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They waited in silence, in the hospital waiting room, where they'd been escorted back to almost immediately after Lauren had been taken away. Words were of no use to any of them now. Lauren's parents had been in New York visiting her brother when they's received the call from Darren and were waiting to get the next flight to Chicago. Joe couldn't imagine the turmoil they must be in at the moment, knowing they were miles away from Lauren. At least he was here.

Time seemed to stand still as Joe waited and he thought it was ironic how that was also what happened every time Lauren walked into the room. She was different to any girl he'd ever dated. He loved everything about her... Her smile, which had the power to reach into people and make them feel special. Her ability to transform a character into something unique. And her laugh... he couldn't help but think about her infectious laugh and her beautiful brown eyes, with those impossibly long delicate eyelashes. The way she subconsciously ran her hands through her hair. The way she nibbled on her thumb nail when she was nervous... The way she made him love her.

Darren looked up at the clock on the wall. Lauren had been in theatre for almost four hours now and with every passing second, hope seemed to drift further and further away. Lauren had been such a huge part of his life. He wondered if she knew that. They'd spent nearly every waking moment with each other in college, but now things were different and Darren couldn't help but feel like he'd let her down, like he'd let the entire team down.

He often heard fans ask if he was even a member of Team Starkid anymore. Of course, his friends always insisted he was still a huge part of them. But he didn't feel like he was. They were moving on to new things without him. Every time he performed with the team it was amazing and he knew it was because Starkid was where he belonged. He'd always known that. He always knew Starkid was in his soul, in his heart... Starkid consumed him, as it had everyone else in the waiting room… and Lauren up in that operating theatre. Together they'd created this magical company because of their crazy antics and a Harry Potter obsession. Starkid kept going without him, but he wasn't so sure it could without Lauren.

If Lauren was here she'd be trying to make everyone talk, that girl hated silence, Darren thought.

"Hey remember when Lauren invited us all over for dinner at the end of freshman year and she accidentally set the oven on fire," Darren spoke.

"How could I forget, she dragged me into the kitchen to help her find a Chinese take-away number. Of course I freaked out when I saw the charred remains of my oven, while she freaked out that she didn't have any food to feed us," Julia chuckled.

"That night is the reason I became addicted to Chinese food. Man, that was good food," Dylan chipped in.

"Forget the oven fire, remember how she thought she saw Beyonce at the bowling alley and dropped the ball on my foot," Joey reminded them, with a sad smile on his face. "She spent the next 6 weeks, when my foot was in a cast, apologising and baking me gluten-free chocolate brownies."

"I love how competitive her and Brian get when we all go bowling or play laser tag," Jaime commented, while hugging her knees close to her chest.

"I'd let her win a thousand times over, if it meant she would be ok," Brian whispered, his eyes downcast, as he traced circles on the armrest of his chair with his finger, while his other arm was wrapepd tightly around a quiet Meredith.

The group went silent again for a few moments until Joe's voice came clear and strong from his spot next to Darren, "Lo would just give out to you for letting her win. She'd get no satisfaction from that."

Brian chuckled softly, "I guess you're right."

The door opened and everyone stood up in unison. The doctor looked directly at Joe and gave him a small smile,

"She's out of theatre and despite some complications during surgery, she's doing well."

"So she'll be ok?" Meredith asked shakily.

Dr Everett nodded, "She should make a full recovery."

Julia and Darren ran over and pulled a surprised Dr Everett into a bone-crushing hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Julia sobbed.

"I can't take all the credit. It was whoever called the ambulance, that effectively saved her life. With stabbings, we often find that by the time the victim is found, it's too late," he said seriously.

"Who did call the ambulance?" Darren asked

The doctor's face turned to that of confusion and his eyebrows crinkled into a small frown as he looked around at the faces of the group, which all wore a questioning expression.

"I thought you might know. From what I'm told, there was no one with her when they found her, just some bloody footprints."

Joe winced as he heard about the bloody footprints, but it went unnoticed by Dr Everett who continued talking,

"Lauren herself might be able to tell us when she wakes up. Would you like to come and see her now? The anaesthesia should be wearing off soon and I know you all would like to be there for when she wakes up," he finished.

