your type, you've just proved me right."

The blonde leans back against her chair with a chuckle. "This should be fun. Why don't you enlighten me?"

"Sex is a game to you; it's nothing more than a bit of fun. You pride yourself on how many women you can sleep with, in fact you probably keep a tally and I'm guessing that you sleep with people in relationships because you like the thrill of it, you enjoy the challenge. Do you want to know what else I think?" Quinn nods. "I think you do it because you're trying to fill a void. Did someone break your heart?" She asks quietly and Quinn swallows nervously. "That flicker in your eyes just then tells me they did. Someone broke your heart, probably your first love and to get over that, you sleep with random women because it's safer that way. You can't possibly get hurt if you don't put your heart on the line. I'm tempted to say you have a bad relationship with your parents but I think that's too cliché, in fact you probably have a brilliant relationship with them."

"Are you done?"

"Not quite," Elle states. "When you asked me about why my day was bad, your voice held sincerity and that tells me that deep down you are a nice person, you just hide behind this bravado, maybe because you feel more comfortable that way and I'm guessing that you only let a few people see the real you, somebody you've known forever perhaps."

Quinn swallows again, feeling considerably unnerved at how accurate Elle's description of her is. She plasters a fake smile on her face and places her elbows on the table, resting her chin in her right hand. "Finished?" The brunette nods, before taking a sip of her drink. "I'm glad."

"You asked," Elle whispers quietly. "Can I ask you something?"

In spite of everything, Quinn finds herself nodding.

"Did I get anything wrong?"

The question lingers in the air like a bad smell and before Quinn can say something back; Elle's phone vibrates against the table. The noise appears to shock Elle and her hands grasp blindly for the phone, diverting the call. She places her hands back in her lap and almost immediately afterwards, her phone starts to vibrate once more.

This time she's quicker to divert the call.

"Sounds like someone wants to get in touch with you."

"They'll have to wait."

The third time her phone vibrates seems to be the final straw and Elle diverts the call before switching her phone off and throwing it into her bag.

"Maybe you should ring them back, it could be important." Quinn takes a sip of her drink as she watches the brunette scowl at her.

"Why are you acting like you care?" Elle spits harshly. "You and I both know you only sat with me because you were hoping you could have sex with me. You don't need to act concerned when we both know you're not."

Quinn can't stop the surprise from filling her face at the venom which suddenly laces Elle's voice. The gentle tone she had earlier has disappeared and Quinn can't understand why.

"Where did that come from?" Quinn questions. "I thought we were having a nice time."

"Our different definitions of nice come into play again here."

She furrows her eyebrows at Elle but the other woman won't catch her gaze. Feeling frustrated at the other woman, she taps her hands against the table and starts to speak. "Since you analysed me, I think it's only fair I do the same. You're beautiful." Elle finally catches her gaze at the compliment. "But you're not aware of it. I think you know you're attractive but the way you blushed earlier when you realised I was interested in you tells me that you don't realise just how stunning you really are. You have morals, that was obvious from your reaction about me and Amy so that leads me to guess that you come from a wholesome family and that's what you want in life, the happy, faithful marriage. You also seem rather innocent which makes me think you're not very experienced when it comes to relationships and sex. I wouldn't be surprised if you're still dating your high school sweetheart," Quinn states. "You didn't tell me to go away the minute I sat down like you did with the guy before me, which makes me think you wanted somebody to talk to and that you enjoyed my company and you know what," Quinn lowers her voice, "I enjoyed yours too."

She's walking away from the table when she hears a faint whisper from Elle.

"I'm not dating my high school sweetheart."

"I don't keep a tally of the number of the people I've slept with," Quinn replies lightly. "I guess we both got something wrong."

The cold October wind whips through her as she stands against the wall, cigarette in hand. Her hair blows furiously in front of her face and she's given up trying to keep it under control. She brings the cigarette to her mouth and inhales, feeling the rush she gets from smoking seep through her body. She blows the smoke away from her but the wind only blows it back towards her.

She turns her head as the door to the bar opens and smirks at the person stumbling out of the door. "Leaving without saying goodbye?"

Elle's head snaps to the left at Quinn's voice. She smiles drunkenly at her before staggering towards her. Quinn places her free hand on Elle's waist, steadying her.

"I guess you got a taste for alcohol after I left?"

"I may have consumed more alcoholic beverages than I should have," Elle mumbles. "But drunk I am not."

"I can see that," Quinn replies playfully and Elle smacks her in the arm, harder than she was expecting. Elle must realise too because she runs her hand up and down Quinn's arm, apologising quietly. The touch is comforting and Quinn doesn't want it to end.

