Chapter 3

King George had stunned both Emma and Graham by his acceptance of Graham into the family despite the fact he had no royal ties. The three of them had spent most of the afternoon together with target practice with arrows. "Thank you for help, Graham. I'm going to get cleaned up for dinner. I'll see you two there." He said patting Graham on the shoulder then kissing Emma on the top of the head.

They watched him walk off disappearing inside of the castle before Graham turned to look at her," I can't believe that he actually seems to like me." Graham said shocked after hearing that King George could be very harsh. "I thought he would hate me for sure considering I don't have any royal ties." He added while Emma wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You make me happy and that make my grandpa happy." Emma told him smiling pulling him in for a kiss.

"Well, well. " They heard Regina's voice as they pulled away from the kiss to face her. "So much has changed since the last time I caught you sneaking around. What happened did mommy and daddy catch you two together." She taunted them before setting her dark eyes on Graham giving him a seductive smile. "Hello Graham. You still have a few days a single man left so you should spend them sowing your oats before you get married. I'll be around all week." She winked at him.

"That's it!" Emma exclaimed pulling away from her fiancé walking up to Regina furious but Graham pulled her back. "Graham is my fiancé and you WILL stay away from him!"

"Are you worried that he can't stay away from me?" Regina smirked at her while Emma tried to get away from Graham to hit Regina.

"She disgusts me! Don't let her get to you." Graham honestly told her hoping she would calm down. She had no reason feel worried because she was the only woman that he ever wanted. Emma had a temper and was very stubborn especially when she felt provoked. "Baby, please! Baby!" He exclaimed wanting to remind her of the baby without Regina finding out Emma was pregnant. He knew that Emma could hold her own during a fight but he worried about the baby. Graham had never thought about being a father but now it was something that he wanted more than anything.

Emma stopped struggling in his arms at the reminder of their baby that was growing inside of her, "You know what you're not worth it. I've seen the way Graham looks at you it's with disgust. So I'm not worried at all." Emma calmed smirking at Regina. "I think I need a nap before dinner. Want to join me, Graham?" She asked turning around to face him running her hands through his curly brown hair.

"I'd love too." He answered smiling at her then they walked off leaving Regina scathing with anger.

There had only been one other man who had ever denied her attentions and that was James. Regina usually got whatever and whomever she wanted in life so she was very angry that she was denied something she wanted. She saw Pinocchio approaching her making her grin wickedly knowing that he would be the perfect pawn in breaking up Graham and Emma. "My darling, I've missed you so much." Regina purred out to him rushing into his arms kissing him passionately. He wrapped his arms around her responding to her kiss immediately. "Let's go to my room." She whispered pulling away pulling him with her

Emma and Graham's room

Graham rolled over next to Emma breathing heavy as Emma gave him a satisfied and tired grin, "I love that we don't have to sneak around anymore." Emma said letting out a satisfied sigh with a huge grin on her face.

"Me too. I can't wait to marry you." Graham told her leaning in kissing her on the shoulder pulling her to him. "I know that Regina is evil and deserves to get her ass kicked but with you being pregnant you can't take that risk that she might hit you back. I never thought I would ever be a father but now I can't imagine my life without our baby in it." He said putting his hand on her flat abdomen causing Emma's eyes to tear up. "I never loved anyone until you and now I love two people." He added as he kissed his way down her to her stomach.

"I always imagined spending my honeymoon on a beach but now all I want is you spend it in bed with you." Emma confessed to him pulling him up to her face so she could look into his eyes.

"I'd love to spend our whole honeymoon in bed with you." Graham told her kissing her passionately entering her again as she cried out in pleasure.

"I love you." She moaned out before kissing him thrusting her hips up making him moan as his eyes fluttered shut. He felt overwhelmed by the feeling of her love and her body against his rolling on top of him. "Graham" She moaned out before he crushed his lips into his forgetting about everything but her.

The dining room

Graham and Emma walked into the room together holding hands to see everyone was already sitting at the table including Pinocchio surprising Emma and Graham.