The team smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Joe finally felt his chest loosen in relief. She was going to be ok. As they took the short, familiar journey through the hospital halls Darren fell into step beside Joe and handed him his mobile,

"I figured you should be the one to give her parents the good news. They need to hear that their daughter will be ok and I think you're the best person to do it." Darren said quietly.

Joe shook his head, "No bro, you had to make the difficult phone call, so you should get to deliver this part."

Darren retracted his hand holding the mobile and smiled reassuringly at Joe.

They reached Lauren's room and this time everyone rushed to crowd in. She still looked tiny in her sleeping state but a lot stronger than the woman they'd seen earlier. Obviously a knife no longer penetrated her mid-section, and a crisp white hospital gown had replaced the blood stained one that she'd worn earlier. Joe was relieved to feel the warmth in her small hands when he took hold of them and although she was still pale, it was nothing compared to the deathly complexion she had had before.

They talked among themselves for a little while as they waited, although they were all conscious that any moment Lauren could wake up, so their minds tended to drift a little from the conversations they were attempting to hold. Joe rubbed the back of her hand gently and stood up suddenly when he felt her fingers twitch slightly. "Oh my God she's waking up, she's waking up… Lo? Can you hear me?" Joe practically shouted in excitement.

The room was suddenly filled with a mush of loud voices, all urging Lauren to wake up.

"Guys… Shhhhh," Darren roared, "We're just making unintelligible noises. Joe you speak."

Joe gulped, suddenly feeling the weight of everyone's eyes on him as they waited expectantly for him to to say something. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Lauren's eyelashes fluttered a little before her eyes finally opened to reveal her brown eyes.

"Lo…" Joe gasped, placing his hand on the top of her head while softly stroking her hair back from he face.

"If the horrendous noises you guys were making is anything to go by, no one in their right mind is going to pay to see us perform," she mumbled drowsily.

Everyone laughed softly at her joke, however the range of emotions running through them left little room for humour, and the relief that Lauren was awake was overwhelming.

"We always said it was ridiculous that a bunch of lunatics like us were allowed near a stage," Darren responded, while he dialled Mr Lopez's number.

Lauren looked into Joe's worried eyes, "are you ok?" she whispered. Joe chuckled, "you're the one who gets stabbed and you want to know if I'm ok?"

Lauren blushed and shrugged her shoulders; the movement caused her to wince as a sharp pain shot through her. "I'll get a nurse and see if we can get you some pain relief," Jaime said immediately, rushing out the door.

She returned, literally seconds later, with a handsome male nurse. All the girls raised their eyebrows in approval and Lauren smirked as he placed his hand on her wrist to feel her pulse. Some of the guys weren't as pleased by his presence and they each wrapped their arms around their respective girlfriends.

"Hi Lauren, welcome back to us. My name's Harry and if you need anything just let me know. How are you feeling?" He asked, picking up her chart and checking the stats on the monitor she was hooked up to.

"Just a bit sore around my stomach area," Lauren replied.

Joe gritted his teeth and leaned closer to Lauren, placing his arm around her. "Ok, well this here should help with that," Harry said as he injected a clear substance into a cannula on her hand.

"Now it may make you feel a little drowsy," Harry warned, before giving her a reassuring smile and once again reminding her that he was there if she needed him.

"I don't like him," Joe voiced as soon as Harry had left. "What?" all the girls echoed. "He's lovely," Lauren said sleepily as she felt the effects of the medication take hold and the pain begin to lessen.

"Ya there's nothing wrong with Hot Harry… nothing at all," Julia announced and the girls giggled in agreement. Lauren felt her eyelids begin to droop and she gestured for Joe to lean down closer to her. He complied and shivered as her soft breath tickled his ear. "You don't need to be jealous… I love you," she whispered.

He turned his face towards her only to see that she was sound asleep. "I love you too Lo" he responded quietly, kissing her gently on the lips.

"Is anyone else starving?" Joey whined suddenly, slumping down on the end of Lauren's bed. Everyone looked around at each other and the slight smile on their faces gave them all away.

"I'll order pizza," Brian muttered, "but Lauren's going to kill us if she finds out we ate without her so no one is to say a word."

"We'll buy her her own personal pizza later," Darren decided.

It was weird how within the space of an hour things could change so much, he thought gazing down at a peaceful Lauren and then around at his group of smiling friends.

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