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"Hey"- Human Speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech/Blacklight Technique

'Hey'- Demon Thought

Let's begin

Sakura sought out Alex on her way to the Chuunin Exams to see if he'd remove the bomb he put in her now that almost everyone knew about Naruto's disgusting powers. "Alex-baka!" She screeched.

"What do you want, bubblegum-bitch?" Alex asked, suddenly appearing behind her, scaring the crap out of her and causing her to jump.

"Alex-baka, get this bomb out of me! Everyone knows about Naruto and his nasty power he got from you and that James freak!" Sakura demanded of him after she shook off her shock at not sensing him approaching.

Alex tilted his head as if in deep contemplation then smirked down at her. "No." He said simply.

"Why not?!" She screamed, only for her mouth to be covered by Alex's clawed hand as he glared at her.

"Because I want to make you squirm. Now be quiet or I'll set it off; I'm sure Naruto and Sasuke can find a replacement for you." He said, smirking at her widened, fear-filled eyes. He thrust his free hand into her stomach, modifying the Bio-Bomb inside her, then pulled his hand out and dropped her. "Now whenever you screech like the monkey you are, the bomb will put pressure on all your internal organs. Every time it happens, the pressure will increase, until every one of your guts goes pop!" Alex explained, showing a bit of his dark side to the girl, relishing in her fear. He was truly a sadistic bastard. He chuckled darkly as he disappeared from view, leaving Sakura to wallow in her fear and despair.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was walking with Sasuke, chatting away about various things; jutsu, Blacklight, Sakura being useless, the normal stuff. They waited in front of the Academy for their pink-haired cheerleader of a teammate, and were surprised to find her approaching them, disheveled and eyes wide in fear.

"Geez, Sakura; if I didn't know any better, I'd say you just woke up with someone in your bed and you regretted the night before." Naruto commented, smirking as his friend snickered, attempting to fight back the laughter under the surface. His comment seemed to snap Sakura out of her stupor, and she glared at Naruto heatedly; much stronger than she usually did. Odd.

The three genin walked into the Academy and up the first flight of stairs, finding large groups of genin were clambering around a door, and two Chuunin, all with a genjutsu to disguise the door as Room 301 and the Chuunin as genin. Naruto and Sasuke smirked, Sakura confused at their gestures and why they walked pass the correct room, only to follow Sasuke like the lost puppy she was, finding they were on the third floor, near Room 301... again. That was when the light bulb went off in her heard, or rather, Inner Sakura pitched in. "That was a genjutsu, wasn't it?" She asked.

Naruto clapped condescendingly. "Good! Now what color is the sky?" He asked sarcastically, smirking at her flustered and angry face, only to be interrupted when their sensei appeared in a puff of smoke.

"Way to go, gaki's. Now that you're all here, you can enter the Chuunin Exams." She congratulated and slid the door open for them to walk through, but grabbed Naruto and pulled him into a hot, passionate kiss, her tongue snaking into his mouth, keeping the lip contact for a while, until she let go. "Don't die out there, gaki." She said softly and let him shamble after his teammates, flustered and crimson-faced.

When Team 7 entered, they were immediately met with over a hundred glares of Chuunin-hopefuls, both local and foreign. Naruto and Sasuke easily ignored the stares, having experienced the bull-fuckery of Zabuza. Sakura was horribly unsettled by the glares and killer intent, seeking shelter in her crush, hiding behind Sasuke, who let her stay there, understanding her fear, but the second she grew used to it, she was off of him. Until that time, Naruto and Sasuke reacquainted themselves with their friends, the likes of Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino. Kiba, however, was distant, glaring at the two Blacklight users heatedly, sensing the great power they held within them, jealousy consuming him. The dobe should stay his weak self, so Hinata would realize she truly loved him, not that blonde baka. And Sasuke had his damnable Sharingan; he was strong enough!

After Sakura got off of Sasuke, she was quickly replaced by Ino, the squealing platinum-blonde latching onto him. Naruto laughed at his friend's misfortune, only to receive a Kawarimi in response, Sasuke having switched places with his blonde friend, our resident hero now the victim of a Yamanaka death-hug. Once both blondes realized their situation, all hell broke loose, and Naruto yelled while prying her off, screaming about 'get it off! Get it off!' while Ino was screaming at Naruto for replacing himself with her Sasuke-kun to get a hug if he's so unlovable. That comment cut deep but Naruto remembered Anko and brushed it off, flipping off Ino, shocking everyone at his gesture.

