"So what are we doing exactly?"

"We're going to Cupid's place," North replied. "Just to talk to him. Nonviolently." At the last bit, he sheathed his dual sabers.

"Where does Cupid live anyways?" Tooth asked, never having visited the cherub. She'd seen him around, but had not actually visited his place.

North, however, had before visited Cupid and responded, "Athens, Greece. No worry, I know where it is."

"Oh boy," Bunnymund sighed, "you're going to want to take the—"

"—Everyone to the sleigh!"

"No, no!" Bunnymund was in front of North within a second, "I will not take the sleight I-"

"It is easier!" North replied, curtly before pushing past the large rabbit to enter the sleigh room.

"How is it easier?! It's big and clanky and-"

"You're scared," Jack deadpanned, walking past the rabbit with a small smirk.

The Easter Bunny went to a halt, his head snapping over in Jack's direction and his paw resting on the boomerang hanging on his back, "What'd you say?"

Jack looked back, icy eyes glinting with amusement. "What do you think I said?"

"It sounded as though you indicated I was afraid of something."

"Hey, if the shoe fits..."

Bunnymund shot a glare at the teen as he made his way over to him, muttering empty threats. Jack rolled his eyes then jumped in the sleigh, knowing Bunnymund would dare go in. By then, Sandy had taken his seat as well; his hands folded in his lap, watching the two Guardians irritate the other. Bunnymund did jump in, along with Tooth, and he could be heard muttering, "...does that even mean? I don't wear shoes; neither do you for that matter..."

"Everybody in?" North called to them. He didn't wait for an answer and instead slapped the reindeer to get them started.

Bunnymund dug his claws into the wooden seat, nervous of what would happen if he did let go. His eyes darted to the other three passengers who each looked completely fine with the sleigh ride. In fact, Sandy was acting like a young child on a rollercoaster ride, his arms in the air and a large grin on his face. Nothing had changed since the last time then, though Jack didn't accidentally fall off again and troll Bunnymund about the fact. On the contrary, he and Tooth seemed to be making perfectly polite conversation near the front.

North reached into his warm coat and pulled out a glass globe then through it across the sky, "To Athens!"

A portal flashed open, revealing the cherub's palace inside. With a whip of the reindeer, the sleigh was pulled through. The sleigh spun in midair and North jerked it to the side, and everyone clung to the side to avoid tipping out. When they righted, the spires of Cupid's palace were in view within moments.

Jack was the first to comment at the massive structure that the suspect lived in, "Is that pink?"

There was a beat of silence, then he and Bunnymund burst into laughter.

The Pooka replied in-between laughs, "'Ey, imagine the inside!"

They broke down again at the image.

"You two..." Tooth sighed, though she smiled as well.

Then Jack noticed the heat.

Naturally, being a winter spirit, he wasn't too fond of this sort of weather. It bothered him. He could tolerate it, of course, but only for short amounts of times.

Not without complaining about it first, though.

"It's hot."

"What'd ya expect in Greece?" Bunnymund replied, smoothly.

Tooth and Sandy frowned. Only these two could go from being good friends one minute to arguing the next.

"I didn't know Greece was hot," Jack commented grumpily. "I always thought it would be, like...mild."

"Sixty degrees is hot for you!"

North, by then, had tuned out everyone and instead was focusing on searching for an open area to land the sleigh. It was difficult considering there were cherubs everywhere he looked. Why were they all at Cupid's palace? Didn't they have a job to do? North sighed. They were off to a pretty bad start so far. Ah, what was that? He squinted to see more clearly the one opening down on the shore. Without any warning, he directed the reindeer to go downwards quickly. Tooth and Bunnymund yelped in shock when the sleigh tilted sharply downwards, clinging on for dear life. However, the other two passengers appeared to enjoy the sudden change of altitude. It was certainly more fun than going one direction. North's eyebrows furrowed together in concentration as they went down. He noticed the other cherubs were beginning to fly in the way. If they didn't move themselves then he would just have to drive right into them.

He chuckled dryly. Well, that was just too bad for them, wasn't it?

The landing was a bit bumpy, but no one was hurt. Not even the cherubs who had enough sense to move out of the way in time. One cherub had taken off to go tell their leader. A few more crawled out from underneath the sleigh, shaking violently and stammering something in broken Greek. Bunnymund wasn't faring much better, quite frankly, though there was a bit more profanity involved on his part.

North jumped out of the sleigh, unsheathing his dual blades. He pointed the end at one of the crawling cherubs, "Take us to your leader."

"What?!" The cherub's voice was ridiculously high-pitched.

Sandman cracked his knuckles.

"It's a good idea to just do it," Tooth threatened cheerily, mimicking the Sandman's actions.

"Okay, okay!" the small sprite gave in, afraid of what the five would do to him. He gestured to the sword, "just put that thing away!"

After a few seconds had passed, North slowly moved his sword away from the sprite. A smirk spread across the minion's face as he jumped into the air, turning to flee.

Bunnymund lunged forward to catch the cherub by the wings. "Hold it there, mate. You're not running away that quickly. What's your name, anyway?"

The cherub's eyes flickered back and forth, nervous and guilty. He swallowed heavily and stuttered, "P-P-Puck, sir. M-My name is Puck."

North's eyes widened in realization, gaping. His mouth closed and furled into a frown, creating a glare before erupting, "It's you! I should have recognized you of all the flying children!"

Tooth blinked. "North, what happened?"

North's glare intensified at the memory of the trickster. He pointed at the cherub using his sword, "Hundreds of years ago, this little rascal broke into my workshop! He nearly ruined Christmas!"


What little color was left in Puck's face promptly left it. The creature thought that the large Russian hadn't found out about the little sabotage. After all, he escaped easily. It probably didn't help that he had shouted his name before leaving.


Yeah, that probably hadn't been the best idea. He needed to lay off the ambrosia.

Puck wriggled under Bunnymund's grasp, feeling uncomfortable with this conversation. He made an attempt to change the topic, "Do you want to see Cupid or not?"

"Of course we do," Tooth replied irritably, "but don't try anything."

Bunnymund kept a firm grip on Puck's wings, refusing to let the cherub out of his sight, "Tell us where to go."

Puck swallowed, "The entrance is close by. I'll show you."

"Wait," North said suddenly, holding up a hand. "We're forgetting someone."

He turned back to the sleigh to look for Jack, who had been suspiciously quiet throughout the encounter with Puck.

"Where'd he go?" Bunnymund asked to no one in particular. Sandy shrugged, a question mark formed over his head.

Returning to the sleigh, they saw Jack laying flat on the bottom, an arm draped over his eyes.

"You know," he said sullenly, "I think I'm just going to hang out here."

"What's the matter?" Tooth asked worriedly. "Are you alright."

"I'm okay." Jack sighed, "I'd rather stick out here than in some even warmer palace."

"Alright..." Tooth wasn't convinced.

"The heat does its work on you fast, doesn't it?" Bunnymund quipped. "Suit yourself."

"Laugh at the palace interior for me."

"Will do."

Puck stared at the winter sprite. So that was the guy Cupid's worked up about, eh? He really didn't look like much. Puck shrugged. Oh well, he had his orders.

"Take us to Cupid, Puck." Tooth told him.

"Sure thing, yeah." Puck crossed his arms. If Jack's here then getting rid of him could be easy. Just take these guys to Cupid and blam! Jack's alone.

And there it was. Easy as childbirth.