"Can I have a bit?" Elle asks, gesturing to the cigarette in her hands. Quinn hands it over straight away and chuckles as the brunette splutters and coughs after inhaling the cigarette.

"You don't smoke?" Quinn asks gently and receives a shake of the head. "Why ask for a bit then?"

"Doing things I don't normally do."

"You're just full of surprises aren't you?" Quinn states, smiling softly at Elle who is swaying slightly on the spot. She drops the cigarette to the ground, squashing it with her foot and wraps her hand completely around the other woman's waist, pulling her into her body.

"So were you just going to leave without saying goodbye?"

"I thought you'd left."

"So you looked for me?" Quinn asks. "I'm touched."

"I wanted to apologise," Elle murmurs. "I shouldn't have spoken to you like that, it was rude of me. You were only trying to be nice, even if you did have an ulterior motive."

"My version of nice or yours?"

The brunette scrunches up her nose, mouth opening and closing as she forgets what she wanted to say. In the end she shrugs her shoulders with a chuckle.

"It's okay, I have been given the brush off quite a few times believe it or not," Quinn says quietly before giving Elle a confident smirk. "Besides, I love it when people play hard to get," she flirts, revelling in the smile Elle gives her. The brunette's eyes open and close before she forces them open, attempting to make them stay that way.

Quinn shivers as the freezing cold wind hits her once more. Although she was surprised by the brunette's choice of clothing, she now envied her for it. Elle was probably lovely and toasty right now whilst she was currently losing feeling in her hands.

"Do you want to get out of here before I freeze?"

Elle pushes herself away from Quinn gently but the other woman maintains a slight hold on her, just in case she decides to stumble and fall over.

"I told you, I'm not going to sleep with you."

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much."

"You can't keep trying to get me into bed. It's not fair." Elle admonishes and Quinn finds it adorable when she pouts and stomps her foot.

"Why is it not fair?"

"Because you're hot," Elle shouts before mumbling incoherently under her breath.

Quinn feels heat rising in her cheeks; she never blushes at compliments. She takes a step closer to the brunette, brushing some of her hair behind her ear. "Then why can't we have some fun." Quinn drops her gaze from Elle's eyes to her lips. She leans forward slightly, hearing Elle's breath hitch at the movement. She waits for the other woman to close the gap, wanting it to be her choice. Elle subconsciously licks her lips and leans forward until her lips meet Quinn's.

They meld together like pieces of a puzzle and their lips slide against each other perfectly. Quinn trails her tongue against Elle's lower lips and the brunette parts them just enough for Quinn's tongue to sneak in, stroking its counterpart. Quinn grabs Elle's waist and squeezes her hips before turning them around and pushing her against the wall she had previously been standing against. Elle's hands fly up and grab locks of Quinn's hair. Quinn smiles into the kiss and places her thigh in between Elle's legs, causing the brunette to gasp, enabling Quinn to focus her attention on Elle's neck. She sucks on her pulse point lightly, careful not to leave a mark. She moves her thigh again; connecting it with Elle's centre and trails her hands down the brunette's side, sneaking them underneath the brunette's top. Elle gasps as cold hands touch her warm stomach before she releases a guttural moan as the feeling of Quinn kissing her neck overtakes her, completely forgetting about the cold hands.

Quinn has to stop herself from taking her there and then at the sound of her moans.

Everything about the brunette is turning her on right now.

The laboured breathing, the sudden moans of pleasure she emits, the mumbled 'Quinn' every now and again and the way her hands are still fisting furiously at her hair.

"Come back to mine," Quinn whispers in her ear and Elle nods her head furiously. Quinn leans back to observe the brunette, she doesn't seem to be having any trouble staying awake anymore. Her lips are bruised and her cheeks are flushed. Her eyes are wandering over Quinn's body hungrily and her bottom lip is tugged between her teeth. The sight causes Quinn to crash her lips against Elle's once more, unable to contain herself.

She feels a compelling need to touch the brunette constantly.

"Are you sure about this?" Quinn asks softly as she pulls away.

Elle bites down on her lower lip and the blonde feels her knees buckle a little at the sight. "Yes."

Quinn looks hesitant and Elle must sense it because she entwines her fingers with Quinn's and jerks her closer to her. "Let's go."

The blonde nods eagerly and pecks the brunette's lips once more before pecking her nose. "This way," Quinn states, leading the brunette down the street as she attempts to hail a cab.