"You two are late." Cora glared at them while they sat down at the table near Emma's parents and as far away from Regina and Cora as possible.

"Cora, please give the kids a break. They are young and getting married in a few days. I'm sure you remember how exciting that time is for someone." King George defended his granddaughter to his wife. "Do the two of you plan on going away for a honeymoon?" He asked the young couple smiling at them.

"We have a getaway planned but Graham won't tell me what it is." Emma told her grandfather with a pout on her lips.

"Can he afford a getaway fitting for a princess? He is an unwanted orphan that had no job until your mother gave him one." Regina sneered at Emma getting a glare from everyone but Cora and Pinocchio.

"Aunt Regina it's not really any of your business." Emma anger filled voice rang out as she fought the urge to get out of her chair give her matching black eyes this time. "Honestly, it doesn't matter where we go. Graham and I plan spend on our honeymoon working on having a family." Emma added with a smug look at Regina. Emma's parents winced at her words but didn't interfere in the conversation.

Pinocchio went to open his mouth but shut it when he saw the look on James and Snow's faces. His eyes went over to Graham who was giving him the same look but could care less what he wanted.

"Do you two plan on having a large family?" King George asked them grinning. He had been worried when his son had only produced one heir to the throne. His granddaughter had captured his heart like no one had before besides the mother of his children, who passed away when his boys were young. He had tried to his best to deal with the loss but when James's twin brother dead in battle. His heart hardened until the birth of his granddaughter.

"I hope that we will sir." Graham replied taking Emma's hand kissing as Emma smiled at him.

"Fantastic! It's great for our royal family to have a many heirs. Let's toast to that!" King George exclaimed raising his wine glass grinning bigger than anyone had ever seen him surprising everyone in the room.

"Let's toast to the fact they already have one heir for you on the way. I'm sure that you must be ecstatic." Pinocchio replied sarcastically waiting for King George to kill his future son-in-law.

"Pinocchio!" Emma, Snow and James yelled at him all of them the looking at him with disbelief and angry at him for revealing a secret that he had no business talking about.

"Why am I not surprised? You are bringing shame to our family by marrying that peasant with a bastard child in your belly." Cora hissed at Emma, whose eyes were filling up with tears at Pinocchio's betrayal of their friendship and Cora's horrible words about Graham and her unborn child.

Graham stood up in his chair rage filling his features looking at Cora hitting his hands on the table, "You will not talk about our child that way! I won't have you disrespecting Emma! I don't care who you are!" He yelled not caring that he was yelling at queen. Graham loved Emma and their unborn child more than he thought it was ever possible.

"HOW dare you talk to me in such a tone?! I will have you head removed for this!" Cora yelled back at him while Regina watched fitting a smug grin as her lips twitched in amusement and delight.

Emma grabbed Graham's waist clinging to him panicked that Cora would have him beheaded while tears streamed down her cheeks. She gave her parents a pleading look of desperation that made both of her parents hearts break. They had never seen their daughter look so distraught or sad about anything ever before. James stood up at the table deciding that he wouldn't let his evil step-mother do anymore damage. He opened his mouth to speak but King George cut him off.

"Everyone will sit down and shut up! I am the king!" King George yelled at them looking at everyone around the table while Emma and Graham sat down as James hesitantly sat down at the table. "Graham, I do not appreciate the way that you spoke to my wife the queen." He began glaring at Graham, who refused to look away or ashamed of defending Emma and their child. "But I understand that you can't sit by and watch someone insult Emma or your unborn child no matter if it's a royal. There are not many men brave enough to stand up to a queen or king for their family. I respect you for that son but it won't happen again." He said to him raising an eyebrow.

"I promise that I will not as long as she respects my family." Graham replied nodding at him in understanding while Regina and Cora shot an amused glance at each other. No man had ever dared to go against an order from King George expect his son James and lived to tell about it.

