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Sometimes having awesome hearing can really be a burden. As soon as I heard Monica talking to Shane about how I was 'threatening her' and her throwing herself all over him, I was about ready to vomit. Janessa looked at me sympathetically but I avoided her gaze. I stood up abruptly and said some lame excuse about not having any homework, threw my lunch away and left the cafeteria. I didn't know where I was going, but I wasn't going to stand around and watch them two play kiss- face

I walked over to the student car park and reached in my nightmare before Christmas bag for my keys. It was then did I realise I was crying. What the hell?! I NEVER cry over guys. I jumped in my car and drove, I think I drove for at least 3 hours, making it about 2 in the afternoon. I ended up back home. Where it first began. Where my family was taken away from me...Where I first became a vampire.

Monica sat with me through all of the Chemistry class, much to Anthony's dismay. She kept going on about how much she hated this Claire chick. The things that she did to my Monica?! Man, she threw her into walls, ripped all of her clothes, gave her food poisoning. I wanted to smash this chicks face in. I don't usually feel like this towards girls, but I do for this particular one. I told Monica that I was going to talk to her after school and teach her a lesson in manners. Monica snuggled closer to me. Well, as close as she could on a lab table. Michael kept trying to get my attention, but I didn't wanna hear it. I know it was going to be something about not hurting Claire. I wasn't going to hurt her. Just tell her to stay away from my girl.

The bell went and Monica left to go to her beauty class. I had sport with Brayden. Great.
'Dude, why are you getting so mad at Claire?' He said.

'Shes been messing with Monica. I know Mon can be a bitch but she's my girlfriend. I gotta stand up for her. Did Monica tell you what Claire did to her?'

'No, and I don't want to know. What ever happened to you 'thinking your in love' and 'standing up for Claire' ?'

I didn't want to deal with this right now. 'Brayden, stay out of it. It has nothing to do with you, ok?' I said, and left him standing there.


I pulled up at the front of my old house, it was a bit withered from old age, but apart from that looked almost the same as when I left. The only thing missing was the homely, lively feel to it that my family and I brought. I felt tears surface in my eyes, but I took a deep breath and blinked them back.
Getting out of my car, I walked up to the big wooden doors. On my key chain was my car opener, but it had a small compartment in the back that held the gold key to the house. I haven't been here for at least 60 years, but I remembered every detail about it. The way the second and ninth step creak on the stairs. How there's a missing door handle on one of the cupboards.

I opened the door, and stepped inside. I immediately felt a draft coming from the kitchen area. It was very dark in here, and it looked much older and Ducati on the inside. Walking towards the kitchen, the front door slammed behind me, making my heart skip a beat. In the kitchen I looked in disgust at how messy it was. There was a broken window and cans of beer and food wrappers and blankets left all around, obviously from squatters.

It took me about ten minutes to clean the mess up, and find some cardboard from the laundry cupboard to cover up the hole in the window. Ill have to get this fixed.

Walking around the house I heard creaking coming from upstairs. Narrowing my eyes, I walked up the stairs slowly, skipping the second and ninth step. Before I opened the door into the attic, I took a deep breath. Opening the door, I quietly walked up the short steps to the attic to find the window open. There was a slight breeze.
I glanced down at the small coffee table beneath the window to see 2 things. One was a small box, and the other was a scroll. Opening the scroll I almost cried out.

If you think you can gene the one who got away, think again.
Ill be coming for you.
It may be tomorrow, or in a week, but you will not expect it coming,
Am I going to kill you? No, dear Claire.
Ill make you suffer, see your family dying the way I saw it— a rewarding hunt.
Suffer you shall Claire. For you are to be my bride.

Sincerely Yours,
James Thomas.

James Thomas. The name ringed through my head. HE was the one who killed my family, that brought me all this pain.
I gazed out the window, the faint scent of a vampire lingered, but not enough to trace. I saw kids playing across the park. The people two doors down were having a BBQ.
It was then I decided.
I was going to Kill, pulverise, and torture James Thomas. The same way he tortures me.