This was when a silver-haired 'genin' joined the fray, admonishing his peers for their volume, pointing out the increased glares and killer intent of everyone around them, shutting them up. After introducing himself as Yakushi Kabuto, Sakura asked if this was his second time entering the Exams. Sheepishly, he admitted it was his seventh, drawing a rude comment from Kiba that he must suck, but he offered his services in the forms of Info Cards on several things, including shinobi and villages, which also included the new Otogakure, pointing out the only team off to the side. Naruto and Sasuke approached him, asking if he had information on one 'Sabaku no Gaara.' Whining that knowing the name ruined the fun of finding the information, he showed them information on the redhead from Sunagakure. Apparently his teammates were his older siblings, Temari and Kankuro, and he took on several missions, from D all the way to multiple B ranks, all without a scratch on him. This turned on warning bells in everyone's heads, but only narrowed eyes from the two who asked for the information. Their minds went back to the day they met the dark child, going to a sound of a child screaming for help, finding a teenager in some black outfit holding up the Sandaime's grandson. After freeing the boy, Gaara made his presence known, threatening to murder both his siblings in the coldest voice they ever heard. One look at both Blacklight users and they knew he targeted them to 'sate Mother's thirst.'

Knocking them back to the present was Kiba's demand for information on Naruto and Sasuke, drawing glares from the subjects and confused glances from everyone else; they didn't seem different, save for Naruto's newfound fashion sense. The dobe would have stayed stupid and Sasuke would have stayed strong like the Uchiha he was.

Everyone was surprised to find the whole of Team 7 had accomplished a C turned A rank mission, with the arrival of the Demon Brothers and the Demon of the Mist. Everyone was wary of Team 7 now. Anymore questions were interrupted by the arrival of Morino Ibiki, and the start of the first portion of the Chuunin Exams.

(One hour, fifteen minutes later)

The first exam was Naruto's worse nightmare: a written test. The point of the test was information gathering under pressure, but Anko didn't teach them that, so Naruto was hopelessly fucked. Until the Blacklight chimed in with the memories of everyone he consumed. With their collective intelligent and knowledge, Naruto managed to answer to answer all the questions, except that math question about the trajectory of a kunai; ain't nobody got time for that! After plenty of teams were eliminated for poor information-gathering skills, and more from the threat of remaining genin forever if they got the tenth question wrong, those remaining were passed, and Ibiki explained the test. After he was done, Zabuza bust in through the window and introduced himself as the proctor of the second part of the exam and threatened everyone to follow him to the Forest of Death. When Naruto asked him to the side why he was the proctor, Zabuza explained the Sandaime shortened his probation so he could proctor, as the village couldn't have jounin on probation, or jounin instructors, as Anko was slated for this job until she was chosen to be Team 7's sensei, proctor an exam, so here he was.

Zabuza explained the second exam: find one partner scroll that was given to their team. Team 7 got a Heaven scroll, so they'd need to find an earth scroll. Every team stood at their gate, ready to start to exam at the sound of the alarm. When the buzz went over the intercom, each gate swung open, and all the teams ran inside, intent on finding, and possibly killing, another team for their scroll so they could get through this nightmare of a forest as fast as possible.

When Team 7 first entered, Naruto stopped, looked around, then narrowed his eyes. "So… we meet again…" He whispered.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" Sasuke asked, confused about who would be in here that Naruto knew. He answer was a wasp-snake hybrid to shoot from the tree line and attempt to impale Naruto with its stinger, only to be blasted to bits by his Bio-Bazooka.

"Punk-ass bee bitches!" Naruto yelled, channeling a bit of Heller in his answer as he alone was swarmed by more of the monsters, yelling things such as 'up for round 2, you pieces of shit?!' or 'Yeah! You like that?! You like that?! Well, have some more!' followed by a swift end of some creatures via his many mutations and Kekkei Genkai.

His teammates merely stood to the sidelines, watching their tank of a teammate demolish the creatures almost too energetically. When the tornado that was his carnage was over, Naruto stood amongst the ravaged bodies, covered in green goo, panting heavily and glaring at the bodies around him.

"What… the… fuck." Sasuke said slowly, Sakura nodded dumbly next to him. He jumped when one of the corpses near him buzzed, then died down.

