Hey this is my first fanfiction so I'd really appreciate any feedback. I know it's not the best but I said I'd put it up anyway. All characters are presented as they are for the story's purpose.x x x

Lauren slumped down on the leather sofa in Darren's apartment and sighed. She felt terrible, she hadn't seen Darren in like 5 months and here she was sitting on his couch being the most unsociable person that could exist. She didn't know most of the people here, but she'd predicted that would be the case as soon as Darren had given them the "awesome news" that he was throwing a house party. She took out her phone and checked the time and moaned. It was only 12.30! She scanned the room to see if she could spot any of her friends while absent-mindedly picking at the black sequins on her shorts. Her eyes landed on Joe who appeared to be sucking the face of some pretty brunette. She smirked to herself. Typical Walker, get drunk and hook up. Admittedly most of the others were probably hooking up too, besides Meredith and Brian who had more than likely bailed hours ago. She leant back against the couch and closed her eyes hoping that time might go just a fraction faster if she went for a little nap.

Suddenly she was aware of a presence sitting down next to her on the sofa. Opening her eyes slowly she turned to see who her new sofa companion was. She was met with a bright, cheeky smile and the piercing blue eyes of a familiar face, "I was hoping you weren't asleep. I'm Chord" he said holding out his hand. She couldn't believe it, Chord Overstreet! She had once harboured a crush on Chord, and she would be lying if she was to say she still didn't find him attractive. "Um, hi I'm Lauren, Darren's friend from college", she stuttered taking his offered hand, which needless to say engulfed her own tiny one. "Darren never mentioned that he had a super hot beautiful college pal", Lauren felt the heat rise to her cheeks. Guys usually just called her cute due to her small stature and she liked that he saw her as more than that. She was surprised at how easy it was to talk to Chord and discovered they'd a lot in common. He loved doing impressions (it wasn't just a Glee thing) and she found herself playing along and doing her voices from past Starkid shows, which brought back random memories of rehearsals. Like the perfect gentleman, Chord offered to get her a drink and asked what she would like. She hesitated momentarily knowing that she was extremely lightweight and even the tiniest bit of alcohol went straight to her head, but decided one couldn't hurt.

She took the cup from him gratefully and sipped away slowly while messing and laughing with Chord. Putting the cup down Lauren felt the room spinning and all the "pretty" colours and "shiny" lights seemed to blur into one another. She knew she should be worried but right at that moment she felt indestructible. She felt strong arms wrap around her waist and draw her towards a toned chest. Tilting her head upwards her lips were met with a crushing pressure. She gasped in pleasant surprise but found herself kissing back. Slowly she wrapped her arms around his neck and swung her leg over his lap so that she was now straddling his hips. Her head was buzzing and the noise around her seemed strangely disconnected. They stopped kissing and she felt Chord's warm breath tickle her ear and neck as he whispered to her, "let's move to somewhere where a bit more private babe". His voice was laced with satisfaction and a chilling smugness. She was vaguely aware of alarming bells going off in her head and part of her was screaming not to go anywhere with him but her mind seemed strangely distanced from her body and she found herself nodding and standing up.

The room swayed around her and she felt herself collapsing back into his arms. They started to make their way through the crowd with Chord having to half carry her. She felt so confused and an unknowing fear began to ripple through her. She was suddenly aware that she hardly knew this guy. She tried to pull back but her resistance was met with strong retaliation and she found herself being dragged forward. She willed her legs to run away or her voice to scream but her brain didn't seem able to cope with such ordeals. The realisation that she was completely powerless and trapped struck her. "Hey man, where're ye going?" she recognised that voice… Darren. She felt the relief flood through her as her eyes finally focused on his familiar face. "Just going to get some air", Chord replied innocently. Darren shrugged and stood back to let them through. Lauren immediately felt the panic return. They began to progress forward again. In a final act of desperation she grabbed on to Darren and looked up into his green eyes. Her hands were shaking and the room was spinning violently around her. The last thing she remembered before everything went black was the undeniable understanding in Darren's eyes acknowledge the terror in her own.