Set after the movie.

When Jack didn't show up to the monthly Guardian meeting, all of the Guardians were understandably peeved. Jack was pretty good at showing up usually. He made a point of being punctual. The meeting started without him. North figured he could just fill the boy in on what they discussed later. These things were rarely very long.

All of their irritation, including Bunny's usually stubborn indignation toward the boy was washed away in the wake of sharp concern when Jack's penguin seemingly materialized in the globe room without them noticing.

It seemed a little worse for wear, and a matching annoyed expression to boot was enough to tell the Guardians that Jack was elsewhere not because he was lazy, but because something had held him up. The penguin seemed all too happy to lead the way. They had learned from a previous experience with the familiar that it was unnaturally fast when it started teleporting, so it was Bunny that was nominated to find Jack and call them if the others were needed.

A few shifts later, they arrived. Bunny knew the instance they got to the right place. Only a few feet away from where they came out sat a red fox, staring at them. Bunny swore he saw the two animals nod to each other, but his attention was diverted too fast for him to be completely sure.

Bunny really should have known. Jack was a really patient guy. It took a lot to get fire him up. The one person who was better at it than Bunny, was the guy who had been doing it for far longer. Bunny hadn't seen Tabe since the fiasco with Hel and Jack's staff, but the pooka knew it was only a matter of time before the opposite seasons started clashing again.

And clash they did. Ice and fire danced around each other in an elaborate display of angry power. It was amazing to watch, actually. Jack's energy was tinted a cool blue and always left the smell of pine and mint. Tabe's was a vibrant orange-red and filled the air with the smell of dried grass and lantana.

Bunny would have been happy to just sit and watch but he was nudged by the penguin at his ankle. It gestured to the fight and Bunny knew that it had brought him here to break up the match.

"How the heck am I supposed to stop two rampaging seasons?!" Bunny asked it. He swore it shrugged, but it was hard to tell. There were storm clouds brewing above the dueling spirits in the sky; lightening, rain, sleet, and the winds swirled and raged in a cacophony of noise and movement.

"Oi!" Bunny yelled, hoping against logic that they would somehow hear him over the clashing energies and howling winds.

They moved higher, disappearing into the clouds until all he could see of them were the flashes of red and blue. Bunny turned to look at the penguin, who was standing silently next to the fox. "What am I supposed to do?" he asked indignantly. "Why did I have to be chosen for this?"

Both familiars looked back him with blank expressions that seemed to say, 'deal with it'.

Bunny huffed. "Why couldn't North do this? He's got a sleigh. Or Sandy or Tooth, they can fly. No, it has to be the rabbit, who can't fly, that has to break up raging seasons." He looked around, hoping to find a better vantage point on the flat plain. He frowned further and pulled out his boomerang. "This is not in my job description."

It took him a moment to get an angle on them. Their duel popped in and out of the clouds and he hoped to somehow hit them both at the same time and try to stop the conflict in one go. The sporadic winds were not helping either.

They clashed together, physically grappling each other in the air and Bunny saw his opportunity. He cocked back his arm and flung his weapon with all his strength.

The boomerang slashed the air between the clashing spirits, driving them apart almost instantly. The winds stopped, the tornado forming a few miles away started to recede back into the clouds, both Jack and Tabe seemed to linger in opposite sides of the sky, looking for the third contester.

Bunny saw their intentions before they could get away. As soon as they saw Bunny, they tried to make a run for it, knowing they were in trouble.

Bunny smirked, scooping up the fox and the penguin, both animals squawking indignantly. "Hey, you two better get down here or I'm feeding your pets to North's yetis."

Jack was smart enough to come down but Tabe disappeared back into the clouds. The fox looked faintly betrayed.

"What was all that about, mate? Planning on causing the apocalypse early, or what?"

Jack looked distinctly ashamed, but somehow righteously angry at the same time. "It wasn't my fault. Tabe started it."

"I don't care who started, 'cause I'm ending it."

"Yes mother," Jack snarked back. His cheeks were still flushed from the exertion and his hair wilder than usual, the tips frozen where ice had formed, melted, then reformed countless times.

There was a swooping noise behind Bunny, and he turned just in time to see the summer spirit barreling through the air toward him.

Later that night, once Jack and Bunny had returned to Santoff Claussen, Jack would regale the tale of how Bunny screamed like a girl when Tabe ran into him so hard he actually flew up into the air several yard. Bunny would insist that Jack was making things up. Regardless, the others made note not to hold familiars hostage.

Afterward: Happy anniversary, guys! Can't believe it's been a whole year since this stuff started. Anyway, I know it has been a while, and it shows since I think I've forgotten how to write these characters. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. :)