"I fucking hate these things." Naruto grumbled, then continued on their path, his teammates falling into pace with him, not even bothering to question what the flying fuck just happened. Their musings were cut short by a strong gust of wind hitting Naruto dead center and his teammates were caught in the backlash, throwing Naruto far into the distance in the forest and merely throwing his teammates to the ground.

(With Naruto)

"SHIIIIIIIIIIT!" He yelled as he sailed through the sky, finally able to use his Tendrils to save his ass and latch on to some trees, 'boinging' back and forth until he stopped and dropping to the ground. Standing up, he looked around, trying to figure where he was, only to freeze when he heard a loud hiss. Slowly turning around, he saw a giant snake, as well as the acid it spit in his direction. Reacting quickly, he jumped out of the way, watching the splattered tree melting and fall down; his eye twitched. "Okay, do not let that touch me." He made a note to himself.

After thinking that, he wondered what it'd be like if he could shoot acid around. Deciding on his next victim, Naruto channeled biomass into his fingertips, as Kasai explained to him that the snake was a summon, sensing the chakra anchor that kept it here. Naruto nodded and jumped at the snake, intent on filling it with biomass so the second he tried to consume it, it wouldn't disappear back to the Summoning Realm. Dodging the projectile acid and the swipes of its massive tail, Naruto stabbed both his hands into its forehead, filling it with biomass, replacing the chakra that anchored it to the physical world, making it a flesh-and-blood creature. He then set about systematically eviscerating it with his Claws. Once it was weakened enough, he stabbed said hands into the snakes' forehead and set about consuming the giant summon-turned-reptile. Staying on his feet as the mutation took place, Naruto gritted his teeth as his DNA rewrote itself yet again. As the change stopped, he looked down at his arms, finding the shoulders and forearms were covered in pads that he could tell produced the acid as his arms were like morphed versions of Muscle Mass. They were much darker and had ridges in them as he decided to test the power. Walking over to a tree, he put his open palms on it, and the result was almost instant; his hands sunk into the tree as holes were melted into the perfect shapes of his hands as the tree groaned in protest to gravity as Naruto seemed to be holding it up, as the acid made it to the trunk and the tree threatened to topple over on top of him. He pushed it to the side and let it fall, causing a loud crash as it crushed some logs and fallen branches. He decided to call this mutation Burning Touch. He smirked as he made his way to his teammates, intent on ripping whoever blew him away a new orifice... and use it to tear him in half.

As he appeared overlooking his teammates, he saw they were barely holding their own against the apparent Kusa nin, who was incredibly androgynous, as he couldn't tell if it was male or female, as s/he/it was way above the level of genin with the techniques they were throwing around and the fact it was toying around with his teammates. While Sasuke could hold back any form of Katon with his own Blacklight abilities and overpower any Futton, even with the power out behind them, he just ramped up the flames, he couldn't handle the physical confrontations as the snake-like nin was constantly toying with him and forcing him to make mistakes by spinning lies about Itachi, saying he slaughtered the Uchiha to just test his powers, as he murdered his best friend to gain a new level of the Sharingan. While deep inside, Sasuke knew none of this was true, an even deeper part of him believed the person, as his eyes floated over Naruto, once he realized his friend arrived, wondering 'What if he's right? To kill your best friend... could grant you a power to eradicate an entire clan. But is it worth it?' Sasuke wondered to himself as he warred with a part of himself that believed the man.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled as he jumped down, slamming his hands on the ground, standing up as the ground around him sizzled from the acid. "Don't let this bastard spit his lies! You said it yourself that Itachi would never do these things without a good reason! And testing his power isn't a good reason; get your shit together and lets kick his ass." Naruto snapped Sasuke out of his stupor as blades grew out of the ridges down his forearms and slid down his arms to between his fingers, detaching from his body as he threw the weapons at the Kusa nin, smirking as they were embedded in his chest and sizzled as they melted the flesh under them, only for the body to turn brown and fall to mud.

"You're right, Naruto. Thanks." Sasuke thanked Naruto as he spun around and blocked the kunai that would have been shoved in the base of his spinal cord, retaliating with the flames of his arms intensifying, forcing the nin to back off, but burning his face. Sasuke smirked as he heard the nin hiss like a snake, but this time in pain. His smirk fell when he saw the skin under the burn was pale white, showing a purple mark down the side of his nose and the eye among the burns turned golden, slanted, and gained a slit pupil. "What the hell are you?!" Sasuke yelled as the man grabbed his face and tore it off like a rubber mask, showing the pale face of his true identity.