King George stared him down for a minute then let out a loud laugh grinning at him, "Your child will be the bravest and most stubborn kingdom. I'm going to enjoy watching him or her give the two of you a run for you money." He remarked laughing again walking over to Emma pulling her up out of the chair. He put his hand on her cheek smiling at her lovingly. "Your grandmother and I told everyone in the kingdom that your father and his twin brother were born early but they weren't. I couldn't be happier that we will have a new member of our family." He said to Emma, who smiled at him crying before he pulled her into a hug.

James watched his father embracing his daughter accepting and loving unconditionally. In that moment he saw a new side of his father and felt more respect for him than he ever had before. He looked over at his future son-in-law who had just risked his life to defend his daughter and unborn grandchild. James was happy and grateful that Emma had found the love that he and Snow had shared.

"How can you allow him to talk to MY mother and YOUR QUEEN LIKE THAT?" Regina snarled in anger glaring at Graham and King George. "HE should be punished. Poor Princess Emma's innocent reputation was ruined."

"He is defending my granddaughter and unborn grandchild so I will allow it. Let's not throw stones step-daughter shall we. We can talk about your private life and see if it's very proper. I saw Pinocchio leaving your room before dinner. We all know that you weren't reading." King George told her glancing over at Pinocchio. "If you ever announce any royal business that is NONE of you then YOU will be a head shorter." He threatened him pulling away from his granddaughter to glare at him.

"Yes, your majesty." Pinocchio said to him looking at Emma but she refused to look at him burying her head in Graham's chest.

"I've lost my appetite. Can we be excused?" Emma asked her parents wiping the tears from her cheeks. She couldn't stand to sit at the table for one more second with her former friend, evil aunt and evil grandmother.

"Of course, sweetheart. " Snow said to her daughter with a sympathetic smile.

"Let's take a piece of chocolate cake with us for if you get hungry later." Graham suggested picking up a plate with cake on it knowing it was her favorite while leading her out of the dining room.

Once Emma and Graham had left the dining room James let his anger out, "Cora, this is my house and you will treat my daughter and future son-in-law with respect. If you cannot do that then you are not welcome in my house. Sorry father but I will not allow it." He said to his step-mother and his father before turning to Pinocchio. "Pinocchio, you are no longer a knight to the kingdom. I expect you to be out of the castle by tomorrow afternoon." He said to him sitting back down taking Snow's hand in his smiling at her.

Emma's room

Emma was lying on her bed with her head in Graham's lap crying softly, "Emma, I'm so sorry about your friend." Graham told her running his hand through her long curly blonde hair. He hated seeing Emma cry more than anything. It was only something that he had seen her do once before but it was something that he never wanted to see again.

"He's not my friend anymore." Emma sniffled looking up at with a sadness that broke his heart. "We've know each other since we were five and I thought that I could trust him with anything but I can't."

Graham let out a loud sigh trying to figure out the right thing to say to ease her pain, "Em, I don't think that he meant to hurt you but he's jealous and hurt. He's in love with you." He began while Emma looked at him in disbelief. "Why do you think that we have hated each other since the moment we met? It's because we both were in love with you." He finished gently wiping away her tears with his thumbs.

"I hate that it if I hurt his feelings. I might have been able to forgive him for telling my grandpa that I'm pregnant but not for almost getting you killed." Emma said to Graham pulling his head down towards her so she could kiss him. "I couldn't survive losing you, Graham. You almost left me once." She whispered to him remembering it clearly.


Emma walked into the castle gardens to find Graham there staring up at the sky holding a bag in his hands before looking over the castle before he whispered, "Goodbye Emma."

"You're leaving?" Emma asked him startling him as he spun around looking at her with guilt in his blue eyes. "Please tell me that you aren't leaving." She said talking a step towards him and he took one back.

"Yes, I don't belong here. Please tell your parents that I appreciate everything that they have done for me but I must leave" Graham said to her turning to leave but she grabbed his hand stopping him.

