"I will." As soon as the words escaped Jack's lips, the Man in the Moon didn't waste any time spreading it around. He sent the word out to every figure of beliefs. One of those figures including the one known as Cupid. On a small, magic-shielded island a ways off the coast of Athens, Greece, there was a majestic pink (though its ruler would insist that the color was salmon) palace. Inside, Cupid himself was certainly not pleased with the news. He now stood, arms crossed, glowering at the large crystal-like object that the moon had created with the obvious image of Jack Frost glowing bright. The chubby man knew exactly what that meant. He wasn't the new guardian. He had been waiting for hundreds of years to become one!

Cupid's face was turning a ridiculous shade of red, trying to control his anger. He was small, barely four feet, and very round and fat. Though he had the body of an extremely obese baby with tiny, feathery angel wings, his face was that of a middle-aged man, stubby white beard and all. With his toga and gold, heart-shaped arrows, he didn't exactly fit the image of "Guardian." However! He'd spent the last few millenia working as hard as possible so the Man in the Moon would choose him when the position opened.

And now...now...this little...BRAT who had only been around for a mere three hundred years had stolen it from him!

He slammed his fist against the wood of the table in front of him, his anger overtaking his common sense, "That's it! I am sick and tired of watching others becoming guardians! I have been around since ancient times! I have far more people believing in me than him! I deserve much more credit! I..." he trailed off mid-rant when he saw one of his minions waddling into the room.

Cupid let out an enraged roar and, before the minion had time to react, shot an arrow towards the smaller cherub and had him pinned to the wall within seconds.


The cherub gulped, struggling with the arrow at his clothing. He squeaked, "Sir, I, um..." By then, the small creature had torn the arrow out before fleeing, afraid to speak with the man any more.

Cupid's jaw clenched. How will he ever become a guardian? He could've sworn he was next in line... He'd put in far more work than Jack freeze-everything-on-Valentine's-Day Frost, by far! Sure, Jack may have been a contributing factor in the recent downfall of Pitch, but one good deed did not measure up to thousands of years of experience! If only he could just rid of the little brat he could...

"I could become guardian!" he finished his thoughts out loud. Of course, he will need a plan, but what sort of plan could knock the winter sprite out for good?

Guardians and other mythological legends were immortal; everyone in the loop knew that. So he couldn't kill Jack, he just needed to find a way to permanently incapacitate him. And then there was the matter of the other Guardians. They surely wouldn't let their ally go so easily. Nothing short of an army would take them out.

The proverbial light bulb lit up over Cupid's meaty head, and his lips curved into a wicked smile. "That's it..."

The bearded man couldn't resist laughing manically. It was absolutely perfect! As he made his way to his computer, he hatched up a plan in his mind. He is simply going to type it out so that he didn't forget a single detail. Every detail had to be down pat, to the exact letter. Nothing could go wrong.

He pulled an arrow out of its sheath and examined it critically. Yes, this would work very well...

He put the weapon away then saved his plan on the computer. It was time to enact Phase 1. He had no time to waste, for this was a precise process. Cupid slung his arrows over his shoulders and grabbed his bow, prepared to begin his slow-working plan.

Nothing could get in his way.

He was going to be a Guardian.

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