"Ku ku ku ku... I am Orochimaru, Sasuke-kun. And I've come to give you a gift." Orochimaru said in his sickening voice as he stared at Naruto, intrigued by the strange powers he showed. His eyebrows rose when Naruto's arms erupted in tendrils and formed into four thick dark-grey arms, notches on their elbows, as holes formed in the shoulders, down the forearms, and in the knuckles of the fists. "My, Naruto-kun; what strange powers. Not nearly as interesting as the Sharingan, but maybe enough for me to give you my gift so I can use you as an experiment. And with Sasuke-kun having similar abilities could be absolutely..." Orochimaru started, his snake-like tongue slithering out his mouth. "...delicious!" He hissed.

Both Naruto and Sasuke shuttered. "Did he just come on to us?" Naruto whispered to Sasuke, but it was loud enough that Orochimaru heard, if the vein popping up on his head alluded to anything.

"I think so. You think there's such a thing as rectal ductape? We might need it." Sasuke commented, drawing wide eyes from Naruto and the vein on Orochimaru's forehead getting some neighbors.

"Who are you and what have you done with Sasuke? He's never funny." Naruto joked, snickering at Sasuke's comment.

"Hanging around you and James-sensei has that affect on someone." Sasuke answered.

There conversation was cut short by the reflexive dodge from the Wind Release: Great Breakthrough from the fuming Sannin who apparently didn't take too kindly to being ignored and questioning his sexuality. Kabuto could attest to that, he would assure you.

Naruto, understanding that holding back against a man of Orochimaru's caliber would result in death, pulled out all the stops, said 'stops' being activating Armor, Bladetail, Wings, and Barb Skin. Orochimaru's eyebrows seemed to take a trip into his hairline at Naruto's new form. He felt the muscles in his forehead that controlled his eyebrows threaten to tear as Sasuke erupted into his own set of tendrils, though it was only around his arms, spine, and shoulder blades. As his arms formed the wide versions of Naruto's Muscle Mass with nozzles down them in a line from the elbows and one large one on the top of the hand and five small ones at each knuckle pointing back and a line formed down his spine of the nozzles, more formed on his person. Naruto managed to teach Sasuke his ability to adapt the mutation to other parts of his body, so Sasuke's legs also erupted in nozzles, and one large nozzle formed at each shoulder blade like wings would grow out of them and Sasuke spread his stand into a horse stance with a stomp of his foot, fire exploding from all over his body, proving for an intimidating sight, as the light of the fires made his blazing Sharingan almost glow. This was the second level of Sasuke's Flamethrowers and Firetrail. And it unnerved, but also excited, Orochimaru. It was like Jugo's abilities, but without the insanity, and on a much larger scale. Imagine the possibilities if one had an army of people with this power! It made Orochimaru salivate; in his mind, of course. He didn't want these two gaki to make any more comments about his sexuality. He pointed his Kusanagi no Tsuchi at Naruto, deciding to handle the more intimidating threat first, then subdue Sasuke, and the blade stretched from the open snake mouth that was the guard, intent on skewering Naruto's heart.

Only for the Blacklight/Kyuubi container to grab it in the palm of his large hand as the blade slowly began to melt in his grasp until Naruto snapped it in half and threw the tip back at Orochimaru, who dodged it deftly, his eyes wide. "Wh-what?! Impossible! No one can break the Kusanagi!" He said disbelievingly.

"Then just call me No One." Naruto commented and rushed at Orochimaru, rearing his Muscle Mass/Bio-Bazooka fist back, intent on making contact with Orochimaru's face. All it made contact with was a mud clone, as the slippery Sannin escaped again. Naruto growled. "I'm getting really tired of playing 'Whack-a-Clone.'" He said, watching as Sasuke suddenly whipped around and thrust his mutated fist into Orochimaru's stomach, letting the flames explode against his abdomen, again only to dispel a mud clone.