"NO!" Emma exclaimed to him as her green eyes filled big and filled up with tears. "You can't leave! I want you to stay. Please don't leave me Graham." She said moving in so close that their chests were almost touching. Graham swallowed hard looking down at the princess Emma standing so close to him. "I've never wanted anything more than I want you to stay here." She whispered putting her arms around his neck.

"Emma, I should go. You deserve a prince not an orphan raised by wolves." Graham told her watching tears falling down her cheeks making his chest clinch with pain at seeing her tears.

"Princes are overrated. I want you, Graham." She said to him as she leaned to closer to his lips. "I want you to kiss me." She breathed out her eyes flickering back and forth for his eyes to his lips. He dropped the bag in his hands putting his arms around her closing the distance between them leaning in his lips gently brushing up against hers. Emma knew what her mother meant when she said the first time she kissed her father that he was the man she was meant to be with.

End of flashback

Graham ran his hand over her cheek staring at her lovingly, "I wouldn't have been able to stay away from you for very long if you wouldn't have found me in the garden. Honestly I don't think I would have made it off the castle grounds without turning around. You never need to worry about me leaving you ever." He said to her smiling at her.

"I would have come after you but I would have really pissed off at you." Emma said to him returning the smile.

"Well I guess it's a good thing that you found me in the garden because I have a feeling that you would have greeted me with a punch instead of a kiss." Graham told her running his hands through her hair.

"You know me so well but for the record I would have kissed you afterwards." Emma grinned at him reaching up to touch his face gently.

"It would have been worth the punch to kiss you." Graham winked at her making her giggle at him leaning down kissing her.

"God, I love you." Emma smiled at him pulling him in for another kiss then asked, "Where did you put that cake? We are hungry." Emma put her hand on her flat stomach. His blue eyes lit up at hearing the word we reminding him that he would soon be a father.

"Whatever my princess and baby want they will get." Graham smiled at her reaching for the cake on the table on the side of their bed as Emma sat up. "I can get you some other food it you want." He said digging the fork into the cake then holding it out to feeding her a bite.

"Mm" Emma moaned out her eyes lighting up with delight. "I just want cake." She said with a mouthful of cake.

There was a knock on the door, "Emma." She heard her father's voice call out her name from behind the door. "Can I come in?" He asked.

"Yes, come in dad." Emma replied then the door opened and her parents walked into the room. "I'm sorry that I left dinner early." She apologized to her parents.

"Emma, you have nothing to be sorry about. We just wanted to make sure that you're okay." Snow said looking at her daughter with concern.

"I'm doing better now especially now that I have chocolate cake." Emma said trying to make light of the drama that happened earlier.

"Pinocchio is longer a knight for our kingdom. He is no longer welcome in our castle." James told her daughter watching a frown cross her lips as soon he said Pinocchio's name. "I'm sorry for everything he, Cora and Regina put you through tonight."

"It's not your fault that you have an evil step mother and evil step sister." Emma smiled at her father getting up off the bed to walk over to her father. "I saw that you were going to stand up for Graham before Grandpa did. Thank you, Dad." Emma leaned up kissing him on the cheek.

"I know how much you love, Graham. I won't let anyone hurt my daughter. You will always be my little girl, Emma." James smiled at her before walking over to Graham, who stood up from the bed walking towards him.

"I know that I shouldn't have spoken to your father the king like that. But I won't let anyone say horrible things about my unborn child or Emma. "Graham told his soon to be father in law.

James stared at him for a moment before holding out his hand to him with a smile, "My father and stepmother are very scary so I know that took a lot of guts. I'm very proud of you for standing up for my daughter and grandchild. I'm very happy that you have become a member of our family, Graham." He said as they shook hands.

"I feel honored to be a part of it, your majesty. I would do anything to protect my family." Graham said his voice almost catching feeling overcome by finally having a real family.

"Please call me James. I'm not ready for dad, yet." James grinned at him patting him on the shoulder and they both laughed.

Snow watched them standing next to her daughter with a smile on her face, "I think that Graham finally won your father over." She whispered to her looking over at Emma, who stared at her father and Graham laughing with a look of complete happiness.

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