Author's note: So this is a little project that I have been working on for a while. My first Lord of the Rings fic! Alright, I admit it isn't really a true story. It's just nonsense that my sister and I make up. Did I ever mention that when we babysit is when we make up most of these adventures? It all started when Frodo's homework assignment from Principal Gandalf was to take the One Ring to Mount Doom but his mom grounded him. Yep, that's where this story started! Ha. And it also had some inspiration from "Their_Majesties at CairParavel. gov" my story about when Narnia got internet. But this has a totally different plot. I hope you like it!

The_Fellowship at Middle-Earth. com

The Fellowship's Email Address Book

Aragorn: kinginexile at ranger. org

Arwen: rngerluvr at rivendell. gov

Bilbo Baggins: reluctantburgler at bagend. com

Boromir: whitetowercaptain at gondor. gov

Elrond: elfwiseguy at rivendell. gov

Eomer: riddermarkmarshal at rohirrim.g ov

Eowyn: shieldmaiden at rohirrim. gov

Faramir: laststeward at gondor. gov

Frodo Baggins: ringbearer at bagend. com

Galadriel: nenyawearer at lorienbeauty. org

Gandalf: fireworkmadness at wizardassociation.c om

Gimli: beardbeauty at hairstylesforever. com

Gollum: tastyfishes at preciousring. org

Legolas: sureshotelf at mirkwood. gov

Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck: nazgûlslayer at halflingparty. org

Peregrin (Pippin) Took: mischiefprone at halflingparty. org

Samwise (Sam) Gamgee: loyalhobbit at simplegardening. com

Sauromon: whitetraitor at powercrazed. com

Sauron: oneringtorule at takeovermiddle-earth. com


From: Gandalf

To: Bilbo Baggins; Frodo Baggins; Sam Gamgee; Merry Brandybuck; Pippin Took

Subject: Email in the Shire

My dear Hobbit friends,

At long last I have been able to bring internet to the Shire. It may change it for the better, or for the worse, but we will have to wait and see. I have also taken the liberty of emailing your email addresses to our other friends scattered throughout Middle Earth. They will reply to you and that way you can gain their addresses as well. You can reach me by replying to this email.



P.S. Peregrin, I already know what you are thinking so I will warn you: out in the world of internet there are a great number of dragons. Be cautious as you explore.

From: Bilbo Baggins

To: Gandalf

Subject: RE: Email in the Shire


Thank you so much for your help. Now I shall be able to easily collect stories of adventures from all our friends scattered throughout Middle Earth. If I were you, which I'm not, but if I were, I would keep a close – very close - eye on Young Pippin.

Sincerely, Bilbo

From: Pippin Took

To: Merry Brandybuck

Subject: Email


Wasn't Gandalf an old dear to let us have internet? I wonder what kind of trouble we will get into. Do you think we are famous? I wonder if I am as popular as our friend Caspy the Fake over in the Narnia Universe? But I sincerely believe that my hair is better than his. What do you think?

Your fellow conspirator, Pippin

From: Merry

To: Pippin

Subject: RE: Email


I think you are quite vain. Your hair isn't even as good as the hair on my feet.

- Merry

From: Arwen

To: Aragorn

Subject: Shoes

Aragorn, honey, did you realize that you left your shoes in the refrigerator? Eowyn found them when she was helping me cook dinner while you and Faramir were scheming about how to convince Gandalf to let Middle Earth have internet.

I'm quite interested why your shoes were in the fridge. Were you trying to top the time that Gollum left Frodo's finger in the bathroom sink? Just wondering. Sometimes you do worry me.

Love, Arwen

From: Aragorn

To: Arwen

Subject: RE: Shoes

Arwen, my dear,

I'm so sorry about my shoes. I was merely hiding them from my hunting dog since he keeps trying to chew on them. I was not in any way trying to compete with Gollum. I can't believe that you would even suggest that!

- Aragorn

From: Arwen

To: Aragorn

Subject: RE: Shoes

Well, I wouldn't put it past you to compete with Gollum. You know that sometimes he is more famous than you. He is definitely more quoted than you. What kind of kid runs around saying, "Arwen, you said you'd bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people." No, they run around screaming, "PRECIOUS!"

From: Arwen

To: Aragorn

Subject: RE: RE: Shoes

Oh, Arwen! How could you? I still love you though. After all, you did give up immorality for me. Darling!

Love your dearest, Ary

From: Arwen

To: Aragorn

Subject: RE: RE: Shoes

Aragorn! Since when did you start behaving like an OOC love-sick teenager? I'm appalled at your behavior! And do not degrade yourself to the name of "Ary"!

From: Aragorn

To: Arwen

Subject: RE: RE: Shoes

Um, Arwen, I didn't write that. But who did?

From: Pippin

To: Merry

Subject: Oh-ho!

Merry! You'll never guess what I did! I discovered Aragorn's email password! Ha ha! And I got on and wrote a somewhat disturbing email to Arwen. It was great!

Crazy as always, Pippin

From: Merry

To: Pippin

Subject: RE: Oh-ho!

Um, Pippin, I don't think Aragorn is going to be happy when he finds out. And neither is Gandalf. Just sayin'.

- Merry

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