Naruto decided to try something new and channeled a single mutation to his entire body; he chose Claws. As his body erupted in biomass and his extra arms from the second level of Muscle Mass disappeared, a new form was created. The claws of his hands and feet appeared, as well as the blades that traveled up his limbs, but blades sprouted all over his body, like an extreme Barb Skin, but they seemed to intersect around his stomach, liked a wicked jaw, as the same was made over where his mouth would be on his face as the 'fox ears' of his Armor form turned into blades, a large mess sprouting out the back of his head, creating a giant mane of blades, as his Wings grew the blades he made back in Wave, and each of his three tails grew a ring of blades down them to the tips, which turned into symmetrical clawed hands. Naruto roared to the sky, showing the jaw on his head and stomach worked, as they opened and roared together, showing multiple layers of bladed teeth within them, almost to an abyss.

Both Orochimaru and Sasuke were shocked at Naruto's transformation. Sasuke was grateful Naruto was on his side, or he'd be fucked. But he almost felt bad for Orochimaru... almost. Naruto lunged at Orochimaru, running on all fours like an animal towards the Sannin. Jumping in the air, Naruto snapped himself into a ball, the spikes all over his body extending as he become a buzzsaw in midair, intent on rending Orochimaru to bits. The Sannin retaliated with an Earth Release: Mud Dragon Projectile, but the mud ball was dispersed to bits as Naruto continued forward, not lagging in the least. Once he made contact, his rotation seemed to double, as he barreled into Orochimaru, rocketing them both into a couple of trees until he finally stopped, standing over Orochimaru's body. With a sock to the jaw, Naruto made sure it wasn't another damn clone. He smirked, the expression almost terrifying on his transformed face.

Orochimaru was dead.

Turning to face Sasuke as he reverted to normal, Naruto waved to his friend that the Sannin was defeated, only for his smile to fall. "Sasuke! Behind you!" He yelled, but it was too late, as Orochimaru sprung up behind Sasuke and bit his shoulder, white-hot pain erupting through the Uchiha's body, as the biomass of his mutation went haywire, trying to heal the damage dealt, as three tomoe formed at the bite area.

Naruto didn't have time to run to his friend, as his neck erupted in horrible pain, the smirking visage of Orochimaru appearing in his peripheral vision, as his own set of tomoe appeared at the bite area.

Fighting the pain, Naruto managed to struggle to turn around, only to find Orochimaru's 'corpse' looked shriveled and decayed; the damn Sannin shed his body, and injuries, like a damn snake! Naruto yelled to the sky in frustration and pain as he fell to his knees, his body erupting in a sea of flame-colored marks as Orochimaru watched, shocked; the Kyuubi brat unlocked the Second Level already?!

His eyes widened even further when he realized which mark Naruto received: the mark of the same one who was the creator of his Curse Mark, the Cursed Seal of Nature! As the grey blotches of skin spread over his body from the place connecting his neck and left shoulder, his arm mutated into a huge beefy limb, as a piston grew out of his elbow, scales forming on the arm pointing down it as his huge fingers turned into claws. After the transformation seemed to be finished, Naruto erupted into biomass, turning into his Armor form, but it seemed more sleek, stream-lined, smooth. Less space between each segment of armor on his body, more armor covering the back half of his body, and the tendrils that are his weakness in the form. Not much of a change, but through the pain, Naruto could feel the armor was much stronger, probably twice as it was before.

Suddenly, Orochimaru roared in pain, grasping at his chest. 'Damn Kyuubi! It destroyed the part of my soul that would have made Naruto-kun come to me. But it doesn't seem like that would work for Sasuke-kun, so I at least have the Sharingan in my grasp. I guess I'll have to leave them to their devices for now.' Orochimaru thought, smirking at the unconscious Sasuke, and sunk into the ground, glaring at Naruto who not only received the strongest Curse Mark, but had it without Orochimaru able to control him, as someone who could remain sane with control over that power would have been his greatest weapon. Once he left, Naruto joined Sasuke and Sakura in the land of unconsciousness.

However, once Naruto hit the ground, Sakura's eyes fluttered open, and she slowly sat up. Looking around, she found the devastated area, as well as he unconscious teammates. "Why do I get the feeling I missed something important?" She asked herself. Shrugging, she dragged her teammates under a nearby hollow tree to let them rest, finding Sasuke was burning up.

Burning Touch, second level of Armor, a new Claws-Armor form, and now Nature manipulation. Naruto just keeps getting stronger, but will all this power come at a price in the future?

End Ch. 7

Burning Touch was killercroc'sidea, Claws-Armor was what I alluded to in the very first chapter; there will be other armor forms, like Hammerfist, Whipfist, and Blade. Tell me what you think.

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